''Godflesh'' is a band from Birmingham, England, one of the {{Trope Codifier}}s of IndustrialMetal and an influence on many other bands, including Music/{{Isis}}, Music/FaithNoMore, Music/{{Converge}}, Music/{{Korn}}, Music/{{Ministry}}, and Music/FearFactory. The band's core line-up generally consists of vocalist / guitarist Justin Broadrick and bassist GC Green; the band usually uses a drum machine, though they have also used real drummers in their music.

The band's original incarnation was formed in 1982, under the name Fall of Because, by Green and guitarist Paul Neville. Justin Broadrick, who had played guitar in the legendary {{Grindcore}} outfit Music/NapalmDeath, joined the group as vocalist and drummer in 1985; two years later, the band fell apart. In 1988, Broadrick contacted Green and they reformed Fall of Because, Broadrick taking up the position of guitarist and deciding to use a drum machine. The band also changed its name to Godflesh. Throughout their career, Godflesh was known for its [[EpicRiff crushing guitar riffs,]] plodding bass, robotic percussion, and Broadricks's HarshVocals and minimalistic lyrics.

In 2001, Green left the band. During this time, Broadrick's relationship with his girlfriend had dissolved, and Broadrick [[CreatorBreakdown suffered a nervous breakdown;]] he disbanded Godflesh in 2002.

In 2009/10, the band reunited, and released an album: ''A World Lit Only by Fire'', in 2014. A follow up, ''Post Self'', was released in 2017.

As stated above, the primary line-up of the band consists of Broadrick and Green; however, they have had other, [[GuestStarPartyMember temporary members.]] These include:

* Paul Neville - Guitars (1989-1991)
* Robert Hampson - Guitars (1991-1992)
* Bryan Mantia - Drums, percussion (1994-1996)
* Steve Hough - Guitars (1999)
* Diarmuid Dalton - Samples, moog (1999)
* Ted Parsons - Drums, percussion (19962002)
* Paul Raven - Bass (2002)

!! Studio Albums:

* ''Streetcleaner'' (1989)
* ''Pure'' (1992)
* ''Selfless'' (1994)
* ''Songs of Love and Hate'' (1996)
* ''Us and Them'' (1999)
* ''Hymns'' (2001)
* ''A World Lit Only by Fire'' (2014)
* ''Post Self'' (2017)

Broadrick is also the man behind the post-metal band Music/{{Jesu}} and the dark ambient project Final.

!! This band contains the following trope examples:

* DoomMetal: They count as Sludge Metal and a possible UrExample of post-metal, specifically.
* EpicRocking: In chronological order according to release, "Christbait Rising" (7:00), "Streetcleaner" (6:50), "Wounds" (13:06), "Streetcleaner 2" (8:42), "Perfect Skin" (7:29), "I Wasn't Born to Follow" (7:22), "Monotremata" (9:21), "Don't Bring Me Flowers" (6:48), Love, Hate" (9:57), "Pure II" (21:04), "Blind" (7:16), "Unworthy" (7:14), "Flowers" (7:34), "Black Boned Angel" (6:47), "Mantra" (7:27), "Go Spread Your Wings" (23:50), and "Gift from Heaven" (7:45).
* LesserStar: Some interpret Green to be this.
* HarshVocals: Broadrick's main vocal style.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Possibly Broadrick and Green, depending on how you see this comment Broadrick made after dissolving the band:
-->'''Broadrick:''' "I found that without GC Green, Godflesh is not Godflesh, and him leaving proved to be an omen for me."
* IndustrialMetal: One of the seminal acts of TheNineties.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: 9, bordering on 10.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: As well as combining industrial and metal, Godflesh also took influence from HardcorePunk, drone music, noise, power electronics, ambient, dub, EBM, breakbeat techno, and hip-hop.
** Similarly, Techno Animal (one of his many, many, ''many'' post Godflesh projects) combined hip-hop with industrial, noise, dub, ambient, drum and bass, electro, and minimal techno.
* PostRock: Again, they are often considered the UrExample of post-metal.
* ShoutOut:
** Godflesh titled ''Songs of Love and Hate'' after the Music/LeonardCohen album of the same name, and also lifted two of his lines for the lyrics of the song "Mothra" (on ''Pure'').
** The cover of ''Godflesh'' is a still from the film ''Film/{{Seconds}}''.
** The cover of ''Streetcleaner'' is a still from the film ''Film/AlteredStates''. Other photos in the album's packaging are taken from ''Film/{{Eraserhead}}''.
** The cover of ''Merciless'' is a still from the film ''Meshes of the Afternoon''.
* SingleStanzaSong: The vast majority of their songs.
* SopranoAndGravel: Broadrick occasionally balanced out his growling with clean singing.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: The second half of "Jesu," which was pretty much a preview for the band Music/{{Jesu}} itself.
* TitledAfterTheSong: Not Godflesh themselves, but both Music/{{Jesu}} and Black Boned Angel took their names from Godflesh songs.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: Used liberally in ''Streetcleaner.''
* WordSaladLyrics: Used a lot.