->''Itís the sun that burns, Itís the wheel that turns.\\
Itís the way we sing that makes 'em dream.''

Live is a AlternativeRock band from York, Pennsylvania. Originally formed as Public Affection, the group changed its name to Live after the release of one album. After the modest success of their first album as Live, the group skyrocketed to popularity in 1994 with ''Throwing Copper'', on the strengths of the singles "Selling the Drama", "I Alone", "All Over You", and "Lightning Crashes". Their next two albums were well-received but not as successful, and with their subsequent albums, they slowly dwindled in popularity. Singer Ed Kowalczyk split from the group rather acrimoniously in 2009, and it reformed in late 2011 with new singer Chris Shinn, formerly from Unified Theory.

* Chad Taylor - Lead guitar, backing vocals
* Patrick Dahlheimer - Bass
* Chad Gracey - Drums
* Chris Shinn - Vocals

'''Former member(s)'''
* Ed Kowalczyk - Vocals

'''Discography (to date)'''
* ''The Death of a Dictionary'' (1989, as Public Affection)
* ''Four Songs'' (EP) (1991)
* ''Mental Jewelry'' (1991)
* ''Throwing Copper'' (1994)
* ''Secret Samadhi'' (1997)
* ''The Distance to Here'' (1999)
* ''V'' (2001)
* ''Birds of Pray'' (2003)
* ''Songs from Black Mountain'' (2006)
* ''Radiant Sea: A Collection of Bootleg Rarities and Two New Songs'' (2007)
* ''Live at the Paradiso Ė Amsterdam'' (2008)

!! This band provides examples of the following:

* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: From "White, Discussion":
--> And if the decibels of this disenchanting discourse / Continue to dampen the day
* ChronologicalAlbumTitle: ''V''[[note]]That's 5 in Roman numerals, just in case.[[/note]]
* ClusterFBomb: "Shit Towne", "Waitress", "OK?"
* DoubleEntendre: The first verse of "The Dolphin's Cry".
-->The way you're bathed in light reminds me of that night\\
God led me down into your rose garden of trust
* FanserviceWithASmile: {{ZigZagged|Trope}} in "Waitress":
--> Come on baby, leave some change behind\\
She was a bitch, but I don't care\\
She brought our food out on time\\
Wore a funky barrette in her hair
* HiddenTrack:
** "Horse" on ''Throwing Copper''
** An untitled track on ''V'', which is essentially a remix of "Deep Enough"
* ImportantHaircut: Kowalczyk shaving his head down to a single braid in between the videos for "Selling the Drama" and "I Alone". From then on, their videos started getting really trippy and artsy, at least through the songs from ''The Distance to Here''.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Can vary quite a lot, from 1 ("Mirror Song", "Overcome") to 6 ("Stage", "Lakini's Juice").
* PerformanceVideo: All of their videos to one degree or another.
* PrecisionFStrike: "Stage", "Freaks", "Voodoo Lady", "People Like You"
* {{Reincarnation}}: "Lightning Crashes" strongly implies that the 'old mother' who has just died has been reincarnated as the baby just born 'down the hall'.
* SurrealMusicVideo: "I Alone", "Lakini's Juice"
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Kowalczyk was very fond of either wearing open shirts or no shirt at all.
* WarIsHell: "What Are We Fighting For?"
--> The world got smaller but the bombs got bigger\\
Holocaust on a hairpin trigger\\
Ain't no game so forget the score\\
What are we fighting for
* AWildRapperAppears: Tricky contributes a rapped breakdown to "Simple Creed" - around the same time, Ed Kowalczyk sang on Tricky's "Evolution Revolution Love".
* WordSaladLyrics: Several songs, especially on ''Secret Samadhi''.
** WordOfGod has said that they wrote the lyrics while in Jamaica after they "got a little friendly with the local gardener". This could be true for most of the songs; however, not for "Freaks" as it was performed live as early as 1994, a whole 3 years before the album was released.