Nightmare Fuel / Gabriel Knight

The Nightmare Fuel page for Gabriel Knight.
  • The first Gabriel Knight was plenty creepy in general (or at least until the mummy zombies started showing up), but the part where you are talking to a poor junky in a church pew who proceeds to ASPHYXIATE AND DIE right in front of you for no reason you can see while the soothing organ music plays softly in the background... It's not made any better by having to search his corpse and copy down the tattoo on his chest. Again, WITH the organ playing peacefully in the background.
    • Then the Fridge Horror comes in at the very end of the game, as you realize that all of the above had taken place just upstairs of the secret Hounfour, the source of the Voodoo cult's power.
  • Anyhow, how can you just gloss over the zombie mummy sequence? On the second last day of the game (which up till now has been a present-day realistic mystery game, with no threat of on-screen death) and you are suddenly assaulted by face-tearing mummies - which you have no weapons against - and must drag-ass away from at half the speed of the mummies themselves. -click- It works! "Uh-oh. I think something just happened." (bodies in the corner of the room untangle themselves...) Like a literal waking nightmare.
  • And then Gabriel's uncle reaches into his own chest and rips out his own heart. Yes, it's Fridge Narm, but sheesh.
  • At one point in the game (prior to the scene with the junkie) you find yourself in the park, where you come across a fortune teller you spoke to earlier in the game and inadvertently scared off when she read your palm. When you talk to her, she suddenly becomes possessed by Tetelo, who warns you to stay away from Malia Gedde or pay with your life. Frikkin'. Creepy.
  • When you're in the voodoo cabal's headquarters, everything is very clean and orderly, like any other building. Then... there's Dr. John's room. Suffice to say, it's not as tidy. Turns out he's super deep into bathing in blood.
  • When you discovered that the Voodoo Cult communicates via Radda Drum Code and slowly come to the realization that there have been drummers ALL OVER the city and you never really noticed...
  • The first game is really good at providing a sense of dawning horror. At the start of the game, the voodoo shtick is, by all accounts, just that: a ruse, to throw the police off of the real reason for the murders. The game then proceeds along this path, having you investigate the murders to try to figure out if the voodoo stuff is even real or not. Then you find out that it's real. Then you find out that not only is the Voodoo real, but this particular type of Voodoo is extremely dangerous to everyone involved. Then you learn that "everyone involved" goes up to some of the highest positions of power and influence in New Orleans. THEN you learn that they're after you. And finally, that you're the only one that can stop them, and you have NO IDEA what you're doing.
  • Gabriel's nightmare in the third game. A first person shot of someone drinking blood falling from a crucifix while a creepy voice asks them if they want to live forever. Gabriel is naturally freaked out when he wakes up.