Music / Lahannya

Lahannya is a European industrial group. It began in 2000, when Brighton England, DJ Lahannya released a 4-track EP titled Drowning. When the album gained plenty of positive feedback on underground music websites and other corners of the internet, Lahannya moved to London and took up a job D Jing at the club Slimelight, where she collaborated with many other musicians, such as Soman and Combichrist.

At a M'Era Luna performance in 2004, Lahannya met German musician Lutz Demmler, from Umbra Et Imago. The friendship that formed led her to return to her own music, and, with Lutz working with her, the two put out Lahannya's first full-length album Shotgun Reality. 2006 found the group being joined by two other musicians, Chris Milden and Belle. In 2008, the Welcome To The Underground EP was released, and it proved to bring the band more success. It also showed the band going in a slightly different direction than both Shotgun Reality and previous releases - putting out solid Industrial Metal tracks such as Inside The Machine and Beneath The City.

Soon after that, the album Defiance came out. It continues the Dystopian story initiated in Welcome To The Underground, and solidifies the sound the band was forming on said album. With no time to rest, extensive touring keeps Lahannya busy.

The band is, currently:

  • Lahannya (Vocals)
  • Lutz Demmler (Bass Guitar)
  • Chris Milden (Guitar)
  • Belle (Drums)

Lahannya provide examples of the following tropes:

  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: ...Where else can "beneath the city" be?
  • Concept Album: Welcome To The Underground and Defiance.
  • Crapsack World: The world depicted in the story behind the concept albums is one where individuality is against the law, privacy is nonexistent, and creativity makes you an outlaw.
  • Dystopia: Again, the world depicted in the concept albums.
  • I Am the Band: Lahannya, once again. Although it shouldn't be as hard to learn everybody's name when there are only four members.
  • Multicolored Hair: Lahannya has blue dreadlocks. And she somehow makes them look good.
  • Signature Song: Inside The Machine.
  • Stage Names: It's never clearly stated what Lahannya's real name is. Or Belle's, for that matter.