Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actor best known as one of the JonasBrothers, a pop-rock band he formed with his brothers Joe and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers originally started as an attempted solo singing career for Nick, but the record producer liked the sound when his brothers sang backup for him. He previously starred in the DisneyChannel original series {{JONAS}} as Nick Lucas, alongside his brothers. He also starred in the DisneyChannel original movie CampRock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. He formed the band Nick Jonas & The Administration, which released its first album in 2010. He's recently gone solo and has released two successful singles "Chains" and "Jealous", the latter of which became his first solo top ten hit. Both are included on his self-titled album, which was released in November 2014. He has also secured roles on the [=DirecTV=] Drama ''Series/Kingdom2014'' and Ryan Murphy's horror comedy, ''Series/ScreamQueens2015''.

Oh, and in case you lived under a rock, he dated MileyCyrus, then dated SelenaGomez. Now, he's dating former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo since August of 2013 after dating DeltaGoodrem.

* ''Nicholas Jonas'' (2004)
* ''Who I Am'' (2010)
* ''[[NewSoundAlbum Nick Jonas]]'' (2014)
* CallBack: Perhaps not intentional, but a few of his songs call back to songs he did with his brothers.
** "Rose Garden", for one, which calls back to TheJonasBrothers' song "Just Friends".
** "Stay", which calls back to "Sorry". (''This time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay''/''Just tell me that you'll stay''.)
* TheCasanova: DeltaGoodrem, MileyCyrus and SelenaGomez. Doesn't that say it all. Not to mention Samantha Barks, a rumored fling with a background dancer, and a brief relationship with Creator/NicoleAnderson.
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: Notably averted when covering songs at his shows. Especially with a spectacularly bitter cover of {{Adele}}'s "Someone Like You".
** Especially since he changes other lyrics in the song at will, but leaves the gender the way it is.
* HiddenDepths: He, unlike his brothers, was acting in Broadway plays from a very young age. He starred as Marius for about a month in [[Theatre/LesMiserables Les Mis]] in 2010 and took over Darren Criss' role in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
* [[IllGirl Ill Boy]]: He was a slight spectacle when the band first got popular, since he was one of the first teen pop stars to have Type-One Diabetes.
* LyricalDissonance: "Who I Am". Sounds like a relatively nice song, but the lyrics are remarkably bitter.
* MrFanservice
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Nick Jonas'' has a more mature contemporary R&B sound.
* NonAppearingTitle: "Vesper's Goodbye" on Nick Jonas & The Administration's album ''Who I Am''.
* TeenIdol
* TenorBoy: As [[Theatre/LesMiserables Marius Pontmercy]].
* WhenHeSmiles: He was rather well known for a long time for showing about as much emotion in public appearances as KristenStewart. He very, ''very'' rarely gave an honest smile. (He's better than he used to be, but it's still rare enough to be heartwarming when he smiles.)