-->I'm Bout It, Bout It!
-->[[{{Narm}} Uhh]]

Born Percy Robert Miller (1967-), UsefulNotes/NewOrleans HipHop entrepreneur Master P is respected for his industry success, and ''sometimes'' for his music. He is best known for his trademark [[Film/YoungFrankenstein Frankenstein Monster Grunt]]:

-->[[CatchPhrase Uhh]]

His record label, No Limit, was known for its incredibly minimalist production style, mixed with very gritty Southern rap music. It was extremely successful in the late 1990s and produced several classic Southern rap songs and albums, its minimalist style being very appealing as an alternative to the [[GlamRap overly-produced and glossy hip-hop]] spearheaded by the likes of Puff Daddy (known as the "shiny suit" era). However, it crashed and burned at the TurnOfTheMillennium thanks in large part to the rise of the more [[GlamRap polished]] Cash Money Records, another polarizing group, as well as Master P's failed attempts to broaden his horizons into film and [[Wrestling/{{WCW}} pro wrestling]]. In 2005, Master P founded a new label, Guttar Music.

Master P (along with Music/{{UGK}}, Eightball, & MJG) and No Limit, for all intents and purposes, started the "Dirty South" era in hip-hop. While Southern rap had roots going back quite some time before, No Limit gave spotlight to acts like DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click. A lot of Southern rap's mainstream success can be traced back to the No Limit era.

!!Notable songs

*"Bout It, Bout It"- (Featuring Mia X)
*"Make 'Em Say Uhh!"- (Featuring Fiend, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X)
*"How Ya Do Dat" (Featuring Young Bleed)
*"Bounce Dat Azz"
*"Thug Girl"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker)
*"I Got the Hook Up!"- (Featuring Sons of Funk)
*"Hot Boys and Girls"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal)
*"Mr. Ice Cream Man"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker)
*"My Ghetto Heroes"- (Featuring Skull Duggery)
*"Bout Dat"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker)
*"Step to Dis"
*"Break 'Em Off Somethin'"
*"Bourbons and Lacs"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker)
*"Goodbye to My Homies"- (Featuring Silkk the Shocker, Sons of Funk)
*"I Miss My Homies"- (Featuring Pimp C, Silkk the Shocker)
*"Is There a Heaven 4 a Gangsta"
*"If I Could Change"- (Featuring Steady Mobb'n)


* Get Away Clean (1991)
* Mama's Bad Boy (1992)
* The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me! (1994)
* 99 Ways To Die (1995)
* Ice Cream Man (1996)
* Ghetto D (1997) Along with Ice Cream Man this is one of his most popular albums.
* MP Da Last Don (1998)
* Only God Can Judge Me (1999)
* Ghetto Postage (2000)
* Game Face (2001)
* Good Side, Bad Side (2004)
* Ghetto Bill (2005)


* FightFurYourRightToParty: The video for ''Make 'em Say Uhh'' involves someone on a basketball court in a gorilla costume.
* GriefSong: "I Miss My Homies".
* {{Homage}}: The grunt actually might be inspired by Sgt. Apone from the film ''Film/{{Aliens}}''.
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: Master P is known for his simplistic production style. And gritty southern rap tales.
* WretchedHive: New Orleans, particularly the wards and Calliope Projects. The drug trade and subsequent violence from it were two of the primary reasons New Orleans was nicknamed the "Murder Capital of the U.S."
* VerbalTic: "Unnngh!"