Nightmare Fuel / Aku no Hana

From the get go, an anime based in the Uncanny Valley is sure to have its fair share of Nightmare Fuel.

  • The town itself is the creepiest aspect of the story, made even more chilling in the anime. With its rusted signs, and old empty buildings, it feels like the town itself is rotting away. And the main characters live in this.
  • Nakamura breaking Kasuga's father's kneecaps when he tried to stop her from taking Kasuga. Jeez, woman.
  • This doozy, when Nakamura forces Kasuga to wear Saeki's gym clothes under his clothes when he and Saeki go on a date.
  • The ending song. Probably a good representation of someone slowly descending into madness.
  • That moment when you realize that Saeki has completely gone off the deep end.
    • Her rape of Kasuga. Even after he repeatedly tells her he's not interested anymore, she still forces herself onto him. After that fact, she gains a very unsettling aura about her, probably more so than Nakamura.
  • The final chapter, which goes all the way back to the start of the story from Nakamura's perspective. To wit, every other person to her, even her own father, are nothing more than indescribable masses of miasma from which flies constantly escape from their mouths. Not enough for you? Over the course of until she confronts Kasuga with his secret, she takes the time to see the miasma slowly creep along her own body as well, with her helplessly trying to will it to stop. Makes you think that she had it as bad as Fuminori.