Cathedral is a DoomMetal band from Coventry, England formed in 1989, and disbanded in 2013. They are credited with blending doom metal with the darker aesthetics of extreme metal, culminating in a very slow, very heavy sound with . In the mid-90s, they soon lightened up into a more groove-oriented, stoner rock sound. Frontman Lee Dorrian has since gone on to form With the Dead with Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening (both ex-Music/ElectricWizard), which is roughly the spiritual successor.

* ''Forest of Equilibrium'' - 1991
* ''The Ethereal Mirror'' - 1993
* ''The Carnival Bizarre'' - 1995
* ''Supernatural Birth Machine'' - 1996
* ''Caravan Beyond Redemption'' - 1998
* ''Endtyme'' - 2001
* ''[[ChronologicalAlbumTitle The VIIth Coming]]'' - 2002
* ''The Garden of Unearthly Delights'' - 2005
* ''The Guessing Game'' - 2010
* ''The Last Spire'' - 2013, is apparently their last album.

!!Cathedral provides the following trope examples:

* DoomMetal: One of the more influential and popular bands of the genre.
* EpicRocking: Being a doom metal band, this is a given.
* {{Feelies}}: The digipack CD of Garden of Unearthly Delights is scratch-and-sniff. The idea is that the disk warms up while playing and emits the smell of apples.
* GenreShift: Gradually shifted from very heavy DoomMetal with harsh vocals to a somewhat more upbeat, PsychedelicRock-influenced Stoner Metal style. Their later material moved back towards their earlier sound with some ProgressiveRock elements added in.
* HarshVocals: In their earliest work only.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Some of ''Forest Of Equilibrium'' gets up to a 9. Most of the rest of their work is in the 7-8 range though, with the odd drop down a 6. They've also got a few tunes such as "The Caravan" that drop down a 1-2.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''The Ethereal Mirror'' is the first sign of more Stoner-influenced sound, with slightly faster tempos and cleaner vocals. ''Endtyme'' returned them to more straightforward DoomMetal territory, albeit with cleaner vocals. Later albums fall somewhere between the two extremes.
* WordSaladLyrics: Have fun figuring out just what the ''fuck'' Lee Dorrian is singing about half the time, especially on their earlier material.
* WordSaladTitle:
** Many of their songs, such as "Kaleidoscope Of Desire", "Melancholy Emperor", "Cyclops Revolution" and "Utopian Blaster".
** The album titles ''Supernatural Birth Machine'' & ''Caravan Beyond Redemption''