Norwegian metal group The Kovenant, formed in 1992 by Stian Arnesen (aka Nagash, Lex Icon) and Amund Svensson (aka Blackheart, Psy Coma, Pzy Clone), was known simply as Covenant once, and even released their first two albums, ''In Times Before the Light'' in 1995 and ''Nexus Polaris'' in 1997, under the name. Trouble arose when an {{Industrial}} group also called Music/{{Covenant}} sued them and forced them to change their name. Ironically, The Kovenant changed its musical style from a Symphonic BlackMetal sound to a more electronically-influenced style (which the band called "Progressive Space Metal") shortly afterward with ''Animatronic'' in 1999, and they moved to a very IndustrialMetal-influenced sound with ''SETI'' in 2003. Opinions differ on whether this was GrowingTheBeard or JumpingTheShark, depending on one's musical preferences.

Their fifth official album, ''Aria Galactica'', has been in DevelopmentHell since 2003, to the dismay of many fans. The band has not officially split up (even playing live shows from time to time during the extremely prolonged hiatus), but its leader Stian Arnesen has been preoccupied with his other band Troll, and they reportedly cannot find a record label to release ''Aria Galactica'' on. After ''SETI'', The Kovenant [[UpdatedRerelease re-released]] ''Nexus Polaris'' and ''In Times Before the Light'' under their new name, though the tracks were kept in their original form, unlike 2002's remake of ''In Times Before the Light'' which was given a more Industrial Metal sound than the original.


* ''Music/InTimesBeforeTheLight'' (made in 1995, released in '97)
* ''Nexus Polaris'' (1997)
* ''Animatronic'' (1999)
* ''In Times Before the Light'' (Remake, 2002)
* ''SETI'' (2003)

!! Tropes invoked by this band include:
* AGodAmI: Examples can be found on all four albums to differing degrees, though their first two albums moreso than the others.
--> '''From the Storm of Shadows''': "I am emperor, and I...am...GOD."
* AlbumTitleDrop: For ''Nexus Polaris'' on the track "Planetary Black Elements".
* ConceptAlbum: Both ''In Times Before the Light'' and ''Nexus Polaris''. ''SETI'' might also count to an extent, but it's less consistent.
* TheCoverChangesTheMeaning: The Kovenant's version of "Space Man" by Babylon Zoo is quite a different take on the song.
* CoverAlbum: In an interesting twist on the trope, the band remade one of its own albums, ''In Times Before the Light'', giving it a more electronic sound. It's basically The Kovenant covering Covenant.
* CreepyCircusMusic: The remade version of "From the Storm of Shadows" has a creepy circus vibe, whereas it was nowhere to be heard in the original version.
* DrunkOnTheDarkSide: The lyrics to most of the tracks on their first two albums.
* EpicInstrumentalOpener: The first two albums did this.
* EndlessWinter: ''In Times Before the Light'' focuses on a combination of this trope and TheNightThatNeverEnds. The phrase "Forever winter, Forever night" appears in a few songs, and the song "Through the Eyes of the Raven" appears to be about beckoning 'King Winter' to bring about an endless winter.
* EraSpecificPersonality: The band members, who changed their looks and their stage names with the release of ''SETI''.
* EvilFeelsGood: Just listen to the lyrics to the songs on ''In Times Before the Light''.
* FadingIntoTheNextSong: Done with most of the songs on the remake of ''In Times Before the Light''.
* IAmGreatSong: "Towards the Crown of Night", "The Dark Conquest" in fact most songs on ''In Times Before the Light'' have at least a line or two of this.
* IAmSong: "Towards the Crown of Night" is this for a couple verses.
* IHaveManyNames: The band members.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Particularly with their first two albums, such as the tracks "Dragonstorm", "Dragonheart" and "Last of the Dragons". Some of the CD art for ''In Times Before the Light'' included a medieval-looking dragon painting.
* LastNoteHilarity: "Bizarre Cosmic Industries" is a very beautiful piece with a long piano solo and great female vocals from Sara Jezebel Deva, but for some inexplicable reason, they chose to end the song with a [[{{Narm}} rather silly]] "BOOOIIINNNGGG" sound.
* LighterAndSofter: The band has moved towards this over the years. Though ''SETI'' is by no means upbeat and cheerful on its own, compared to ''In Times Before the Light'' it is.
** In many ways the GenreShift makes it hard to quantify things. {{Industrial}} is hard/harsh in a completely different matter to BlackMetal. Most {{Industrial}} relies on very heavy, distorted drums but has a much slower pace, and BlackMetal drumming is much faster but each individual drum sound is usually significantly lighter to its {{Industrial}} equivalent. Both genres often use very harsh vocals, but these effects are accomplished in entirely different ways. So as such, calling IndustrialMetal LighterAndSofter relative to BlackMetal is in many respects an apples-and-oranges comparison. Additionally, The Kovenant were never the most violent BlackMetal band, they always used a very significant amount of lush melody.
* MetalScream
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: They were about a 9 for their first two albums; it varies by song on ''Animatronic'' but they've generally never been lower than a 6 on ''SETI''. But the GenreShift makes it harder to measure its hardness by the same standards.
* NewSoundAlbum: Both ''Animatronic'' and ''SETI''. WordOfGod promises ''Aria Galactica'' will be one too.
* NietzscheWannabe: Subverted. The band's lyrics are heavily influenced by Creator/FriedrichNietzsche, but they've arguably ShownTheirWork.
* TheNightThatNeverEnds: A subject that comes up a lot on ''In Times Before the Light''.
* OminousPipeOrgan: On the original ''In Times Before the Light''.
* PepTalkSong: "Acid Theater".
-->"Never do what they want you to do. Never be who they want you to be."
* PunnyName: "Lex Icon". Geddit?
* PunyEarthlings: The line "Feeble humans, [[BadassBoast behold me in my victory]]" from the song "Towards the Crown of Nights".
* ReligionRantSong: "Mirror's Paradise", "Neon", "Via Negativa"
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Particularly on ''Nexus Polaris''.
* SopranoAndGravel: Done alongside Sara Jezebel Deva, who is best known as being the longtime female vocalist for Music/CradleOfFilth, in ''Nexus Polaris''. However, her vocals on the album (called "Starsong" [[AllThereInTheManual in the CD booklet]]) are all either wordless background vocalization or simply backing up Nagash's vocals; she doesn't get any lyrics of her own.
* SpokenWordInMusic: On ''Animatronic'' and ''SETI'' voice samples were used from time to time.
* SymphonicMetal: Originally Symphonic BlackMetal, kept a lot of symphonic orchestrations even over the course of their GenreShift.
* TakeOverTheWorld: The track "The Dark Conquest" from ''In Times Before the Light,'' is about doing this, and [[EvilFeelsGood bringing forth the foreverwinter and forevernight.]]