Tinie Tempah (born Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, born 7 November 1988) is a rising English rapper who released his debut album, ''Disc-Overy'', in October 2010. His best-known songs include "Written in the Stars" and "Pass Out".
!!Tinie Tempah provides examples of:
* BoastfulRap: "Pass Out"
* ConceptVideo: "Wonderman".
* DreamTeam: He made one of his earliest guest appearances on the Labrinth remix of [[Music/{{Gorillaz}} "Stylo"]].
** He's worked with Music/WizKhalifa and Music/{{J Cole}}.
** Him and Labrinth.
* IAmSong: "Written in the Stars".
* ShoutOut: "Written in the Stars": ''"I cried '''''teardrops''''' for Music/MassiveAttack"'', which is a reference to the song "Teardrop" by Music/MassiveAttack from their album ''Music/{{Mezzanine}}''.

''"[[TheStinger Seasons come and go! But I will never change! And I'm on my wayyyyyyyyyyyy!]]"''