->''"It's a cruel, cruel summer\\
Leaving me here on my own\\
It's a cruel, cruel summer\\
Now you're gone"''
-->-- '''Bananarama''', "Cruel Summer"

Bananarama are an all-female UsefulNotes/{{Brit|ain}}ish pop vocal group from TheEighties. Their best known hits include "Cruel Summer," forever associated with ''Film/TheKarateKid'', and their CoverVersion of the Shocking Blue's "Venus." The group started as a trio of friends Siobhan Fahey, Keren Woodward and Sarah Dallin. Many of their biggest hits were produced by Music/StockAitkenWaterman.

As usual, you can find the basics about their career at [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bananarama The Other Wiki]].

Their albums include:

* ''Deep Sea Skiving''
* ''[[SelfTitledAlbum [=Bananarama=]]]''
* ''True Confessions''
* ''Wow !''

!!! "It's a trope, trope summer, indexing me here on my own":
* ArtisticLicenseGeography: The video for "Cruel Summer" is clearly set in UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity, but there is a ''[[Series/TheDukesOfHazzard Dukes of Hazzard]]''-style sheriff character.
* BoyishShortHair: Siobhan sported a short haircut during the mid eighties.
** Both Karen and Sara had their hair short during the late eighties and early nineties.
* CoverVersion: Several, including Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," Music/TheSupremes' "Nathan Jones," the Music/SexPistols' "No Feelings," the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running," and, of course, "Venus."
** TheCoverChangesTheGender: Averted, as they recorded "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" without changing a single word.
* DrugsAreBad: "Hot Line to Heaven"
* TheEighties
* ExcitedShowTitle: ''Wow!''
* GirlGroup
* GreatestHitsAlbum: ''The Greatest Hits Collection''
* NewSoundAlbum: 1991's ''Pop Life,'' which featured {{Reggae}}, acid house and flamenco guitar.
* [[NewWaveMusic New Wave]]
* RepurposedPopSong: "Venus" has been used in several different TV commercials.
* RuleOfCool: With fire, a woman dressed as the devil, a woman with huge bat-like wings, a woman in a beret pushing a man from one table to another, the band dancing and singing, and all those different women being worshipped by men, and a woman in a wedding dress coming out of a casket, and with none of these different elements acknowledging each other, the video for "Venus" runs on this.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Siobhan left in 1988, following her marriage to the Music/{{Eurythmics}}' Dave Stewart, disillusionment with the band's musical direction, and feeling alienated from Keren and Sarah, since they had been friends longer than they had been with her.
* SelfBackingVocalist: Averted, as they regularly sang in unison.
* ShoutOut: "Creator/RobertDeNiro's Waiting"
* SillyLoveSongs: "I Heard A Rumor," "Love in the First Degree," etc.
* {{Tomboy}}s: This was their early image, and why they turned down Malcolm [=McLaren=]'s offer to manage them and take them in a HotterAndSexier direction.
** Indeed in their earlier music videos the trio often wore checkered shirts, braces or dungarees.
* XtremeKoolLetterz: "What Colour R The Skies Where U Live?"[[note]]Surprisingly, this was ''not'' written by Music/{{Prince}}.[[/note]]