'''Brian Burton''', better known by his stage name "'''Danger Mouse'''" (taken directly from the [[WesternAnimation/DangerMouse show of the same name]]), a record producer (for lack of a better job title) responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed albums of the past few years. His work seems to slide between hip-hop and alternative, but has included pop and electronic rock.

Known primarily for his collaborations, he rarely produces works on his own. He first found fame in 2004 with a mash-up of Music/JayZ's ''The Black Album'' with Music/TheBeatles' ''Music/TheWhiteAlbum'', creatively titled ''The Grey Album''.

Danger Mouse's first big collaboration was with underground rapper MFDoom and Creator/AdultSwim to create ''The Mouse and the Mask'', a rap album featuring songs explicitly about shows in the Adult Swim lineup (including voices from many of the shows' casts).

Burton's next big project was a team-up with Music/CeeLoGreen, a group named Music/GnarlsBarkley. The two produced their first album, ''St. Elsewhere'', in 2006. It included the single "Crazy", which hit #1 in the UK charts and #2 on the ''Billboard'' Hot 100. The group followed this up with the 2008 album ''The Odd Couple''.

Burton's other collaborations include:
* ''Dark Night of the Soul'' (2009) with {{Sparklehorse}}, accompanied by a photo book created by [[{{DavidLynch}} David Lynch]]. Each song featured a different vocalist, with guest artists including [[{{The Strokes}} Julian Casablancas]] and [[Music/TheStooges Iggy Pop]]. The album received attention after its release became uncertain due to legal disputes and only the book was released, sold with a blank cd and the note "For legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. [[{{DigitalPiracyIsEvil}} Use it as]] [[{{CrowningMomentOfFunny}} you will.]]" The album was eventually officially released, but not until after the unrelated suicide of Sparklehorse's FaceOfTheBand Mark Linkous.
* ''Broken Bells'', (2010) a collaboration with {{The Shins}} FaceOfTheBand James Mercer. In addition to its amazing music, the album is notable for a music video featuring Creator/{{Christina Hendricks}} [[{{ShoutOut}} in]] [[{{Firefly}} space]]. Was nominated for a GrammyAward, but lost to TheBlackKeys' album ''Brothers'' (which Danger Mouse ''[[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} also produced]]''). A second album is in production.
* ''Rome'', (2011) co-written with Italian composer Daniele Luppi (who wrote the orchestral parts of ''Broken Bells''), this album is directly inspired by the works of Music/EnnioMorricone and features [[{{TheWhiteStripes}} Jack White]] and [[{{NorahJones}} Norah Jones]] on vocals.

Burton is also a notable producer (having won the Grammy for Best Producer in 2010), and has produced such albums as Music/{{Gorillaz}}' big album ''Demon Days'' in 2005, {{Music/Beck}}'s album ''Modern Guilt'' in 2008, and [[{{TheBlackKeys}} The Black Keys]] Grammy award-winning album ''Brothers'' in 2010. He is slated to produce an album with {{U2}} sometime in the future.