[[caption-width-right:331:Pictured from left to right; Jus Allah, DJ Kwestion, Vinnie Paz]]

Jedi Mind Tricks is a HipHop group consisting of [=DJ/producer=] Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind, [=MCs=] Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah, and occasionally DJ Kwestion. The group was founded by Stoupe and Paz (who was then known as Ikon The Verbal Hologram), two high school friends from Philadelphia.

Jedi Mind Tricks have so far released the following albums:
* ''The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness'' (1997)
* ''Violent by Design'' (2000)
* ''Visions Of Gandhi'' (2003)
* ''Legacy of Blood'' (2004)
* ''Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell'' (2006)
* ''A History of Violence'' (2008)
* ''Violence Begets Violence'' (2011)

Not to be confused with the trope JediMindTrick.

!!'''Jedi Mind Tricks''' provides examples of...
* AngryBlackMan: Jus Allah.
* BadassBoast: Too many to count.
* BlasphemousBoast: Too ''few'' songs to count in which this trope ''doesn't'' appear.
* ConspiracyTheorist
* ClusterFBomb
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: Vinnie.
* FauxAffablyEvil: "I murder you and laugh," among others.
* IHaveManyNames: Ikon the Verbal Hologram, Vinnie Paz, [[Music/{{Sublime}} Louie Doggs]], Vinnie P, The Pazmanian Devil, Pazienza, Pistolero Paz, Frank Vinatra, Vin Jong Ill, Rumplestiltsvin, Muhammad Al Vinejahd, Vin Laden the Hologram Taliban, Perfect Pazzie,[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzraUvroEjE Vintendo 64]]
* LargeHam: Vinnie Paz has been known to come off as this.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Despite being quite the JerkAss, Vinnie has a few PetTheDog moments under his belt.
* LongTitle: The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness.
* LyricalDissonance: Most notably, the Micky Ward mix of Animal Rap, which features a sad-sounding beat with a depressing vocal sample... with Kool G. Rap and Vinnie Paz talking about murder and general violence.
** I Against I counts as this as well; a smooth, calming instrumental playing over hardcore lyrics about, among other things, crushing your skeleton to fucking gelatin.
* NightmareFetishist: Vinnie Paz.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Stoupe the ''Enemy Of Mankind''. Game. Over.
** Also, practically every one of their album titles.
* PetTheDog: "Shadow Business" and the first verse of "Trial of Lies" come to mind.
* RedBaron
* RedOniBlueOni: Vinnie Paz, the loud, hotheaded rapper; and Stoupe, the quiet, seldom-brought-to-attention beatmaker.
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UYTPs0-PZM Just see for yourself.]]
* {{Sampling}}: Stoupe loves sampling for his beats.
* VillainProtagonist: This is, after all, hardcore hip-hop.