[[caption-width-right:350:Introducing Vermithrax Perjorative.]]

Disney's PG-rated (hah!) ''[=Dragonslayer=]'' was one of the scariest [[HeroicFantasy Sword And Sorcery]] films of the time. This was during Disney's low period, so this film, like ''Film/{{TRON}}'' two years later, took some very un-Disney-like chances.

* Ulrich's stabbing was a quiet, horrific moment, when you thought he was going to survive by the smug smirk on his face.
* The opening scene with the first VirginSacrifice. The girl almost gets away, bloodying her manacles. Then a giant claw appears, and you have Virgin Flambée.
* Vermithrax's rather unamused response to Brother Jacobus attempting to exorcise it.
* The first time you see Vermithrax in the flesh, rising from the Lake of Fire.
* Anytime Vermithrax is about to breathe fire - it gives fair warning, but that inhaling noise... ''(shudder)''
* The baby dragons chowing down on Princess Elspeth's corpse gave many young kids nightmares - thanks, PG rating! - especially the shot of ''her foot being gnawed off and picked up in one of their mouths'', with a bony stump where her foot used to be - and it wasn't even the worst wound on her corpse from the hungry dragonets. Yep, out and out {{Gorn}} in a ''Disney movie.''
* Vermithrax herself.