Thanks to a chance meeting between Deb Talan and Steve Tannen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Weepies was formed as a indie folk-pop band, though it wasn't until the release of their second album that The Weepies experienced a more mainstream audience. Since then, they have released five official albums, alongside several unofficial live concerts recordings. These unofficial albums were released with the permission of the band, provided that the music was available for free download, and the concert was not originally meant for an official record. They can be found [[ here]].

Their work is typically acoustic, with supporting keyboards and drum beats. Lyric-wise, they've been described as generally "unapologetically sweet," though the occasional sadder song has been released, and their music has been called "subtly intoxicating."

* ''Happiness''
* ''Live Session EP''
* ''Say I Am You''
* ''Hideaway''
* ''Be My Thrill''