Nerf Herder are a pop punk band that started in 1994 and, possibly best known among tropers for the ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' {{theme song}}. They have released four studio albums and two [=EPs=] as well as being featured on many compilations. It was also where Music/ParryGripp got his start, before his solo career of the 2000s.
!! Nerf Herder's songs contain examples of the following tropes

* ADateWithRosiePalms: "Doin' Laundry" and the other songs listed under CaughtWithYourPantsDown
* BreadEggsMilkSquick: In the song, "Sorry", the narrator describes showing up at an ex's wedding, screwing up a picture, and having sex with the ex's sister.
* CaughtWithYourPantsDown: Again the song "Sorry" and "High School". The former describes ADateWithRosiePalms in front of someone's window and the latter describes it behind the backstop while the team plays.
* CreatorCareerSelfDeprecation: In "Pantera Fans In Love", he talks about how Punk rockers can't sing
* GoshdangItToHeck: The whole song "Oh Me Oh My".
* GrowingUpSucks: The "High School" song. School is pointless, no one shows up, ADateWithRosiePalms gone wrong.
* HormoneAddledTeenager: Most songs are from the point of view of one.
* LeitMotif: Describing women's lips as a certain shade of pink- Annalee and Lamer Than Lame
* NerdsAreSexy: "Vivian" is about a guy who wants to be in a relationship with a [[{{Meganekko}} bespectacled]] med student.
* ShoutOut: The band's name is to ''Franchise/StarWars''. "Welcome to My World" has many to old sitcoms/shows. To Van Halen, Pantera, Phil Collins, Kenny G, other bands/singers. "She's a Sleestak" refers to ''Series/LandOfTheLost'' and "Mr. Spock" to ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries''.
* SiameseTwinSongs: "Pantera Fans In Love" and "5000 Ways To Die"
* SpellingSong: In "Jonathan" they spell girlfriend without a few letters.
* StalkingIsLove: See StalkerWithACrush
* StalkerWithACrush: Many songs, specifically "Feeling Bad" and "Lamer Than Lame". "Pervert" is an even creepier version, as he describes wanting to smell her underwear and taking pictures of her in the bathroom among other things.
* SweetTooth: The protagonist of "I Only Eat Candy" refuses to eat both meat and vegetables, and seems to have no motivation at all other than eating candy.
* ThisLoserIsYou: Working at Radio shack, wearing elastic waist band pants, playing video games, etc.