Judge Dread is the stage name of Alexander Minto Hughes (2 May 1945 13 March 1998), one of the first influential white reggae artists. Often, and sadly, dismissed as a pure novelty act, Judge Dread had 11 hit singles in the UK, and was the first white reggae singer to have a #1 hit in Jamaica. Judge Dread was famous for nearly ridiculously innuendo-laden lyrics. Hughes died on 13 March 1998 from a heart attack while stepping off stage at a concert in Canterbury. His last words were: "Let's hear it for the band!"

If you're looking for the crime-fighter from a dystopic future, see ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd''.
!!Tropes that apply to the performer and his work:
* DoubleEntendre: In pretty much all his work, but some songs, such as "She Is A Big Girl Now", "Up With The Cock" and "Dread Rock" are one big DoubleEntendre.
* EmbarrassingMiddleName: Seriously, "Minto"?
* FanNickname: "The King of the Rude".
* HiddenDepths: Wrote "A Child's Prayer" for Music/ElvisPresley. Elvis died before the song was recorded. Judge Dread was also the first white reggae artist to have a #1 hit single in Jamaica, and the only white artist to ever knowingly be booked by the Apollo Theatre in New York.
* RefugeInAudacity: Number of hit singles in the UK? 11. Number of songs banned from [[Creator/TheBBC BBC Radio]]? 11.
* SmallReferencePools: Judge Dread has nothing to do with the helmeted crime-fighter of Mega-City One. The name was taken from the title of a Music/PrinceBuster song, which was in turn named for a notorious Jamaican HangingJudge.