-->''"Take a look, take a look, take a look\\
At the kids on the street, no, they never miss a beat\\
No, they never miss a beat, never miss a beat\\
Never miss a beat, beat, beat, beat"''
--->--'''Never Miss a Beat'''

Kaiser Chiefs are an indie rock band from Leeds, England, formed in 1996 as Runston Parva, then changed to just Parva; however, after their record deal fell apart with a single album due to the label's closure, they decided to start from scratch and rechristened themselves with their current name, with which they would achieve international success. Their current name comes from Kaizer Chiefs, a football team from Johannesburg (South Africa), in which one of Leeds United's all-time famous players, Lucas Radebe, started his career.

Their sound draws much inspiration from [[NewWaveMusic New Wave]] and post-punk, while adding touches of other styles of rock along the way.

The band is comprised of: Ricky Wilson (vocals), Andrew White (guitar), Simon Rix (bass), Vijay Mistry (drums, replacing founding member Nick Hodgson) and Nick Baines (keyboard).

Singer Ricky Wilson joined the third season of ''Series/TheVoice UK'' as a coach.

* ''22'' (2003, as Parva)
* ''Employment'' (2005)
* ''Yours Truly, Angry Mob'' (2007)
* ''Off With Their Heads'' (2008)
* ''The Future is Medieval'' (2011)
** ''Start the Revolution Without Me'' (USA re-release, 2012)
* ''Education, Education, Education & War'' (2014)
* ''Stay Together'' (2016)
!Kaiser Chiefs provide examples of:
* BreakUpSong: "Everyday I Love You Less and Less".
* FunnyAfro: Simon Rix, depending on the publicity shot (like the one above).
* LongRunnerLineUp: The band remained stable from 1996 until the drummer's departure in 2012.
* MarketBasedTitle: ''The Future is Medieval'' will be released in America with the title ''Start the Revolution Without Me''.
* OopNorth: They come from Leeds.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: "You Can Have It All", except it's not quite a denial:
-->I tell you what it's going to be like\\
No, you can never hold my hand in public\\
They can't know or understand\\
That you and me are now together
* ShoutOut: "[[Music/TheBeachBoys Caroline, Yes]]".
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Both the first and the current name fall under this: Runston Parva has an N in the middle of the first name to differentiate itself from Ruston Parva, a hamlet near Leeds, while the "Kaiser" in Kaiser Chiefs is written with an S to differentiate from the football team they took the name from (which is spelled "Kaizer", with a Z).
* WretchedHive: The city depicted in "I Predict a Riot", which may or may not really be Leeds, depending on who you ask.