A HardcorePunk and FunkMetal band from Santa Barbara, California, which formed in 1995, and got a lot of attention, controversy and an underground following. They released an album, ''Get Some'', and toured with Ozzfest. A well known incident early in the band's career involved band leader, singer and founder Lynn Strait being arrested for indecent exposure during a concert where he emerged naked from the oversized prop toilet used in Music/LimpBizkit's concerts.

Despite this incident, things seemed to be going well and the band started recording a second LP. After [[AuthorExistenceFailure Strait died in a car crash]], along with the group's mascot, Strait's dog, [[TeamPet Dobbs]], the band broke up in 1998. As a result of the good relationships the band developed with a lot of major rock stars, they released ''Strait Up'' as a tribute; it featured lyrics and vocals written and performed by members of major-name rock, punk and metal bands, including Music/SystemOfADown, Music/{{Korn}}, Music/HedPE, Music/{{Soulfly}}, Rich Kids on LSD, [[{{Music/Incubus}} Incubus]], Music/{{Sevendust}}, Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber, Music/{{Slipknot}}, Sugar Ray and Ugly Kid Joe. The album also featured completed versions of some songs intended for the band's second LP. This album, and the live album ''Alive!'' sold better than the group's debut LP.

Much as Music/{{Sublime}} had done, Snot reformed in 2008, with the original line-up and former Divine Heresy singer Tommy Vext as the band's new vocalist. Unlike Sublime, which kept its original sound upon reformation, Snot completely changed their sound, becoming more HeavyMetal-oriented. The new sound and the band's naming caused some friction among Snot fans, and this line-up soon broke up, leading most of the band to form the new band "Tons", which returned to Snot's PunkRock roots, and featured Brandon Espinoza on vocals.

'''[+Former members+]:'''
* Mike Doling: Guitars (19951998, 2008)
* John Fahnestock: Bass (19951998, 2008)
* Jamie Miller: Drums (19951998, 2008)
* Lynn Strait: Vocals (19951998)
* Sonny Mayo: Guitars (19951998, 2008)
* Shannon Larkin: Drums (1998)
* Mike Smith: Guitar (1998)

* ''Get Some'' (1997)
* ''Strait Up'' (2000)
* ''Alive!'' (2002)

!!This band demonstrates the following tropes:

* GenreBusting: The band's studio and live albums mix HardcorePunk and FunkMetal. The tribute ''Strait Up'' bares more than a little resemblance to the genres of the SpecialGuest musicians, rather than Snot's trademark style.
* PosthumousCollaboration: ''Strait Up'' includes both new material with guests, tracks intended for the band's second LP but never completed as the result of Strait's death, and completed tracks with Strait on vocals.
* ProtestSong: "Snooze Button"
* ShoutOut: "Deadfall" is a WholePlotReference based on the 1993 movie of the same name, starring Creator/MichaelBiehn and Creator/NicolasCage and peppered with quotes from it (mostly [[LargeHam Cages]]).
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: ''Get Some'' is typically in the HardcorePunk and FunkMetal genres, but jumps into {{Funk}}-{{Jazz}} (ala Music/BeastieBoys' ''The In Sound from Way Out!'') for a couple of tracks.
* TakeThat: "Mr. Brett" is this towards Epitaph Records founder and Music/BadReligion guitarist Brett Gurewitz.
* XtremeKoolLetterz: "Get Some O' Deez", "Get Some Keez"