After the first breakup of Music/TheMisfits in 1983, Glenn Danzig continued making music in the proto-horrorpunk vein with the band Samhain, which in turn evolved into the band Danzig by 1987. Initially playing blues-based metal, Danzig has gone from doom metal (''How The Gods Kill'') to industrial ('''Blackacidevil'') and back again (''I Luciferi'' onward), all the while keeping Glenn's phlegmatic howl and lyrical obsession with the occult at the forefront.

'Classic' Lineup

* Glenn Danzig (vocals)
* John Christ (guitar, 1988-1995)
* Eerie Von (bass, 1988-1995)
* Chuck Biscuits (drums, 1988-1994)

* ''Danzig'' (1988)
* ''Danzig II: Lucifuge'' (1990)
* ''Danzig III: How the Gods Kill'' (1992)
* ''Thrall: Demonsweatlive'' (1993)
* ''Danzig 4p'' (1994)
* ''Blackacidevil'' (1996)
* ''6:66 Satan's Child'' (1999)
* ''Live on the Black Hand Side'' (2001)
* ''I luciferi'' (2002)
* ''Circle of Snakes'' (2004)
* ''The Lost Tracks of Danzig'' (2007)
* ''Deth Red Sabaoth'' (2010)

'''Tropes involving this band:'''
* BerserkButton: He pressed that of a NorthSideKings member and got kayo'd for the effort.
** Also, yelling while carrying a hot bowl of soup backstage on a festival led to someone from DefLeppard sneaking behind him and [[LiteralAssKicking kicking his ass]].
* EpicRocking: "Godless" clocks in at 6:51.
* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: "Samhain" the band is pronounced "sam-hayne". All other uses of the word are pronounced "sow-win", to the point where Danzig introduces a song using the former pronunciation and, if the word is in the lyrics, sings the latter.
* {{Jerkass}}: Danzig is notorious for being one of these. For example, he headlined the first night at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 in Austin, TX. When he arrived, among other things, he demanded the festival to have [[RunningGag French Onion soup]] ready for him, windscreens on the side of the stage so he won't freeze in the 57 degree weather... and he wouldn't go onstage until all this was done for him. The festival complied. Danzig still didn't go onstage. Finally, he was convinced to go on... an hour after he was supposed to. Naturally, the mandatory outdoor curfew kicked in at 10:00 and Danzig tried to blame the festival when they cut him off.
* MetalScream: Among other songs, "Not of This World", "Long Way Back From Hell", "Godless", and "Brand New God"
* NumberedSequels: As seen above, several of their albums are titled this way. In fact even when it isn't officially part of the title, the albums are usually numbered somewhere in the cover art.
** The first seven full-lengths can be referred to as Danzig X (ex. Blackacidevil is Danzig 5). Starting with Circle of Snakes, this practice is dropped (Circle of Snakes is ''not'' Danzig 8).
* RockMeAsmodeus: The music may evoke this feel, but Glenn Danzig himself is a spiritual atheist.
* ShirtlessScene: Glenn Danzig in a lot of their music videos. Even when he's got a shirt on, it tends to be usually mesh or something similar.
* {{Vaporware}}: ''Deth Red Sabaoth'',which was finally released June 2010