'''Sigh''' is an [[AvantGardeMetal Avant-Garde]] BlackMetal band from Japan, maybe the first BlackMetal band ever from that country, which formed in Tokyo in 1990 and has the distinction of being one of the outright ''weirdest'' bands from an already weird genre. They were somewhat well-known among the black metal scene in the early 1990s for being signed to Deathlike Silence Productions, the record label of {{Mayhem}} guitarist Euronymous. Beginning as a fairly straightforward BlackMetal band, they increasingly began to [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly experiment with their sound a bit]], invoking MindScrew in the liner notes to ''Hail Horror Hail''. This culminated in 2001's ''Imaginary Sonicscape'', which goes to levels of GenreRoulette that quite possibly have to be heard to be believed. After committing GenreAdultery with the PowerMetal and [[NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal NWOBHM]]-influenced ''Gallows Gallery'' (their biggest departure from BlackMetal and their only release not to feature any HarshVocals), they settled on a hybrid of BlackMetal, ThrashMetal, and SymphonicMetal for ''Hangman's Hymn'' and ''Scenes from Hell''. ''In Somniphobia'' and ''Graveward'' go back to the GenreRoulette of previous works. As of 2014, they describe their style as "Cinematic Horror Metal".

The band appeared in the music documentary ''Global Metal'', where they were particularly known for the line [[MemeticMutation "metal is something cool"]], their particularly vague reaction (and for some, a TakeThat) to the VisualKei scene that currently dominates Japanese metal. While they are not a VisualKei band or associated with it, they occasionally use visuals akin to most avowed VK artists, possibly as part of their GenreBusting appeal.

!!!Current line-up :
* Mirai Kawashima - vocals, keyboard, samples, formerly bass
* You Oshima - guitar
* Satoshi Fujinami - bass, formerly drums & guitar
* Junichi Harashima - drums
* Mika "Dr. Mikannibal" Kawashima - alto sax, vocals

!!!Guest Collaborators:
* Damian Montgomery (Ritual Carnage) - guest vocals on "Iconoclasm in the 4th Desert" and "Imprisoned" (''Scenario IV'')
* Gus G. (Firewind, Dream Evil, Music/OzzyOsbourne) - lead guitar on "Confession to Be Buried" and "Silver Universe" (''Gallows Gallery'')
* Killjoy (Necrophagia) - narration on "Gavotte Grim" (''Gallows Gallery'')
* Mike [=McKenzie=] (Music/TheRedChord) - guitar on "In Devil's Arms" (''Hangman's Hymn'')
* Kam Lee (ex-Music/{{Death}}, Bone Gnawer, The Grotesquery) - guest vocals on "L'Art de mourir" (''Scenes from Hell'')
* David Tibet (Music/{{Current 93}}) - spoken word on "The Red Funeral" and "Musica in tempora belli" (''Scenes from Hell'')

Their major releases follow ThemeNaming, with the first letter of each one being a letter of the word "Sigh".
* ''Scorn Defeat'' (1993)
* ''Infidel Art'' (1995)
* ''Ghastly Funeral Theatre'' (1997; actually an EP rather than full-length but still follows the naming convention)
* ''Hail Horror Hail'' (1997)
* ''Scenario IV: Dread Dreams'' (1999; their fifth major release but fourth full-length, hence the "IV")
* ''Imaginary Sonicscape'' (2001)
* ''Gallows Gallery'' (2005; the least BlackMetal-sounding of all their albums, a fact which got them dropped from their then-label)
* ''Hangman's Hymn: [[GratuitousGerman Musikalische Exequien]]'' (2007)
* ''Scenes from Hell'' (2010)
* ''In Somniphobia'' (2012)
* ''Graveward'' (2015)

!!Associated tropes:

* AlliterativeTitle: '' '''H'''ail '''H'''orror '''H'''ail'', '' '''G'''allows '''G'''allery'', '' '''H'''angman's '''H'''ymn''.
* AltumVidetur: Heavily used in ''Hangman's Hymn'', which makes sense as the album is structured as a funeral mass of sorts. Also shows up elsewhere, such as the song titles "Musica in tempora belli" ("Music in a time of war", although apparently it is slightly grammatically incorrect) and, apparently, "Kaedit nos pestis".
* AvantGardeMetal: ''Definitely'', and possibly one of the ''weirdest examples of the genre''. You're not going to confuse a Sigh album for much else. They are also considered {{Trope Codifier}}s for the eastern experimental scene.
* BilingualBonus: All the song titles on ''Ghastly Funeral Theatre'' are in Japanese. Many of them refer to elements of Japanese mythology and folklore.
* BlackMetal: Japan's most famous export in the genre. Not all their albums fall under the genre, but most of them have elements of it, although they're very much a GenreBusting band starting with ''Infidel Art''.
* BrainsAndBondage: Dr. Mikannibal, who really is a doctor of physics.
* ConceptAlbum: ''Hangman's Hymn'' for sure, quite possibly ''Scenes from Hell'' and ''In Somniphobia'' (which includes a seven-part "Lucid Nightmares" suite) also.
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: Their cover of [[TeacherStudentRomance "Teacher's Pet" by Venom]] is sung by [[BiTheWay Dr. Mikannibal]].
* CoverVersion: Sigh have covered Music/{{Venom}} (quite a lot of Venom too, someone in the band must really like them), Necrophagia (not surprising as Mirai was a member of that band for at least one album), Music/JohnColtrane, and [[{{Music/Death}} Death]].
* DepravedBisexual: Mikannibal, who is bisexual, seems to cultivate this image on purpose. She has revealed in interviews that she has eaten cockroaches, drinks cow's blood before recording vocals, [[FetishFuel records vocals naked]], and enjoys [[GroinAttack urethra torture]] (inflicting it, that is).
* EarlyBirdCameo: Mikannibal was a model in the packaging of ''Hangman's Hymn'' (that's her in the top frame of the collage) before she became an official band member.
* EpicRocking: Most releases have at least one or two really long songs. ''Infidel Art'' has five of them - only one song on that album ("Suicidogenic", at a mere 4:46) is less than eight minutes long. Their longest song, "Slaughtergarden Suite", is nearly eleven minutes long.
* GodIsEvil: "The Summer Funeral" includes the line "God is so evil if it was his will".
* GratuitousFrench: The song titles "L'Art de mourir" ("The Art of Dying"), "L'Excommunication à minuit" ("Excommunication at Midnight").
* GratuitousGerman: The subtitle of ''Hangman's Hymn'' (which translates roughly as "Musical Obsequies").
* HarshVocals: On every album except ''Gallows Gallery''. Interestingly, Mikannibal's harsh vocals are usually lower-pitched than Mirai's on ''Scenes from Hell''; on ''In Somniphobia'', she employs a larger variety of vocal styles and can be either higher- or lower-pitched than Mirai, depending on which style she is utilising.
* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: Several albums have been reissued with bonus material in varying formats. The most extravagant have typically been 3LP reissues by Dark Symphonies. Many albums have also gotten 2CD reissues.
* LoudnessWar: [[http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=Sigh&album= Most of their albums are affected in at least some issues]]. Some details:
** ''Scorn Defeat'': The original Deathlike Silence Productions does not suffer from this trope, being a solid [=DR12=]. It was later remastered by Enucleation Records with five bonus tracks, and came to a rather {{egregious}} [=DR5=], though the mastering engineer took care not to clip it. And then Hammerheart Records remastered it again two years later. This time it came out to [=DR9=], but with a caveat: the original album was clipped. The bonus tracks, however, were free of clipping and came out to similar dynamic range as the album itself. There is also, of course, the 3LP Dark Symphonies version, which will probably be many listeners' preferred version if they can track it down.
** ''Infidel Art'': [=DR7=], clipped. There is also a 3LP Dark Symphonies reissue with an alternate mix of the album and an additional bonus track.
** ''Ghastly Funeral Theatre'': [=DR10=], clipped, but probably not noticeably for most listeners. Also reissued by Dark Symphonies with the band's "Tragedies" demo on the B-side.
** ''Hail Horror Hail'': [=DR8=], clipped. There is once again a 3LP Dark Symphonies reissue, with a "rough mix" of most songs from the album as a bonus (and an instrumental version of "42 49").
** ''Scenario IV: Dread Dreams'': [=DR10=], clipped, but probably not noticeably for most listeners. This does not have a vinyl edition.
** ''Imaginary Sonicscape'': Original album is [=DR7=] and clipped. Was later remastered with two bonus tracks and an extended version of "Bring Back the Dead", which is [=DR6=] and also clipped. This is the final album to receive a 3LP Dark Symphonies reissue (which has all the bonus content from the remaster as well as a couple of demos).
** ''Gallows Gallery'': The original is [=DR9=] and not clipped, but not mixed all that well, with the result that the instrumental clarity isn't that great. The End remastered it in 2007 and it became [=DR6=] with clipping, but it was clearer. The version that finally gets it right is Blood Music's 2CD/2LP reissue, which is [=DR8=] on CD (probably higher on vinyl) and sounds great. (Note, however, that the untitled instrumental that closes the album and the David Harrow mix of "The Tranquilizer Song" are omitted from Blood Music's version; in their place you get demo versions of the entire album except for "Midnight Sun").
** ''Hangman's Hymn'': One of the band's worst offenders at [=DR5=]. Naturally, this is clipped to hell. Unfortunately, there is currently no vinyl edition.
** ''Scenes from Hell'': The band's worst example of this trope (up until the Japanese version of ''Graveward'') at a very clipped [=DR4=]. There was later a remaster of this album by Maor Appelbaum (available on the Mort Productions reissue) which came out to [=DR5=], but without much clipping this time. The production is also ''much'' clearer in the Maor remaster. ''Scenes from Hell'' has also been issued on vinyl, where it seems to have more dynamic range (with most tracks in a typical rip coming out in the [=DR7-DR9=] range); unfortunately, this is based on the original, lo-fi version of the album.
** ''In Somniphobia'': [=DR7=]. Not as badly clipped as some of the band's other releases, but it's still there. This has also been issued on vinyl.
** ''Graveward'': The US/Europe version is [=DR6=], but not clipped at all. The Japanese version is [=DR3=] and badly clipped, making it the band's absolute worst example of this trope to date, but also has several bonus tracks that extend the running time of the album by over 25 minutes. Interestingly, guitarist You Oshima did both CD masters for this album. A vinyl version on Blood Music remains forthcoming, so time will tell how that one turns out, but judging from their past releases it'll probably avert this trope.
* MetalScream: Both Mirai and Mika use this as their primary vocal style to the point where their vocals are usually pretty much indistinguishable. An exception to this is ''Gallows Gallery'', which contains entirely sung rather than screamed vocals. However, SopranoAndGravel is not uncommon on their recent black metal albums either (see below under the trope for details).
* MindScrew: '''Invoked.''' ''Hail Horror Hail'' says the following in the liner notes:
-->This album is way beyond the conceived notion of how metal, or music, should be. In Essence it is a movie without pictures; a celluloid phantasmagoria. Accordingly, the film jumps, and another scene, seemingly unconnected with the previous context, is suddenly inserted in between frames. Every sound on this album is deliberate, and if you find that some parts of this album are strange, it isn't because the music is in itself strange, but because your conscious self is ill-equipped to comprehend the sounds produced on this recording.
:: They have kept to this philosophy ever since.
* MoodWhiplash: They do this a lot. A prime example is on "Requiem - Nostalgia", which starts as a stately PowerBallad and ends with several hundred samples of what sound like giggling babies over a flippant snippet of Chopin's Minute Waltz.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Frequent on their albums, but nowhere near so much as on ''Imaginary Sonicscape'', which could also pretty much be described as musical GenreRoulette, what with oddities like disco and dub reggae breaks being thrown into the middle of almost every song. Not to mention the obligatory classical snippet (an excerpt of Music/FryderykChopin's Minute Waltz) overlaid with what appears to be several hundred samples of giggling babies (apparently Mirai's son) that closes the album. ''In Somniphobia'' probably doesn't carry this trope out quite as much as ''Imaginary Sonicscape'', but it's probably close.
* NewSoundAlbum: Arguably, most entries in their discography count as this. ''Gallows Gallery'' is probably the biggest standout, with the songs being substantially shorter than those on their other albums and featuring substantial PowerMetal and [[NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal NWOBHM]] influence and no HarshVocals, although it could also be considered GenreAdultery since they never did anything else like it.
* OminousLatinChanting: ''Hangman's Hymn'' is full of it, which is to be expected considering that the album is structured as a funeral mass of sorts.
* ProgressiveMetal: Many of their albums have elements of it. ''Infidel Art'' may be the best example, with an average song length of about eight minutes. ''Imaginary Sonicscape'' and ''In Somniphobia'', with their various multi-part suites, are also good examples. It's also worth pointing out that Mirai is fond of using vintage synthesizer equipment from the '70s, which gives a very ProgressiveRock feel to a lot of their music.
* RecurringRiff: ''Hangman's Hymn'' has many recurring melodic lines, riffs, and lyrics, culminating in the title track, which includes a section that's basically a CallBack to all the preceding songs.
* RockMeAmadeus: "Requiem - Nostalgia" ends with a StandardSnippet of Music/FryderykChopin's Minute Waltz (overlaid with [[MindScrew hundreds of samples of giggling babies]]). Similarly, ''Hangman's Hymn'' quotes liberally from Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart's Requiem in D Minor.
* RockMeAsmodeus: Well... they are BlackMetal.
* SopranoAndGravel: Most of their vocals are the typical MetalScream of black metal, but they use clean vocals on several albums as well. Prominently, ''Scenario IV: Dread Dreams'' and ''Imaginary Sonicscape'' have a lot of clean backing vocals, which are often female to boot (as on "Diabolic Suicide", "Infernal Cries", "In the Mind of a Lunatic" "Scarlet Dream", "Ecstatic Transformation", and "Requiem - Nostalgia"). Starting with ''Imaginary Sonicscape'', the band also uses clean lead vocals, either by Mirai or guest vocalists (starting with "Requiem - Nostalgia"; ''Hangman's Hymn'' and ''Graveward'' are also examples of this). ''Gallows Gallery'' is an exception to this trope, as it has no HarshVocals (except on one bonus track on The End's remaster).
* SpokenWordInMusic: Shows up occasionally, the most prominent examples being a couple of songs on ''Scenes from Hell'' feature narration by David Tibet of Music/{{Current 93}}.
* TheSomethingSong: "The Tranquilizer Song".
* StylisticSuck: ''Scenes from Hell'' was given an intentionally lo-fi, claustrophobic production. The 2CD Mort Productions reissue has an alternate mastering that sounds far clearer, but is still extremely loud (just not quite as loud as the original, and with ''way'' less clipping).
* UncommonTime: They use this pretty frequently. For example, 7/4 segments (or multiples thereof) show up in "Izuna", "Intro: Soushiki", "Outro: Higeki", "Hail Horror Hail", "42 49", "A Sunset Song", and "In Devil's Arms" (this list is undoubtedly not complete). They're still using compound meters in new songs as of ''Graveward'' (in "Kaedit nos pestis", for example).
* VocalTagTeam: On recent releases Mirai and Dr. Mikannibal trade off on vocals. Their vocals are almost indistinguishable from each other most of the time.
* WatchItStoned: Recommended by Mirai himself for ''In Somniphobia'': “Be sure to smoke first, then listen to this with headphones. Bad trip guaranteed.”
* WidgetSeries: Oh ''gods'' yes. They're one of the very weirdest bands from Japan, which, considering it has produced bands like Music/DirEnGrey and Koenji Hyakkei, is saying ''a lot''.