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Nightmare Fuel: A Study in Regret
A Study in Regret started out as a torture/Death Fic one-shot. Then it got worse, and now, even with things looking up, there's still plenty of fuel for shivers and shudders...

  • We never get very much detail on Holmes's torture, except for Naja the viper, but he's so far gone by the time he's rescued. Think for a moment about how much it must've taken to reduce the Great Detective to that, and cue those shivers.
    • Speaking of Naja... that scene is just plain scary, especially if you're actually afraid of snakes. Snakes Are Evil, indeed.
    • M C A L L I S T...
  • Mary's and her unborn baby's lives are at stake. We're not just talking about a tragic loss that did happen off-screen in the Canon anymore - now we're dealing with Adult Fear, as well.

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