[[caption-width-right:300:They weren't actually the most dead serious band out there. And yes, that's a blue dragon smoking a pipe.]]

->''We cross the land of the rising sun''
->''Hope we’ll be all together''
->''But we all gonna have some fun''
->''And we can conquer all!''
-->-- "Rising Sun"

Heavens Gate (no apostrophe included) is a German Heavy / Power Metal band.

The band started out as a more serious outfit named Steeltower (well, as serious as [[NarmCharm metal can get]]). After the name-change to Heavens Gate, they gained popularity in Japan and had a semi-succesful career in the late eighties and early nineties thanks to that. Their work in the middle of their career was somewhat humorous and tongue-in-cheek, but their themes gradually darkened before their breakup in 1999.



* ''Night of the Dog'' (1984, as Steeltower)
* ''In Control'' (1988)
* ''Livin' in Hysteria'' (1991)
* ''Hell for Sale!'' (1992)
* ''Planet E.'' (1996)
* ''Menergy'' (1999)


* ''Open the Gate and Watch!'' (1990, EP)
* ''More Hysteria'' (1991, EP)
* ''Live for Sale!'' (1993, live album)
* ''In the Mood'' (1997, EP)

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* AwesomeMcCoolName: Lord Iron Sword, a {{recurring character}} in their first three official albums.
* BreakupSong: "Surrender" from ''In Control'' and "Best Days of My Life" from ''Livin' in Hysteria''.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Theme of the song "The Children Play" (''Planet E.'').
* ConceptAlbum: ''Menergy'', which is based on computers and technology and their effect on the world.
* CoverVersion: They have covered "This Flight Tonight" by Music/JoniMitchell, "Rock on" by David Essex, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from ''Film/MontyPythonsLifeOfBrian'', "The Sentinel" by Music/JudasPriest, "Animal" by Lisa Dalbello, "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us" by The Sparks and "A Little Time" by Music/{{Helloween}}.
* TheDevilIsALoser: The title song for ''Hell for Sale!'' has the Devil trying to sell Hell and starting over.
* DreamWithinADream: According to "Mastermind" (''Menergy''), you can find the title character there, [[MindScrew watching your life on his computer screen]].
* DrugsAreBad: "White Evil" from ''Hell for Sale!''
* {{Eagleland}}: "America" from ''Hell for Sale!'' is a scathing take on the subject.
* EpicRocking: "Shadows" from ''In Control'' (6:58), "Medley" from ''In the Mood'' (9:40), "Black Religion (The Kings of War)" and "Noah's Dream" from ''Planet E.'' (6:59 and 10:06).
* EverythingsLouderWithBagpipes: "He's the Man" from ''Hell for Sale!'' opens with gaelic bagpipes.
* GaiasLament: The namesake song of ''Planet E.''
* {{GIRL}}: After setting up a date with a girl he met online, the protagonist of the song "On My Knees" (''Menergy'') finds out she's actually a man.
-->"Hello champ, my name is Jack!"
* HeavyMeta: Early Heavens Gate revelled in these; "Turn It Down" (''In Control''), "Can't Stop Rocking", "Flashes" (''Livin' in Hysteria'') and "Metal Hymn" (''More Hysteria'').
* InsideAComputerSystem: Theme of the song "Mastermind" (''Menergy'').
* {{Instrumentals}}: Opening track "The Gate" for ''In Control'' and "Fredless" from ''Livin' in Hysteria''.
* {{Portmantitle}}: ''Menergy''.
* PowerBallad: "Bring Up the Night" (''Night of the Dog''), "Best Days of My Life" (''Livin' in Hysteria'') and "Don't Bring Me Down" (''Hell for Sale!'').
* RearrangeTheSong: ''More Hysteria'' features an acoustic version of "Best Days of My Life" (''Livin' in Hysteria'').
** Additionally, the ''In the Mood'' EP is made up from acoustic rearranges of songs from various points of their career.
* RecordProducer: After releasing ''Live for Sale!'', guitarist Sascha Paeth took time from the band to work as one.
* SpokenWordInMusic: The opening of "The Neverending Fire" (''Livin' in Hysteria'') and the auction in "Hell for Sale!" (the namesake album).
* StudioChatter: At the end of the final "Teleshoot" track of ''Menergy'', we can hear the singer Thomas Rettke goofing while trying to sing the chorus of "Breakin' Loose".
* TitleDrop: Band's name gets dropped twice in "Gate of Heaven" (''Livin' in Hysteria'').
-->We're waiting for the Heavens Gate!
* TitleOnlyChorus: "Thin, Fake and Bold" from ''More Hysteria''.
* ToTheTuneOf: One part of "Noah's Dream" uses the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (a popular song during UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar).
* TheXOfY: The album ''Night of the Dog'' and the songs "Path of Glory" and "Gate of Heaven".