Toby "Radiation" Fox is currently a college student who produces music, primarily for the ''{{Webcomic/Homestuck}}'' music team, published on the label ''What Pumpkin''.

He developed and released an independently-created non-standard EasternRPG named ''"{{VideoGame/Undertale}}"''. You can download the free demo or buy the full game and/or soundtrack [[ here]].

Radiation began as a fan musician, posting music not connected with the official team. After joining the music team sometime after Homestuck's start, he has since more or less become the leader of the music team (at least to the fans) and is both very prolific with his own work and provides mastering work.

''What Pumpkin'' albums he has contributed to or worked on:
* ''[[ Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead]]''
* ''[[ Homestuck Vol 1-4]]'': Originally only appeared on ''Vol. 4'', but provided some work for
* ''[[ Homestuck Vol 5]]''
* ''[[ Alternia]]'': A solo album, the first of the Homestuck Music Team's history
* ''[[ Squiddles!]]''
* ''[[ The Felt]]''
* ''[[ Homestuck Vol 6]]''
* ''[[ Alterniabound]]''
* ''[[ Homestuck Vol 7]]''
* ''[[ The Wanderers]]''
* ''[[ Homestuck Volume 8]]''
* ''[[ coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A]]'' & ''[[ coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B]]''
* ''[[ Homestuck Volume 9]]''
* ''[[ Cherubim]]''

His non-Homestuck work thusfar is rather minimal, but he has worked on some.
* ''[[ The Baby Is You]]'': Warning, as this is a [[ProtestSong Protest Album]] (about a FlameWar on the MSPA Forums), the content is incredibly crude and potentially insulting.
* ''[[ Earthbound 2012 - I Miss You]]''
* ''[[ Undertale OST]]''

He has also has created a completely insane ''{{VideoGame/Earthbound}}'' hack known as ''"VideoGame/TheHalloweenHack"''. You can find out more about it [[ here]] as well as download it.

He also has a [[ Tumblr]]. [[ Here's his thoughts about this page.]]