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Dorso is a legendary Gore-Grindcore Metal/Jazz-Fusion band from Usefulnotes/{{Chile}}, formed in 1984 by Rodrigo “Pera” Cuadra and Yamal Eltit.

Their music lyrics, in Spanish/[[GratuitousEnglish Spanglish]], are based in horror movies, Creator/HPLovecraft, alien invasions and more.


* ''Bajo Una Luna Cámbrica'' (1989)
* ''Romance'' (1991)
* ''El Espanto Surge De La Tumba'' (1993)
* ''Big Monsters Aventura'' (1995)
* ''Disco Blood'' (1998)
* ''Lari La Live!'' (2002)
* ''[[KeepCirculatingTheTapes Unplugged Cosmico]]'' (2007)
* ''Espacium'' (2008)

!!Genres played by Dorso:
* Avant-Garde: ''Bajo una luna cambrica''.
* CountryMusic: ''Zombies from Mapocho'' sound like this.
* DeathMetal
* Grindcore
* IndustrialMetal: Songs like ''Cadaveria'', ''Il maniaco''.
* ProgressiveRock: ''Romance''.
* ThrashMetal

!!Dorso provides examples of:
%%* AlbumTitleDrop:''El Espanto Surge De La Tumba'' and ''Disco Blood''.
%%* AlienInvasion:''Extraterrestre Gore cannibal invasion''.
%%* BodyHorror
* ConceptAlbum:
** ''Romance'' is a Fantasy Tale.
** ''Big Monsters Aventura'' is all about old horror movies.
** ''Espacium'' is about Space Horror.
%%* CosmicHorrorStory
%%* EldritchAbomination
%%* EldritchLocation
%%* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: The song ''Dinosaur Panorama''.
%%* FisherKingdom: ''Silvestre Holocaust''
* {{Gorn}}: The bread and butter of the lyrics and music videos of the band.
* GiantSpider: The spiders in ''Consumer By Pollito Spider''.
* GratuitousEnglish: Most of the lyrics, sometimes being made in {{Spanglish}} or enterely in English as well only the titles are in this language.
%%* HarshVocals
* HeavyMithril: Several song are related to the Franchise/CthulhuMythos.
%%* HellHotel: ''Dunwich Animal Child''
%%* HumanSacrifice: ''Horrible Sacrifice''
%%* HumanoidAbomination: ''Ultraputrefactus Criatura''.
%%* LighterAndSofter: ''Romance'' compared to the rest of the albums.
%%* TheLostWoods: ''Bosques''
%%* MagicMeteor: ''Silvestre Holocaust''
%%* MetalScream
%%* MotherOfAThousandYoung: ''Bosques''
%%* MurderBallad
%%* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly
%%* NewSoundAlbum
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: ''Samurai We Fight!'' is about a Samurai turned in a cyborg. Also, this line from ''Dr.Mortis''
--> "Dr. Mortis, too much bloody!
--> Turn your body
--> In a spiderzombiemonstervampiro from hell!"
%%* ObligatoryBondageSong
* OneHitWonder: For those ones who aren't acquainted with the band nor the genres they play, ''Disco Blood'' is this, mostly because the song and music video was emitted during TheNineties CultClassic TV show ''Maldita Sea''[[note]]Chilean program in which was presented most of the underground movies, like {{gorn}}, martial arts and anime, with a PointOfView and NoFourthWall elements as part of the show[[/note]], being "Pera" Cuadra one of the presenters of the show.
%%* OurMonstersAreWeird
%%* OurZombiesAreDifferent: See ToiletHumor
%%* PrecisionFStrike
%%* RockOpera: Romance, again.
%%* SomethingSomethingLeonardBernstein
%%* SurprisinglyGentleSong: Parodied
%%* ShoutOut: A Lot
* ToiletHumor: The song ''Zombies from Mapocho'' is about zombies made of crap.
%%* UnexpectedGenreChange