[[caption-width-right:350:[[GrossUpCloseUp Even a show as cute looking as Happy Tree Friends can be darker than it already is sometimes]]...]]

Considering the [[{{Gorn}} nature]] [[TheManyDeathsOfYou of]] [[EverythingTryingToKillYou this]] [[LudicrousGibs show]], there's got to be moments that are [[NightmareFuel pretty scary.]]

* People who are not used to gore or violence usually consider the whole plot of this show to be scary, cringe-inducing or disgusting.
* Fliqpy, Flippy's evil side, and everything about him (especially most of his kills).
* In every episode where Sniffles fights against The Ants, he tries to eat them, [[TheBadGuyWins but they end up torturing and killing him in the most painful way as possible]].
* Over the course of the series, it has been played with EyeScream multiple times.

* ''Crazy Ant-ics'': Sniffles tries for a snack, and sticks his tongue into an anthill. ''Big mistake''. The Ants [[ColdBloodedTorture drive a stake through his tongue, use a fricking cheese grater to tear it open, pour lemon juice on the open wound, then pour gasoline all over his tongue and set it alight]], causing the upper half of his body to explode very messily. ''[[TearJerker Poor, poor Sniffles]]'', it's just painful to contemplate, let alone watch...
* There are occasions when NothingIsScarier is employed. ''Nuttin' Wrong With Candy'' features Nutty trapped beneath a vending machine, which threatens EyeScream torture with its metal coils. [[GoryDiscretionShot Cut to an outside shot of the collapsed vending machine with blood pooling under it]].
* The chilling ending of ''Treasure Those Idol Moments'', where the idol (who had just caused every other character in contact with it to die a horrible death) appears in Lumpy's car, with Lumpy unaware of it. It slowly fades to black, [[NothingIsScarier and we hear a car crash]].
* While ''Happy Trails, Part 2'' is not that gruesome an episode, it is one of the few to feature outright ''murder'' with Flaky being killed off-screen. It's made worse with [[http://happytreefriends.wikia.com/wiki/Happy_Trails_part_2%3A_Jumping_the_Shark HTF-wiki's]] claim that her death was supposed to be shown, but was cut because it was considered ''''' too''''' '' gruesome''.
* ''Eye Candy'' is the epitome of what this series is truly capable of. Toothy is running across the forest while carrying a lollipop, but he soon trips on a log and the lollipop ''gets stuck in his eye socket''. He tries to pull it out, but his eyeball flies off and onto a tree branch. Toothy's optic nerve gets tied around the tree branch, making it impossible for him to pull it free, so he decides to climb the tree to untie the nerve. However, before he can do something, a woodpecker comes into scene and '''starts pecking Toothy's eye''', making him scream in pain and fall from the tree, which is revealed to be on the edge of a cliff. In addition to featuring one of the show's nastiest and most cringeworthy deaths, it introduces a recurring theme of having characters see the world through their "messed-up" vision when something happens to their eyes. ''A Sight For Sore Eyes'' and ''Without a Hitch'' being other examples.
* In ''Flippin' Burgers'', after Flippy's berserk button is pushed, he kills Cuddles and Giggles. When he goes to attack Petunia, she is seen cooking burgers in a grill, so Flippy [[spoiler:slams her face onto it. He then pulls Petunia's head off the grill, '''''revealing her now melted face, which has its nerves exposed and one of its eyes stuck to the grill''''']]. It's a fryer's worst nightmare come true.
* ''Eyes Cold Lemonade''. Though the violence in the episode is actually pretty quick, the last scene where [[EyeScream Giggles makes "lemonade"]] alone, '''more''' than makes up for that.
* ''[[LifeOrLimbDecision Out On A Limb]]''. Anyone who's seen ''127 Hours'' will know what to expect here.
* Describing all of Flippy's most gruesome kills would create walls of text, but here are some noteworthy examples:
** ''Party Animal''. Flippy's friends throw him a surprise party. Everyone is happy, cake is getting cut, but then Flippy's BerserkButton is triggered. He uses the cake knife to cut out a slice from Toothy's head and puts it on Cuddles' plate. [[NightmareFace What's left of Toothy head is graphic as you'd expect.]] This episode also has a certain build-up most other Flippy episodes lack. Fliqpy appearing in the reflection on the cake knife while laughing evilly, slowly advancing on Toothy with that raspy breathing and SlasherSmile, Toothy shaking in fear and begging for mercy right before he's killed...
** In ''Remains To Be Seen'' he flips out after hearing a gunshot-like noise and runs over some of the HTF, killing himself and them and coating them with radioactive waste. Not so bad itself, but it gets worse when Fliqpy gets out his grave as a zombie '''while still flipped out''' and bites Lumpy's arm off. That's still not the worst of it. He [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe has nothing below his waist]], so he finds zombie Handy, rips him in two and ''puts on his lower half like a pair of trousers/pants, then uses the intestines as braces''.
** ''Operation Tiger Bomb'' explains why [[AxeCrazy Flippy]] is so messed up. He was in a commando unit and screwed up the mission, causing the death of his comrades. The horror comes when Flippy is pursued by the enemies and has to hide ''inside his friend's bloody, worm filled corpse''. And that SlasherSmile when he burst out of that corpse and starts bashing the enemies with psychotic rage... complete with [[SlasherSmile that smile]].
* ''Without a Hitch'' shows us [[RealityEnsues what paranoia can do to people]].
* ''Can't Stop Coffin''. All of it. Especially when [[spoiler:it's revealed that Cuddles has scratched all the flesh off his fingers (thus leaving their bones exposed) when trying to escape the coffin]]. Taphephobics, beware.
** [[spoiler:We then see Cuddles slowly crawling on the floor [[EyelessFace WITH NO EYES.]] What's even scarier is that [[AndIMustScream he was actually making moaning noises, which meant he was still semi-alive.]]]]
* ''A Bit of a Pickle'' is pretty frickin' disturbing when you think about it. Basically, Lammy sees her friend, Mr. Pickels (Who is possibly just an inanimate pickle) murder various characters (She's actually the one doing the killing). That sounds familiar... Oh yes, Schizophrenia. Although Flippy already has schizophrenia in all likelihood, this is creepier because ''she isn't doing it intentionally, and thinks she's stopping a figment of her imagination from killing innocent people''. Never thought you'd see something like ''that'' on Happy Tree Friends, did you?
** It's worth noting that the "moral" for this episode is far more cryptic than usual, without the usual humor. "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."
** To give an idea of how disturbing it is, this episode is pretty similar to the twist of [[spoiler:[[VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry the Demon Exposing Chapter]]]].
* [[NauseaFuel Lumpy's corpse]] (Pictured Above) in ''Wishy Washy''. When Lumpy was trying to find out what's clogging up Petunia's water pipes, a jet of water pushes him against the heat tank, and he finds out that his drill has pierced the tank. Lumpy takes it off, causing hot steam to be sprayed on him, he falls over, and the tank tips over, crushing and burning Lumpy to death. Petunia, who is showering, notices that there's no more water. She goes into her basement to find out what's wrong, and flips on the light switch. She notices that she is standing in filthy water, and Lumpy's corpse floats towards her. Then, we get a closeup of his corpse, and see that [[spoiler:his face is covered in blisters, his nose is missing most of its skin, and he has creepy green eyes. [[GrossUpCloseUp And the closeup is drawn in a more detailed style than usual.]]]]
** Petunia then [[SanitySlippage loses her sanity,]] [[spoiler: runs to the kitchen sink and scrubs her torso with a scouring pad, and [[DrivenToSuicide rips her own flesh off with a potato peeler,]] [[LaughingMad all while laughing psychotically.]]]]
* Disco Bear ''[[spoiler:[[EyeScream shaving his eyeballs]]]]'' in ''Easy Comb, Easy Go''. The screaming and [[GrossUpCloseUp horribly close shot]] didn't help. And it's still better than ''the plucking scene''.
** Also, [[spoiler: Cuddles coughing up his organs after mistakenly drinking ''hair growth formula''...]]
* But even this can't be compared to what they do to Sniffles in "Tongue in Cheek" ([[spoiler:Using his mind-control helmet against him by making him eat a razor-bladed apple, stick his tongue in a paper shredder, nail his tail to the ground and have his organs ripped ''out of his mouth''. And to make thing worse, they turn his corpse into a house]]).
* While not gory, it's very unsettling to watch Shifty get covered in molten gold and Lifty drowning in the ocean in ''Sea What I Found''.
* Throughout the series, EyeScream has been all over the place. We've watched Handy get his eye stuck in a bottle, Toothy get stung in the eye by a bee (multiple times), and Flippy get stabbed in the eye with a shard of glass. But the worst one of all? Something small: Flippy giving Mime a '''''papercut to the eye''''' in "Random Acts of Silence".
* Cub's deaths are full of AdultFear, but ''Water Way To Go'' is arguably the worst. Pop's terrified, frantic calling for his son is equal measures horrifying and [[TearJerker heartbreaking.]] It doesn't help that he is ''unknowingly killing his son'' while doing so.
** Special mention goes to ''Snip Snip Hooray!'', which has one of the worst on-screen deaths in general. The death itself (swallowing an electric razor as it's running) is over fairly quick, but between the heavy amounts of blood, the TongueTrauma, and Cub's screaming, it more than makes up for it.
* The ending to Camp Pokeneyeout, where [[spoiler:Nutty uses [[EyeScream his own eyeballs]] as marshmallow replacements for his s'mores. We were then treated to a shot of his eyeless face.]]
* ''Something Fishy'', making us all afraid to use the bathroom ever again.
* ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdvxp5R4Wao Dream Job]]''. Lumpy inadvertently tortures Sniffles by flipping through various channels of the TV attached to his dream helmet, [[AndIMustScream forcing him to go through numerous in-dream deaths until he overpowers the TV]] [[HeroicBSOD and renders him catatonic.]]
* ''The Way You Make Me Wheel'' has Lumpy accidentally slitting his jugular vein while driving and trying to avoid hitting the ducks crossing the road, and then he bleeds to death in a matter of minutes. At the end, the ducks are swimming in his blood, and one of them has the razor. [[FridgeHorror What if the ducks are next to be cut by the razor?]]
* ''Take A Hike'' will probably make you want to stay inside for the rest of your life. Special mention goes to the ending, where Lumpy [[spoiler:is mauled to death by a bear. '''Onscreen.''']]
** Sniffles, Cuddles, Toothy and Petunia don't die quickly: they're injured in horribly painful ways and suffer for the rest of the episode. Toothy is bitten by a cobra, causing his arm to swell up and fall off. Cuddles gets venom from said cobra spat in his eyes by Lumpy. Sniffles catches fire and has his head bashed against a rock, exposing his brain. Petunia's wouldn't normally be that bad - drinking disgusting algae-filled water and getting sick - but it's made far worse by the fact that it's [[TerrifiedOfGerms ''Petunia'']]. [[FridgeHorror Just how desperate did she have to be to willingly drink that stuff?]]
* Handy's scream ('''and the face he makes''') just before he dies in ''Don't Yank My Chain'' might qualify as the most blood-curdling yell in the series.
* Flaky's [[BodyHorror allergic reaction to peanuts]] in "Party Animal", complete with the abnormal inflation and large lips. Later on in that same episode, Flippy also [[BrickJoke has a similar allergic reaction to peanuts too.]]
* The episode "Double Whammy" is easily one of the most brutal and visceral episodes to date just because of the deaths courtesy of Flippy, Especially horrific highlights include the murders of [[EyeScream Giggles]], [[YourHeadAsplode Nutty]], [[ManOnFire Mime]] and [[SlashedThroat Disco bear]].
* Petunia's Death in ''Read 'Em and Weep''. Basically she has the skin from her lower torso ''ripped off''. Just when you assume she is safe under the sink, she then gets pulled through the pipes and her body is turned into a mangled and unrecognizable mess - [[AndIMustScream yet she continues to move and scream until the garbage disposal ends her suffering]].
* The episode ''Home is Where the Hurt is'' contains a particularly nasty death for poor Giggles, who uncontrollably slides down a ridiculously long stair rail, hitting her face on several objects along the way. Then she reaches the lower parts of the stair rails '''''completely covered with loose nails'''''. What's worse, she's then last seen having been completely split in half, implying that she had ridden on the nail-covered rails for a '''''long time''''' before her body had finally cut in half from bottom-to-top.