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Music: Runforyerlife
Runforyerlife was a third-wave ska band from Chicago. They formed in the late '90s after several of the members met in their high school jazz band. In 1999, they released a Self-Titled Album on Jump Up Records.

Not long afterwards, they completely fell off the face of the Earth.

  • Ben Butler: trumpet
  • Chad Whitacre: alto sax
  • Dave Yun: tenor sax
  • Jim Gibbon: trombone, backing vocals
  • Jason Toth: drums, percussion
  • Weert Goldenstein: guitar
  • Paul Bessenbacher: bass guitar, Hammond B3 organ, Rhodes piano
  • Kelly Zouhary: lead vocals

Provides examples of:

  • all lowercase letters
  • Breakup Song: "PB & J".
  • Curiosity Killed the Cast: "Spy", in which investigating "the mystery" is scary as hell but totally worth it.
  • Driven to Suicide: "Hand That Feeds":
    Like a gun pointed, hot trigger, carried through
    screaming, hopeless, and dead at 32.
  • Imaginary Enemy: The monsters in "Adoline".
  • Inherited Illiteracy Title: Apparently, the band's name was briefly Run For Your Life; they eliminated the spaces and misspelled "your" so the name would be easier to fit on posters.
  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: They mixed things up with funk-influenced rhythm, and Hardcore Punk- or klezmer-influenced guitar. "4 AM Fight Song" is the strangest, featuring a rap chorus and a smooth jazz bridge.
  • Never My Fault: Possibly in "PB & J":
    Of course it's you I blame,
    This mess is all your fault
  • Not Christian Rock: Jump Up Records briefly tried to market them as a Christian ska band; the band had to point out that, although they were Christians, they weren't trying to evangelize with the music, so they'd rather be marketed just as a ska band.
  • Sampling: "Crinkle" interpolates the James Bond theme, and the end of "Hand That Feeds" borrows lyrics from the Christmas carol "We Three Kings".
  • The Stoic: The narrator in "4AM Fight Song" wants to be this, but can't.
  • Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter: The first two verses of "Hand that Feeds".
  • Word Salad Title: "Tank Top" is a love song and has nothing to do with the article of clothing. "PB & J" is a breakup song which mentions neither sandwiches nor anything that could be abbreviated to fit those initials.

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