[[caption-width-right:371:Mirdautas vras!]]

->''I have...I have been a sword in the hand and''
->''I have been a shield in the fight and''
->''I have been the string of a harp and''
->''I can shift my shape like a god!''

Summoning was formed in 1993 by drinking buddies Richard Lederer, Michael Gregor and Alexander Trondl, who [[YouAllMeetInAnInn met in a pub]] in Austria. They secured a deal with Napalm Records in 1995 and released their debut ''Lugburz'', a traditional {{Black Metal}} album that was quite different from their later projects.

Shortly after recording ''Lugburz'', Trondl was kicked from the band for being "a commercial-thinking asshole". Lederer and Gregor continued as a duo, and instead of getting a new drummer changed to keyboard percussion to produce a more epic, atmospheric style. They combined this with low-key guitars and multi-layered synthesizer and keyboard melodies mimicking a full orchestra, while retaining the growling vocals to produce what would become the trademark Summoning sound. Most of their lyrics were inspired by the works of Creator/JRRTolkien, with some songs taking lyrics straight from poems/songs in Literature/{{The Hobbit}} and Literature/{{The Lord of the Rings}}. Some of the songs on ''Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame'' are also inspired by the works of Creator/MichaelMoorcock.

They released five more albums in this style: ''Minas Morgul''; ''Dol Guldur''; ''Stronghold'', which put more emphasis on more complex and melodic guitar work; ''[[LongTitle Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame]]'', the first album to feature clean vocal sections; and ''Oath Bound'', characterised by relaxed, arpeggio-style guitars.

Since ''Oath Bound'', both members have taken time out to work on other projects, with Lederer working on music for a full-length release while waiting for Gregor to finish recording the next album for his solo band Kreuzweg Ost.

They announced a comeback in 2012, and the new album ''Old Mornings Dawn'' was finally released in summer 2013. The band's eighth album will reportedly be released in 2016.

Their current line-up is:
* Richard "Protector" Lederer
* Michael "Silenius" Gregor

Former members include:
* Alexander "Trifixion" Trondl - Drums
* Ray "Pazazu" Wells - Guest vocals on ''Lugburz''
* Tania Borsky - Guest vocals on ''Stronghold''

Their discography is:
* ''Lugburz'' (1995)
* ''Minas Morgul'' (1995)
* ''Dol Guldur'' (1996)
* ''Stronghold'' (1999)
* ''Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame'' (2001)
* ''Oath Bound'' (2006)
* ''Old Mornings Dawn'' (2013)

'''Summoning and their music provide examples of:'''

* AlbumIntroTrack: Basically all albums have them.
* BadassBoast: "Farewell"
* BilingualBonus: Usually from Tolkien's {{Fictionary}}.
** Especially "Mirdautas Vras", which is [[https://web.archive.org/web/20080203125738/http://www.lyricstime.com/summoning-mirdautas-vras-lyrics.html just as threatening as it sounds]] once translated.
* BlackSpeech: "Mirdautas Vras"
* ConceptAlbum: All of them.
* EndingTheme: "Farewell" was used for the closing credits of ''Film/{{Damnatus}}''.
* EpicRocking: Most Summoning songs clock in at 7 minutes or more. The longest as of 2015 is "Land of the Dead", which is nearly thirteen minutes long.
* {{Fanfare}}: "Mirdautas Vras" is a rare example of a '''villainous''' fanfare, and qualifies as {{Crowning Music of Awesome}}. Listen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5IMCH7INcE here]].
** "Bauglir" might count as a fanfare as well.
* {{Garfunkel}}: Averted, as both Lederer and Gregor provide the vocals for different songs.
** FaceOfTheBand is averted in a similar manner, though it probably helps that there's only two of them to remember
** Either that or because they [[TheFaceless don't do live performances]].
* GenreBusting: After Lugburz they went from {{Black Metal}} to...atmospheric metal? Epic metal? Ambient metal? Summoning still classify themselves as "black metal" and most people go with it just to simplify things.
* GrimUpNorth
* HeavyMithril
* IAmSong: "Farewell"
* IndecipherableLyrics: Most of the tracks from ''Lugburz'' qualify.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: The cover of ''Mortal Heroes''.
* InstrumentalThemeTune: Each album traditionally starts with a short instrumental piece. Some other songs are instrumentals as well.
* LoopedLyrics
* LoudnessWar: The [=CDs=] from ''Stronghold'' onward were clipped. Vinyl editions, such as ''Old Mornings Dawn'', often got separate masters that were free from this problem.
* LyricalDissonance: They always sing in growling vocals, even when the lyrics come from one of Tolkien's more upbeat compositions. This occasionally leads to {{The Cover Changes The Meaning}} (see below).
* NewSoundAlbum: Closer to a full-blown {{Genre Shift}}, from ''Minas Morgul'' onward (as explained above).
* ShaggyDogStory: "Northward"
* ShoutOut: Most of their lyrics are inspired by Tolkien. They've also adapted lyrics from other authors, such as Creator/WilliamWordsworth and Sir Walter Scott, and some lyrics on ''Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame'' were inspired by Creator/MichaelMoorcock's Eternal Champion.
* SopranoAndGravel: Their vocals are mostly the typical MetalScream expected from BlackMetal, but they use clean choirs on some albums (mostly performed entirely by Protector and Silenius) as well. A good example is the title track of ''Old Mornings Dawn''. Additionally, one song, "Where Hope and Daylight Die", contains entirely clean singing from Protector's ex-girlfriend, Tania Borsky.
* SpokenWordInMusic
* TheCoverChangesTheMeaning: "The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills". By taking the more sinister verses as lyrics and adding {{Psycho Strings}}, they turn a hobbit walking song into {{Nightmare Fuel}}.
* TheSongBeforeTheStorm
* ThemeNaming: Their first four albums are all named after towers from [[LordOfTheRings Middle Earth]]. Also, every album cover except "Mortal Heroes" has a picture of a mountain on it.
* TitleOfTheDead: "Land of the Dead", the final song of ''Oath Bound''.
* VillainSong: "Mirdautas Vras" is meant to be narrated by [[EvilOverlord Sauron]].
* VoiceOfTheLegion: The choir segments in "Farewell", "Might and Glory" and "Land of the Dead" are actually sung by just Lederer and Gregor, with a reverberation effect.