Singapore Sling is an Icelandic {{Shoegazing}} band formed in 2000. Over the years they've had a recurring round of band members coming in and out, which may or may not be to blame for their decline in critical opinion.

They released their first album ''The Curse Of Singapore Sling'' in 2002 with critics comparing them to Music/MyBloodyValentine, only way DarkerAndEdgier. They are one of the first {{Shoegazing}} acts to not only darken the genre, but do it well. But then, as they released their next few albums the cliches that were used in the first album were used yet again only more poorly in each album. Critics eventually stopped caring about them as faith in the band basically diminished by 2009's ''Perversity, Desperation and Death'', which many fans [[FanonDisContinuity refused to believe ever happened]].

Thanks to these guys bands like Music/APlaceToBuryStrangers and Music/TheHorrors are continuing the DarkerAndEdgier form of the genre. The ear-blasting dark noise became a signature sound for all three of the bands, but these guys came about 5 years before the other two bands.


Singapore Sling scares the living bejesus out of us with the following tropes:

* CarefulWithThatAxe- Saying that these guys like to play with their volume knobs is an understatement.
* LoudnessWar- Though not as egregious Music/APlaceToBuryStrangers, as they do actually have their limits, but they do like a lot of brickwalling.
* SignatureStyle- To the point where even Music/APlaceToBuryStrangers cannot replicate what they achieved with their first album.