[[caption-width-right:350:[[FromBadToWorse It]] [[OhCrap gets]] [[UpToEleven worse.]] [[EldritchAbomination MUCH]] [[BodyHorror worse.]] [[https://38.media.tumblr.com/1b856003f30e30de6b27525656e47729/tumblr_mhdb4bkfdP1rlgmm9o1_500.gif Here's the end result.]]]]

* After Tetsuo first escapes from the lab and is rescued from the Clowns by Kaneda and crew, he gets assaulted by horrific flashes of the future, including a nightmarish hallucination where he falls and hits the ground and spills his guts onto the ground and tries to scoop them back up.
* The scene where Tetsuo and Kaori get cornered by a group of [[JapaneseDelinquents Clowns]] can be pretty hard to watch. Especially the part where one of them rips open her shirt, [[WouldHitAGirl then punches her square in the face]], knocking her out. Which causes her to {{faceplant}} on the ground. Keep in mind, this is a frail looking, terrified, 15 year old girl being both physically and sexually assaulted by guys twice her size. And all of it is played disturbingly straight.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt_1qRVdIBs There's the nightmare scene.]] After undergoing the experiment, Tetsuo is left to recuperate in what looks like a child's bedroom. He wakes up to see all the toys come together and form some kind of gigantic teddy bear with a monster-like right hand and a milk-spewing toy car that proceed to try to kill him.
** And the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcpFdngLi7Y soundtrack]] that's played....good GOD the [[HellIsThatNoise soundtrack]]!
* Tetsuo's way of dispatching hospital personnel - '''splat'''.
* And then there's the mutation scene, where Tetsuo [[SuperpowerMeltdown loses control of his powers]] and [[BodyHorror transforms into a]] [[EldritchAbomination giant human amoeba]] that consumes everything it touches, and we also get to see Kaori get slowly crushed to death in a bloody pulp inside of Tetsuo. The anguished cries of Tetsuo and Kaneda accentuate to the terror. And the [[https://archive.org/details/AKIRAOriginalSoundtrack/Mutation.mp3 music]] does not help...
-->''"Help me, Kaneda! Help, please!"''
* The official soundtrack for ''Manga/{{Akira}}'' is able to be frightening without words. Never try to listen to this at night with the lights off.
* The death of the spy escorting Takashi in the film is equally scary and [[TearJerker sad]] to watch, especially how ruthless the military are in gunning him down. Granted, he pulled his gun on them, arguably to get them to shoot him dead so they wouldn't be able to interrogate him and make him spill the beans, but still...
* While the anime is pretty famous for its NightmareFuel, the original manga which the anime was adapted from was pretty nightmarish, too. For one, the characters live in a CrapsackWorld where there's lots of people dying left and right in brutal ways, unruly and savage teenagers who run vicious ''bōsōzoku'' gangs, brutal policemen, a shady and corrupt government whose members engage in all sorts of clandestine activities, powerful psychics, and of course an autistic child who was responsible for the destruction of not one city, but two! And the world they live in is still reeling from World War III, and is thrust into the brink of another World War by the events in the manga.
* The fact that the Espers, including Akira, were once ordinary children who were taken in by the government and subjected to horrible experiments so they can become psychic weapons to be used for military and political purposes. In the manga, it was said that some children ended up physically handicapped (like Masaru and Kiyoko), or were so damaged that they ended up brain-dead. The anime doesn't help as in a flashback we see Takashi strapped to an operating table, while Kiyoko struggles against her bindings with a terrified expression as the doctors operating on her force a breathing mask full of anaesthetic gas (used to calm patients during surgeries) onto her face.
* The realistic portions of the movie are pretty nasty as well. One of Taneda's buddies makes the unfortunate choice of jumping on the front of the Clown's leader's bike. He gets headbutted off and flies under the wheels of the bike. You can hear the nasty sound of his arm shattering to pieces from being run over.