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[[caption-width-right:340:Attitude and visual rock.]]
Related acts with which Dynamite Tommy has performed:
* Music/{{COLOR}}
* SistersNoFuture
* Kamaitachi
* Music/TheKillingRedAddiction (with Music/TaijiSawada)]
[floatboxright: Acts currently signed to Creator/FreeWillRecords or an affiliate label by Dynamite Tommy as a solo producer:
* Music/IchiNiZeroIchiNi
* Music/AliceNine
* Born
* Music/DirEnGrey
* D=Out
* Music/TheGazette
* Kra (ex. Kagerou)
* Kannivalism
* Music/{{SuG}}
* Screw
* Music/{{Vivid}}]

--> "''I don't think our breed of Visual Kei exists anymore...''"
-->-- Dynamite Tommy, commenting on the modern VisualKei scene.

Hiroshi [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast "Dynamite]] [[AwesomeMcCoolName Tommy"]] Tomioka (born 14 September 1964) is an ex-singer and currently the most prolific label owner and producer in Japanese VisualKei. Debuting in 1986 as the vocalist for Visual PunkRock band Music/{{COLOR}}, he became known at first for his then ImprobableHairstyle (the entire band, true to their name, went with incredibly over the top hair color and style), for his ''very much'' polarizing vocal style, and for a nigh-legendary [[TheRival feud]] with Music/YoshikiHayashi that led to [[KungShui the total demolition of a bar]] during one of their [[BarBrawl fights]] and that lasted in some form for around ''30 years'' until the two of them finally seemingly became friends (or at least capable of their and their bandmates' working with each other) as of 2015.

While performing with Music/{{COLOR}}, he realized he had a talent for A&R and production, and formed Creator/FreeWillRecords. He has maintained a steadier focus on music and music-related activities throughout his career, seeming to prefer the role of producer and finder of talent, though he has been involved in a steady stream of bands, the latest band of his own being Music/TheKillingRedAddiction - that was, until he announced the reunion of Sisters No Future, with himself as the vocalist.

Currently, he is the most active figure in the business and A&R side of Japanese VisualKei, with Creator/FreeWillRecords being the most active label. He is also somewhat outspoken on the issue of music as a part of society in Japan, but currently tends to keep a lower profile internationally.

He posts regularly on Website/{{Twitter}} as @tommy_f_w.

'''Provides Examples of:'''
* {{Angst}}: Marry, his friend and bassist from Music/{{COLOR}}, died some years ago. Music/TaijiSawada, another close friend of his and a bandmate in Music/TheKillingRedAddiction, died in 2011.
* AttentionWhore: Played straight as part of his Visual PunkRock aesthetic. In the day, he had huge, multicolored hair contrasting with ANaziByAnyOtherName style uniforms, plain black funeral clothes, {{ninja}} clothes and much, MUCH more... now averted as part of that same PunkRock aesthetic. He toned down his appearance and clothes and hair to barely look VisualKei at all, and took more of a backroom role, mostly out of disgust with how much the genre had become about attention whoring.
* FlameWar: While he and Music/YoshikiHayashi may be on relatively good terms now (as opposed to waging ''literal'' FlameWar in bars), their fans are occasionally all too happy to continue the FlameWar online. It's generally not a good idea to discuss Dynamite Tommy favorably around Yoshiki fen, nor a good one to discuss Yoshiki favorably around many Dynamite Tommy fen. And unless you want to ignite an almost nuke-level flare of internet backdraft, do ''not'' even bring up the subject of Music/DirEnGrey moving from Extasy to Free Will.
* GenrePopularizer: VisualKei.
* InJoke: "SAAAANNNDDDBAAAAAGGGG BAAAYYYBAAAYYYYYY" is one that was created via MemeticMutation among his {{Hatedom}}, from his singing in an early Music/{{COLOR}} PerformanceVideo.
* RecordProducer: TONS of past and present VisualKei bands.
* TheRival: [[Music/YoshikiHayashi Yoshiki]]. Can range from anything to open fighting to cooperation and semi-friendship, and finally entirely ended as a rivalry as of 2015.
* RuleOfDrama: Somewhat averted. Aside from the deaths of friends and one arrest (for which he was later found not guilty and released), he tends to be more quiet about personal drama and doesn't put as much of it on display.
* SelfServingMemory: His interviews in "Attitude" can definitely seem like this.
* SpokenWordInMusic: His singing style is pretty much a hybrid of this plus CarefulWithThatAxe -- his vocals have [[HollywoodToneDeaf little to no melody,]] little if any flow, and are speaking / screaming as singing. It's probably StylisticSuck, or that he realized that even if he wasn't a good singer his backing band would make up for it, which seems to have been the case: COLOR was a fairly good band aside from his vocals, and with The Killing Red Addiction, Taiji and Kenzi pretty much made whatever he was singing irrelevant. It also helped back in the COLOR days that he did have the visuals and fan interaction parts down, making him a good live performer even if an arguably mediocre studio vocalist.
* VisualKei: One of the first artists to have gone post-Visual, due to his disgust on how modern VK has become all about [[AttentionWhore gaining attention]] and [[FollowTheLeader copying famous artists.]] Nonetheless, he has signed some of the most successful modern Visual Kei bands, and still signs new / indies Visual Kei artists.