[[caption-width-right:350:"We're Ego Likeness. [[BadassBoast We're going to wreck your fucking life."]]]]

Ego Likeness is a Darkwave/Industrial Rock band from UsefulNotes/{{Baltimore}}, Maryland. It was formed in 1999 by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch, the same year as their marriage.

Their music is darkly atmospheric, often lyrically at the cynical end of SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism, while their songs refer to subjects from sources such as Myth/ClassicalMythology, Judeo-Christian folklore, horror films, and science-fiction literature. After all, they did take their name from ''Franchise/{{Dune}}''.

They have toured extensively with Music/{{Angelspit}}, Music/{{Ayria}}, Music/TheCruxshadows and Music/{{Voltaire}} throughout Europe and North America and are currently signed to Metropolis records.


* ''Songs From A Dead City'' (Demo, 1999)
* ''Dragonfly'' (2000 and re-released in 2012)
* ''Water To The Dead'' (2004)
* ''Order Of The Reptile'' (2006)
* ''Breedless'' (2010)
* ''When The Wolves Return'' (2015)

'''The ''Compass'' series of Extended Plays'''
* ''South'' (2007)
* ''West'' (2008)
* ''North'' (2009)
* ''East'' (2012)

* ''The Lowest Place On Earth'' (2008)
* ''Treacherous Thing'' (2012)

In addition to their music, Steven is a painter and Donna a novelist and poet. Their website is [[http://www.egolikeness.com/ here]].

!Tropes relating to Ego Likeness:
* TheAntiNihilist: "Save Your Serpent...[=---=]..." encourages this attitude:
--> Build no temple\\
Just remember\\
What you came from\\
Who you are\\
And you're owed nothing\\
Just feel lucky\\
To leave a trace of who you are.
* AnimalMotif: Wolves are mentioned throughout their discography and are portrayed as both [[SavageWolves violent beasts]] and [[NobleWolf noble creatures]].
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: From the chorus of "Burn Witch Burn": "You've connived and deceived and learned how to read."
* BadassBeard: Steven.
* BookEnds: The first and last songs from ''Dragonfly'' end with "Does that answer your question?" [[labelnote:*]]It's a sample from ''Film/DeadRingers''.[[/labelnote]]
* BurnTheWitch: "Burn Witch Burn," of course.
* CoverVersion: Of "[[Music/TheSistersOfMercy Afterhours]]," "[[Music/ThePolice Tea In The Sahara]]," "[[Music/PJHarvey Down by the Water]]," and "[[Music/TheCars Drive]]."
* CrapsackWorld: "Funny Olde World," "Song For Samael," "Burn Witch Burn". Yeah, a lot of their songs in general.
* DarkWave[=/=]{{Industrial}}: They skim the borders between the two.
* {{Determinator}}: "Raise Your Red Flags":
--> Burn your white flags\\
Refuse to surrender\\
Then raise your red flags\\
To remember.
* TheDogBitesBack: "16 Miles" is about a woman who kills her [[DomesticAbuse abusive husband]].
* DontYouDarePityMe: A non-aggressive example in "When the Wolves Return":
--> I don't want pity\\
That would make it all about me.
* [[ButterflyOfTransformation Dragonfly Of Transformation]]: The album ''Dragonfly'' has an overarching theme of personal rebirth.
* EnthrallingSiren: Referenced in "Sirens & Satellites" and "New Legion."
* FeatheredFiend: Birds are a very sinister symbol in "Aviary".
** CirclingVultures: The first verse...
--> In come the vultures / Through dusty air / To take you down and / Tear the ribbons from your hair.
** CreepyCrows: The third verse...
--> In come the blackbirds / In murders and in droves / To cover you in shadow / As they clean you to the bone.
** ThePhoenix: The fourth verse...
--> And here I come, the firebird / Don't offer up your sorrow / Today you see me crash and burn / But I'll be back tomorrow.
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: They get a lot of mileage out of this trope.
* {{Instrumentals}}: "Oceans and Bridges."
* InTheBlood: "The Devil's In The Chemicals."
* KindheartedCatLover
* LighterAndSofter: "Funny Olde World" is a (relatively) up-beat song for them.
* LocationThemeNaming: The ''Compass'' [=EPs=] are named for the cardinal directions.
* TheLostLenore: A particularly disturbing example in "I'm Not Mary Ann."
* UsefulNotes/{{Lilith}}: A few songs from ''Breedless'' are sung from her perspective, "Song for Samael" in particular.
* MysticalWhiteHair: Donna's bleached white hair deliberately [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this image.
** WhiteHairBlackHeart: Likewise, Donna invokes this in the "Treacherous Thing" and "New Legion" videos.
* OfCorsetsSexy: Donna frequently wears corsets live and also on the cover of ''Breedless''.
* OneWomanWail: "Aurora."
* RedOniBlueOni: In the "Treacherous Thing" video, Donna is the red and Steven is the blue.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: "Save Your Serpent...[=---=]..." is aversion. Snakes here are a symbol of UsefulNotes/{{Existentialism}}.
** Subverted again in "Funny Olde World," here referring to [[Literature/GoodOmens a certain angel who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards]]:
--> It would seem you're just a snake / With an angel's heart.
* ShoutOut: Their name is one to ''Franchise/{{Dune}}'', as is their album and song ''Water to the Dead''.
** One of the b-sides on "The Lowest Place on Earth single is called "[[Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland I'm Not Mary Ann]]."
** "Funny Olde World" as in [[Literature/GoodOmens "It'd be a funny old[e] world, he reflected, if demons went round trusting one another."]]
** Likewise, "You'd Better Leave the Stars Alone" is about ''Literature/{{Stardust}}''.
** The opening track of ''When The Wolves Return,'' "Leave a Light On, Thomas" takes its name from a quote in ''Film/TheProphecy''.
* TheSomethingSong: "Song to the Divine" and "Song for Samael."
* StockholmSyndrome: "I'm Not Mary Ann."
* SurrealMusicVideo: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5MuQh3BSw Treacherous Thing]]" has one.
* TearsOfBlood: Donna in "Treacherous Thing" bleeds from her BlackEyesOfEvil, coupled with a SlasherSmile.