A form of NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Certain military ranks, Nobility titles, and plain old titles carry tinges of evil all by themselves. Avoid anyone with the following ranks:

Subtypes with their own pages include TheBaroness and TheEmperor.

Compare MeaningfulTitles.

See also MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate and AristocratsAreEvil.



Ever since Manfred von Richthofen became the terror of the skies against the Entente in UsefulNotes/WorldWarI, every Baron automatically catches his tinge. See also TheBaroness.

* Creator/JackKirby's ''Demon'' had a minor villain named Baron von Evilstein.
* Baron Zemo, member of ComicBook/CaptainAmerica's RoguesGallery.
* Also Baron Strucker, another foe of Captain America
* Baron Hans von Hammer, better known as ''Comicbook/EnemyAce''

* Baron and Baroness Bomburst from ''Film/ChittyChittyBangBang''.
* Baron Von Ruthless in ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles''. We only have his name to go by as he didn't actually appear, but it definitely fits the trope description.
* Baron Samedi in ''Film/LiveAndLetDie''.

* Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from ''Literature/{{Dune}}''.
* [[Literature/XWingSeries Baron Soontir Fel]] of the ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse'' is a borderline case. He serves the Empire, and from his last name you'd expect him to fall from grace--indeed, it's not clear for a while [[HeelFaceRevolvingDoor where his loyalties lie]]. He [[DefectorFromDecadence defects from the Empire]], partly out of disgust about what Ysanne Isard and s have turned the Empire into, and joins the Rogues, but there are various hints that he may or may not turn again. After the comics [[NoEnding didn't end]], he vanished, captured by Isard... and, as it turns out in the ''Literature/HandOfThrawn'' duology, captured because Grand Admiral Thrawn wanted him (though it wasn't revealed exactly what Thrawn gave Isard in return, since she ''really'' wanted to kill Fel for his defection). Thrawn showed him ''something'', implied but never stated to be the [[Literature/NewJediOrder oncoming Vong invasion]], and Fel joined Thrawn's Empire, which wasn't part of Palpatine's Empire at all. Ultimately Fel is one of the good guys, just not the kind to wear New Republic colors.
** Warlord Zsinj does try to use his name, as part of [[BatmanGambit an elaborate subterfuge]], to misdirect and distract Wedge, but this is less because of the 'terror' in hearing his name and more because Wedge views him as [[MyGreatestFailure one of his greatest failures]]. (Oh, and [[ItsPersonal he's trying to find his sister]], Soontir's wife.)
* [[Literature/HarryPotter The Bloody Baron]], the scariest ghost in Hogwarts, who murdered his lover out of jealousy. He remains the only being capable of keeping Peeves in check.
* [[Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant Baron Vengeous]] from ''Skulduggery Pleasant''. Gee, d'you think he might be evil?

* Baron Blade from [[TabletopGame/SentinelsOfTheMultiverse Sentinels of the Multiverse]].

* Arguably, the entire Kingdom of Baron in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''. [[spoiler:However, this is mainly due to Golbez sending Cagnazzo, the Archfiend of Water, to [[FakeKing kill King Baron and take his place]].]]
* Baron Praxis of the ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'' series, commonly referred to as just "The Baron."
* Several of them in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', like death knight Baron Rivendare, or in [[Manga/WarcraftTheSunwellTrilogy the manga]], Baron Valimar Mordis.
* [[TheLegionsOfHell Barons of Hell]], in ''[[VideoGame/{{Doom}} Doom]]'' and ''Doom 2''.
* The Black Baron (stop starin') from ''VideoGame/MadWorld''.
* ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' has Baron Nashor, a monstrous mutant worm which is an {{Expy}} of ([[SignificantAnagram and is even named after]]) Roshan from the original ''VideoGame/DefenseOfTheAncients''.

* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'': Don't make Baron Klaus Wulfenbach come over there.

* ''Website/{{YTMND}}'': Baron Lasers

* Baron Otto Matic from ''Tom Slick'', etc.
* Baron Dark from ''WesternAnimation/{{Skeleton Warriors}}''. Turning people to skeletons bolsters his forces. He rather enjoys it too.

* ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' did a parody of ''Film/JamesBond'' called "The Bishop."
* ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'': The baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, who drowns babies in the font and eats them in the vestry. He is a [[ExtremeOmnisexual colossal pervert]], and enjoys the more violent parts of his work far too much. Such as putting red-hot pokers up the backsides of people who can't pay back their debts.

* In Creator/AldousHuxley's ''After Many a Summer Dies the Swan'', [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate amoral scientist]] Dr. Obispo (Spanish for "Bishop").

* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' also has Nick Bishop. [[KnightTemplar Guess what villain trope he is!]]

* Big Boss, the BigBad of ''Franchise/MetalGear''. In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3'' there is also his predecessor and mentor ''The Boss''. With a name like that, you know you don't want to mess with her.
* The Boss, from the ''VideoGame/SaintsRow'' series (starting with ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'').

* ''Vodzh'', one of the titles attributed to UsefulNotes/JosefStalin, translates out to "boss".


* The name of Lucien's top commander in ''VideoGame/{{Fable}}''
* A recurring theme throughout the ''VideoGame/TalesSeries''.

Also has a particularly nasty history associated with it, particularly if [[ThePoliticalOfficer preceded by the modifiers 'Political,' 'Military,' or (especially) 'People's']]. In the [[UsefulNotes/SovietRussiaUkraineAndSoOn Soviet Union]] during [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII The Great Patriotic War]] the Commisars were the ones authorized to order the killings of Soviet troops who retreated, deserted or in ways "sabotaged" the Soviet war effort.

* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' has the Commissariat: an organization made up of many different kinds of people, from those that shouldn't be feared, like Literature/CiaphasCain, to villains whose men would stop rebelling if he just stopped flogging them.

* Count Dooku in the ''Franchise/StarWars'' prequel trilogy. The ostensible leader of the systems rebelling against the Galactic Republic leading their forces in the ensuing CivilWar, he's also a Sith Lord, and Palpatine's latest minion.

* Especially Count Literature/{{Dracula}}.

* [[VideoGame/{{Boktai}} The Count of Groundsoaking Blood]]. A large and imposing vampire who commands spiders, can summon spikes of rock from the ground, can create flying swords and has come back from total annihilation about three times (depending on whether you consider the ''VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork'' crossovers canon).
* Count Bleck from ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario''.

* Count Wolf-Heinrich von Helldorf, [[ThoseWackyNazis Berlin SA leader]], who also has a suitably foreboding surname.
* Countess Elizabeth Báthory was an infamous SerialKiller in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century UsefulNotes/{{Hungary}}.

The title of choice for someone involved in a [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Corrupt Corporation's]] MadScience department, or a secret government program. May also have a MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate that they're putting to use in the program they're directing, possibly for the creation of TheVirus or SuperSoldiers. It's also worth noting that this kind of Director is likely the person in charge of a ''number'' of people with [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Morally Ambiguous Doctorates]], whether they themselves have a degree or not.

* Director Kakuzawa of ''Anime/ElfenLied''.

* The Director running the covert program releasing the monsters in ''Film/TheCabinInTheWoods'', played by [[spoiler:Sigourney Weaver]].
* Director Orson Krennic, the head of the Imperial Death Star Project in ''Film/RogueOne''.

* The Director of [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Project Freelancer]], [[spoiler:Dr. Leonard Church]], is an excellent example.

If you get an M.D. or a Ph.D., you might as well grow a handlebar mustache and start practicing your EvilLaugh. Bonus points for insanity. See also MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate. However, if "The Doctor" [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 is the]] [[VideoGame/TeamFortressClassic entirety]] [[Series/StarTrekVoyager of your name]] [[ComicBook/TheAuthority (that we know of)]] [[Series/DoctorWho there may yet be hope...]]

[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* The Doctor from ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''. Creator of artificial vamps. Snazzy glasses. Complete insanity. Winning trifecta.
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'':
** Minoru Kamiya, alias [[AxCrazy Doctor]]. Believed the human race was diseased, paralyzed a character, attempted mass murder -running away from him was a good thing.
** Dr. Ichigaki from the first Demon World tournament arc. He offered to cure a wise old teacher if three of his students fought for him. [[spoiler:He'd made the teacher sick and used the students as guinea pigs.]]

* Doctor Doom.
** Some fans call into question Doctor Doom's academic credentials since he was kicked out of State University after the accident that disfigured his face. Still, as ruler of Latveria he presumably had time to finish his thesis at Doomstadt University or have them award him an honorary one...
* Doctor Cyber, Doctor Death, Doctor Destiny, Doctor Light, Doctor Moon, Doctor No-Face, Doctor Phosphorus, Doctor Psycho... Creator/{{DC|Comics}} seems to like this.

* Doctor Evil of the ''Film/AustinPowers'' movies. A parody of Blofeld from ''Film/JamesBond'', he's a stereotypical "hold the world ransom" villain.

* Doctor Victor von Literature/{{Frankenstein}}. However, in the [[Literature/{{Frankenstein}} original novel]] it is plain Victor Frankenstein, as he made the monster while a student and never got his doctorate.
* ''Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde'': Doctor Jekyll.
* Doctor Rodil Mocquino, [[Radio/TheShadow the Voodoo Master, archnemesis of The Shadow]]

* Then again ... there's been a few times when [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] has kindly suggested that the MonsterOfTheWeek run away. And in-universe he's made the living incarnations of [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Space Nazi]] hate-hate-hate ''flinch''. With words. Or as the Eleventh Doctor put it when facing down alien of the week . "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, run". They wisely did. Though this trope only applies if you are evil, otherwise The Doctor falls under Names to Trust Immediately.
** In "A Good Man Goes to War," The Doctor finds out this reputation is slowly changing the meaning of his name across time from "healer" to "warrior."
--> '''The Doctor''': Imagine you were dying. Imagine you were afraid and a long way from home in terrible pain. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you looked up and saw the face of the Devil himself. [[OhCrap Hello, Dalek.]]

* While ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'''s Medic is a boon to his team-mates, his background ("From Stuttgart, [[ThoseWackyNazis at a time]] when the Hippocratic Oath was downgraded to a Hippocratic suggestion") and lines ("Ze hurting is more rewarding than ze healing!") suggest he's no more kind-hearted than them.
* "Doctor Loboto" from ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' likes to extract children's brains, the name an allusion to lobotomies (which would be the destruction of part of said brains, which is almost as creepy as what he does with them).
* The Doctor from ''VideoGame/CaveStory''.
* Hello, [[VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend Dr. Iwamine Shuu]].
* Dr. Zed from VideoGame/{{Borderlands}} and VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}.
* Dr. Eggman from ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog''.
* Dr. Neo Cortex from ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot''.

* [[color:#2ED73A:D]][[color:white:o]][[color:#2ED73A:c Scratch]] from ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''.

* ''WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment'': "All I had to do was run for president?! I wasn't even really taking this all that seriously! I even used my real name! You voted for a guy named DOCTOR INSANO!!"
* ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog'' gives us the title character. He has a Ph. D. [[spoiler:in HORRIBLENESS.]]

* Dr. Doofenshmirtz from ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb''.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'': Smash Adams foe [[DepravedDentist Dr. Decay]].


* Duke Togo of ''Manga/{{Golgo 13}}''.
* Duke Bergan from ''Anime/VoltesV''. Particularly since he's [[TheStarscream not entirely trustworthy]].

* ''Literature/TortallUniverse'': Duke Roger of Conte, so terrifyingly powerful a sorcerer no one in Tortall would dare face him except a {{Determinator}} ActionGirl protecting her prince--and he even orchestrates [[spoiler:his return from the dead]].
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'', Duke is a minor antagonist who appears in the first Graystripe manga.

* Music/DavidBowie's "Thin White Duke" persona, from his album ''Music/StationToStation'', was a cold, inhuman NaziNobleman and the most sinister of Bowie's alter egos.

* You don't want to be around ''VideoGame/DukeNukem'' when he starts to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
* So many ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'' villains... so many.
* A [[GatlingGood minigun-toting]] boss in ''VideoGame/WinBack''.

* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' has [[SpellMyNameWithAThe The Duke]], the nickname of one of the Freedom Fighters (we never learn his real name). It's ironic because The Duke is a tiny kid who was orphaned by the Fire Nation. The {{Ironic Nicknam|e}}ing of his GentleGiant friend Pipsqueak makes things even funnier.
* ''WesternAnimation/GIJoe'': When one captures one Sgt. Conrad "Duke" Hauser, it usually does not end well. He comes back. With Friends. And tears your fortress to the ground.
* ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'': Duke Nukem (no not ''that'' [[VideoGame/DukeNukem one]]...that's another entry.) This one loves radioactivity, Hollywood style.

The title "Führer" (leader, guide) has been taken out of the German lexicon[[labelnote:*]] Except for such constructions as ''Reiseführer'' (meaning, roughly "travel guidebook."[[/labelnote]] due to...[[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler you know who]]. No self-respecting German leader would dare allow the word to be applied to them these days. Any title that would have used the word prior to 1946 now uses the word ''Leiter'' in its place. A character with this title in any modern work is almost certainly a Nazi.

* Führer King Bradley from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' and oddly, "King" [[HisNameReallyIsBarkeep is his first name]], not part of his title.

* There's Hitler himself of course, but stylizing themselves as some variant of "leader" was very popular with the Fascist collaborators in the countries Germany occupied during the war. Vidkun Quisling, the puppet ruler of Norway, even used the closest Norwegian cognate, Fører.
* There are also Italian and Spanish equivalents, Duce and Caudillo, respectively used by Hitler's fellow fascists Mussolini and Franco.

[[folder:General / Generalissimo]]
While the lower officer ranks may have their share of heroes who risk their lives on the front lines, your average General [[ArmchairMilitary sits in his cushy headquarters plotting the destruction of all who stand in his way]]. Expect them to be sinister {{General Ripper}}s. General is also something of a toss-up, as the title has a roughly equal chance of instead applying to a morally good and skilled FourStarBadass who is a true FatherToHisMen instead. Generalissimo however is almost always indicative of evil, at least in Anglophone fiction.

* General Blue in ''Manga/DragonBall'', and General Rildo in ''Anime/DragonBallGT''.
* General Zeong, BigBad of ''Anime/SDGundam'''s second season.

* ''ComicBook/{{Superman}}'': General Zod.
* BrotherhoodOfEvil member General Immortus.

* ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'' has General Grievous, and ''Film/TheForceAwakens'' has General Hux.
** ''WebVideo/RedLetterMedia'''s Mr. Plinkett mocks the fantastic unsubtleness of Grievous' name thusly:
--->"Also on this ship is Commander Nefarious, Captain I'm-A-Bad-Guy, and Admiral Bone-to-Pick. But they don't mention them."

* ''Literature/WatershipDown'': General Woundwort.

* [[Characters.DragonRage General Mandek]] is the general of the entire Orc Army in the game ''VideoGame/DragonRage''.
* Several bosses from ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', including General Drakkisath (a dragon), General Angerforge (a dwarf), General Rajaxx (a giant insectoid thing), General Vezax (a [[EldritchAbomination faceless one]]), General Pa'valak (a [[BeePeople mantid]]), and General Nazgrim (an orc).
* ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'': General RAAM, leader of the locust hordes.
* ''VideoGame/StarCraft'': General Duke.
* ''VideoGame/StarFoxAdventures'':
** General [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent Scales]].
** [[FourStarBadass General Pepper]] averts this...[[WMG/PoisonOakEpilepticTrees probably]].
* Generalissimo Killt in ''VideoGame/BionicCommando''.
* General Knoxx from ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}''.

* Both in fiction and in real life, you should run away from anyone holding the rank of Generalissimo.
** Especially if you're in UsefulNotes/{{Taiwan}}, during the White Terror.
** Except Foch, if you're not German.
* When he wasn't going by ''Caudillo'', this was the title UsefulNotes/FranciscoFranco preferred.
* Stalin too took on this title during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII.

While they may not be the most powerful rank in all the land, they are powerful enough to cause trouble for the protagonists, and if they are ambiguous enough, those above them might be threatened as well. If those above them are [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Reasonable Authority Figure]], and the governor is not, expect a grab for power.

[[AC:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'': Kodos the Executioner, who was governor of a human colony that was facing starvation because of an exotic fungus. He executed 4,000 citizens in order to see to it that the other 2,000 wouldn't starve. He later disappeared, presumed dead, but in reality, had changed his name and was living life as an actor.
* ''Series/TheWalkingDead'': The Governor himself.

[[AC: Western Animation]]
* ''Disney/{{Pocahontas}}'': Governor Ratcliffe, leader of the English expedition in Virginia. Racist, classist, and an all-around asshole. Manages to escape punishment after the events of the first movie because of his social status.
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'' has Governor Ahrinda Pryce, who is definitely a badass... and the company she keeps includes the likes of Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

* ComicBook/JudgeDredd. In fact, any Judge in Mega City One deserves a healthy dose of fear and respect, but Dredd is the toughest, meanest and most downright unstoppable of them all.
** And of course Judge Fear, Judge Fire, Judge Mortis and Judge Death, the four Dark Judges. Immortal undead who destroyed all life in their home dimension, and are attempting to do the same to Dredd's.

* Judge Doom from ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''. A HangingJudge of the highest order, his stated goal is to create order in the toon anarchy, and the only way to make them respect the law is to execute all transgressors with his self-designed toon killing liquid, the Dip.

* Judge Holden (more commonly referred to as "the judge") of Creator/CormacMcCarthy's ''Literature/BloodMeridian''. The man easily ranks as one of the most violent and fundamentally evil murderers in the history of fiction. A giant, albino and utterly hairless murderer, the judge [[spoiler:incites a mob to hang an innocent preacher under false pretenses, is a pedophile and rapes and murders many children, leashes and subjugates a mentally disabled man as though he were a dog and scalps countless Native Americans. Not only is he utterly without morals, the judge is also an incredibly intelligent, OmnidisciplinaryScientist and strong enough to wield a mounted howitzer as most men would a shotgun. In the novel's final pages it is implied that the judge is less a man and more an immortal force of nature and warfare--a god of violence and depravity, if you will.]]

Khan was the title of the ruler among various nomadic peoples of the Central Asian Steppes. Since these peoples had occasional habit of launching wars of conquest against their agrarian neighbors, people with "khan" next to their name became objects of much fear. See, for example, UsefulNotes/GenghisKhan.

* While not an actual title, per se, Khan Noonien Singh from ''Franchise/StarTrek'' has been a formidable villain in [[Recap/StarTrekS1E22SpaceSeed all]] [[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan three]] [[Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness of his appearances]]. In fact, he is more often just called "Khan" than by his full name.

* In ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'', the word Khan is generally used as a rank for the leader of a particular Clan. There are three variations of it. A [=kaKhan=] (though this term is rarely used in lore itself and is simply substituted for "Khan") is essentially the head-in-charge of the entire Clan and oversees their operations; a [=saKhan=] is the second-in-command of the Clan and answers to the ruling Khan; the [=ilKhan=] is essentially the commander-in-chief of ''all'' of the Clans, and is equivalent to the Real Life word "Khagan" (literally "Khan of Khans"). These ranks are very equivalent to Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General (for "[=saKhan=]"), Admiral/General (for "[=kaKhan=]"), and Admiral of the Navy/General of the Army/Air Force (for "[=ilKhan=]") in Real Life militaries.


In particular, watch out for anyone who's so much of a CardCarryingVillain that they style themselves as "Dark Lords" or even {{Evil Overlord}}s.

* In {{Slayers}}, the Lord of Nightmares. First mentioned when [[spoiler:: Lina invokes an ''even more powerful'' Dark Lord against Shabranigdo.]]

* In ''Franchise/StarWars'', the Dark Lords of the Sith. Sometimes, this title even makes its way into conversation. (Lord Vader, Lord Sidious, etc.)
* From ''Film/TheCabinInTheWoods'' comes Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain. He's a [[Franchise/{{Hellraiser}} Cenobite]], so he lives to satiate his victims' desires by bringing them new "pleasures", eternal torture.
* The Lord Marshal of the Necromongers in ''Film/TheChroniclesOfRiddick'', who leads his ReligionOfEvil on their campaign of annihilating inhabited worlds and enslaving those who can witstand their conversion process.

* ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'': Lord Zedd
* ''Series/{{Knightmare}}'': Lord Fear

* Lord Voldemort from ''Literature/HarryPotter''. Dark Lord, Master of the Dark Arts, and ruler of the Death Eaters, he [[ImmortalitySeeker wants to live forever]] and bring the wizarding world under his supremacy so he can enslave the {{Muggles}} and [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain eradicate the half-bloods]].
* ''Literature/ChroniclesOfThomasCovenant'': Lord Foul the Despiser. He's every bit as pleasant as the name suggests.
* Lord Vetinari, Patrician of [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Ankh-Morpork]]. He actually considers himself evil, and rules by the principle of One Man, One Vote. He is The Man.
* Lord Dyrr, the de facto ruler of [[Literature/WarOfTheSpiderQueen House Agrach Dyrr]]. [[spoiler: Also working for an evil god who intends to turn Menzoberranzan into a male-dominated society.]]
* Lord Vile from ''Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant'. The most powerful Necromancer in the world, who slaughters entire battlefields without a second thought. He was born from the tremendous anger and grief of [[spoiler: Skulduggery himself.]] He doesn't care who his enemy is, as long as he has one.

[[AC:Religion and Mythology]]
* {{God}} is frequently referred to as "the Lord." While [[GodIsGood not evil]] by official canon, He's certainly unimaginably powerful and commanding respect.

* ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' awards the player the achievement title "Lord Death of Murder Mountain" for [[OmnicidalManiac killing 1000 of anything]] over the course of the game.
* Darth Nihilus, the [[HorrorHunger Lord of Hunger]], from ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords''.
* Lord Saddler in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4''.
* Lord Vanaduke in ''VideoGame/SpiralKnights''.
* Lord Dearche, BigBad of the first ''VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable'' game and TokenEvilTeammate of the second game.
* The Dread Lords of ''VideoGame/GalacticCivilizations'', an entire civilization of genocidal AbusivePrecursors.

* [[color:#2ED73A:Lord English]] from ''WebComic/{{Homestuck}}''.

* Lord Dregg, the BigBad of ''{{WesternAnimation/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles|1987}}'' following CerebusSyndrome.
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'': If someone is the Firelord, you just know they're not going to be very nice. It gets worse once Firelord Ozai becomes [[spoiler: Phoenix King Ozai, though.]]
** On the other hand, when [[TheGoodPrince Zuko]] takes over, he retains the title "Firelord", as do his descendents ([[SheIsTheKing even the women]]). It also predated [[TheConqueror Firelord Sozin]]; prior to the war Sozin started, relations between the four nations were pretty typical and the Firelord wasn't seen as any more villainous than his peers in other nations.
* Lord Hater from ''WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder''.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E25TwilightsKingdomPart1 Twilight's Kingdom, Part 1]]", Tirek introduces himself as Lord Tirek.

* The Swedish name of the Eurasian Bullfinch is "Domherre", literally meaning Judgment Lord.

[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'''s {{Big Bad}}s are all referred only by title, and the sheer insanity of his voice makes him qualify.
* The Major, from ''Franchise/GhostInTheShell''. One of a handful in the world who can hack directly into your soul.

* Major Disaster

* ''Film/MajorPayne'' from, well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Major Payne]].

* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3'':
** Major Zero seems like such a nice guy in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3''. [[spoiler: Went on to found the Patriots and pursue total control of all information.]]
** Major Ocelot, who would later be known as Revolver Ocelot.


Especially "TheMaster", which is its own trope.

* The Maestro, an evil alternate universe version of TheHulk.

* ''Film/ManosTheHandsOfFate'': TheMaster has his own page, of wHiCh He woUlD apProvE.

* Both ''Series/DoctorWho'' and ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' have examples of evil beings named "The Master".
* Master Org from ''Series/PowerRangersWildForce'' and Master Xandred from ''Series/PowerRangersSamurai''.

* Grandmaster Meio in ''VideoGame/{{Strider}}''.
* Master D in ''VideoGame/BionicCommando''.
* The Grandmaster class in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening''. Only the player character has it initially (though it can be passed to their children), and it allows the character to [[JackOfAllTrades change into any class that their gender allows]].

* [[CaptainObvious Used a lot]] on The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.

Even a humble honorific can intimidate if the character has ''no first name''.

* Mister E from Creator/VertigoComics
* Mister Sinister from Creator/MarvelComics

* Mister Book and Mister Hand in ''Film/DarkCity''.
** All of the Strangers address each this way.
* Mr. Glass in ''Film/{{Unbreakable}}''. A realistic {{supervillain}} who killed hundreds of people in mass disasters so he could find his antithesis, a real {{superhero}}.

* Mister Monday from the ''Literature/KeysToTheKingdom'' series.
* Mister Croup and Mister Vandemar from ''Literature/{{Neverwhere}}''.
** And Mr Wednesday, Mr Town, Mr Wood, Mr Stone, Mr Road and Mr World from ''Literature/AmericanGods''.
* ''Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde'': Mr. Hyde.
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'': Commander Vimes is known by some as 'Mister Vimes'.

* The archetypal "Mr. Johnson" from ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}''

See also TheEvilPrince, which is when they usurp the throne.

* The ''Literature/HarryPotter'' books have "The Half-Blood Prince", [[spoiler: Severus Snape (a pun on his mom's maiden name, Prince).]]
* Creator/NiccoloMachiavelli wrote ''Literature/ThePrince'', which was essentially a Renaissance-era EvilOverlordList.

* The main antagonist of ''VideoGame/DiabloII'' is Prince Aidan, the Dark Wanderer.

* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', Dirk's SBURB title is the Prince of Heart, which he complains about - until [[spoiler:Calliope]] explains that, with the actual powers of the class and aspect, it really means [[spoiler: Destroyer of Souls.]]

When academics, or at least would-be academics, go bad.

* ComicBook/{{Batman}}'s recurring villain Professor Pyg. He uses brutal surgery to mutilate his victims.
* ComicBook/{{TheFlash}} has his archenemy, Professor Zoom (though nowadays, he goes by the Reverse-Flash or just simply Zoom). Seeing as he is a Speedster that has proven that he is faster than the Flash, he is a force to be cautious around.

* ''Literature/SherlockHolmes'': Professor Moriarty. [[spoiler:The head of a large and very active criminal ring.]]

* ''Series/DoctorWho'': Professor Yana seemed like a kindly old guy, until his [[TheMaster true personality]] came through...

* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'': Professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and doom, is the latter.
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' villain Professor Dementor.

[[TheGoodCaptain Captain]], Commander and high ranks are good too, either for villains but more so for antiheroes (or just straight up good-guy heroes). Anything lower tends to lack oomph. After all, nobody's scared of a Private. [[DrillSergeantNasty Sergeants, on the hand...]]

[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* Just look at [[{{Manga/Hellsing}} Millennium]]'s [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Captain]].
* [[{{Manga/OnePiece}} One Piece]] has the Admiralty, consisting of [[FourStarBadass three Admirals and a Fleet Admiral]], with the admirals given the titles of 'Greatest Military Powers'. Though individual Admirals have been replaced through the series and backstory, the presence associated with the rank retains it's mystique.

* ''Film/KingKong2005'' has Captain Englehorn.
* [[FIlm/MadMaxFuryRoad ''Imperator'' Furiosa]], a twofer.

* Visser Three/One from ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}''. Also Jake, depending on whose side you're on.
** Bonus points for being evocative (if not derivative) of [[EvilVizier a title that's almost always evil.]]
* Creator/CharlesDickens once wrote a short story called [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Captain Murderer.]]
* The [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens Great]] [[OurElvesAreBetter Houses]] in ''Literature/FactionParadox''. Bonus points for their home planet simply being called the Homeworld, due to it more deserving of the name than whatever planet anyone who argued was on. They're such a ''humble'' people.
* ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' also has the Witch-King of Angmar, the undead warrior who leads Dark Lord Sauron's evil armies and tries to find his master's ring.
* ''Literature/SpaceMarineBattles'' have Warmaster Umbragg of the Brazen Flesh, the leader of an omnicidal warband wearing UnstoppableRage as its hat.
* ''Literature/StarshipsMage'': If you're being chased by a Hand of the Mage-King of Mars, you should know that when one Hand falls, another rises. Also, that the Rune of Power inscribed into the flesh of each Hand makes them the most powerful mages in [[TheGoodKingdom the Protectorate]]. The main character of the series flees from a Hand in the first book, and [[spoiler: [[FirstEpisodeSpoiler becomes a Hand himself in the second book.]]]]

* Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer. Also Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

* ''Music/{{Gloryhammer}}'': "The Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy" who has a magic crystal that can "unleash evil from the sky," AND a Space Batllefleet.

* Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Plague: possibly the only name to include three of the major categories in a name of five words, and still be sinister.

* ''VideoGame/WildARMS2''. Brad Evan's CharacterClass is "Prisoner 666".
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'': Commander Shepard. Full stop. Renegade or [[GoodIsNotSoft Paragon]] doesn't matter. If you're in his/her way or hurt his/her crew, you -will- regret it.
* Tyrants in the ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' series.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'': Any time the player encounters a demon in the Fiend category, they can be sure that a particularly nasty battle is impending.
* Warmaster Seerus from ''VideoGame/SpiralKnights''.
* ''Franchise/DragonAge'': The Hero of Ferelden, after becoming Warden Commander of Ferelden. If you're becoming his/her target, just run. To the other side of the continent if you can.

* Captain [=DuPree=] from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius''.

* Commander-turned-Admiral [[SmugSnake Zhao]] and [[spoiler:Fire Lord-turned-Phoenix King Ozai]] from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' gives us Chief Beifong, leader of Republic City's Metalbending Police. She's the daughter of Toph from the original show, so you ''know'' she's a badass.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'': "That's Mister Doctor Professor Patrick to you!"