Nightmare Fuel / An American Werewolf in London

  • If the Transformation Sequence doesn't get you, the "Undead" will, which are more like living zombies than ghosts; Jack first appears to David with most of his skin still torn off from the Werewolf attack, and he just keeps decaying from there until his last appearance is... gah.
  • The nightmare sequences. Some screenshots should not be on rental video cases available to six-year-olds.
  • The first attack. Imagine you're walking with your friends in a pitch black field, you hear howls getting closer and closer. Shortly after that you hear the growls of the beast and you know it's circling you.
  • The scene where one of David's victims is stalked through, and eventually killed on, the London Underground. We never, ever see the werewolf, but the guy's terrified reactions are more than enough.
    • There's actually one moment where we're given a very brief glimpse; a wide bird's eye POV of the man being carried up the escalator, and the werewolf emerges from the tunnels - the scene cuts to a different angle before we can fully register what we're looking at.