Asking Alexandria is one of the most popular {{Metalcore}} bands of the 21st century. They are currently one of the modern faces of the genre and Sumerian Records flagship band with a rabid {{fandom}} and {{hatedom}}. Although they traffic on the usual metalcore tropes of screaming vocals and breakdowns, they distinguish themselves by being influenced by 80's {{Hard Rock}} and featuring euro influenced electronica sections.

They debuted in 2009 with "Stand up and Scream" was a modest success with an {{Electronicore}} sound, boued by the viral success of first single "The Final Episode" the album managed to pave the way for later success.

Their sophomore record "Reckless and Relentless" made them a smash, debuting on multiple charts and turning them into a mainstream, headliner act. this album saw them start to move away from electronic elements and the addition of hard rock and hair metal elements.

Their latest album 'From Death to Destiny" is not only their greatest success so far and the result of a drastic change in sound and image, almost completely ditching {{metalcore}} in favor of {{hard rock}} and {{arena rock}} with slight metalcore elements. While many older fans have griped, this has broken them through almost fully into the hard rock mainstream, with the {{power ballad}} "Moving On" being especially successful.

!! Tropes Associated with Asking Alexandria

* {{Ascended Fanboy}}: When they got to perform Youth Gone Wild with Sebastion Bach from {{Skid Row}}.
* {{Balloon Belly}}: In just four short years since becoming famous, Danny Worsnop has gained alot of weight, in fact he's almost unrecognizable compared to how he used to look.
* {{Careful with that Axe}}: Worsnop had a rather demonic screech back in the day, now he can mostly muster a dry hardcore yell.
* {{Electronicore}}: A big part of their early sound featured rave influenced breaks in their songs and electronic drum beats. On their second album they started to distance themselves from the genre, with a full break from it as of their third.
* {{Emo Teen}}: A big part of their early image (their first album even featured the lead singer of Alesana. but as of From Death to Destiny they've ditched it for a drunken, hedonistic party image, with beards, unkempt clothing and hair, and leather cloths.
* {{Follow the Leader}}: Their hatedom has levied this accusation against their early sound; describing it as a mix between Music/{{The Devil Wears Prada}}'s ultra slick melodic {{Metalcore}}, {{Bring me the horizon}}'s Emo Teen oriented look, and {{Enter Shikari}}'s rave informed {{electronicore}}. Even their shift too {{Hard rock}} has been criticized as pulling the same trick {{Avenged Sevenfold}}, {{Bullet for My Valentine}}, and {{Black Veil Brides}} have already pulled.
* {{New Sound Album}}: "From Death to Destiny" for switching them from {{metalcore}} to {{hard rock}}
* {{Out of Genre Experience}}: "Not The American Average" was one of their first times playing in a {{hard rock}} style (albeit with breakdowns and emo style singing). While it wouldn't sound out of place on their newer records, on the metalcore heavy "Stand Up and Scream" it sounded very out of place, becoming the {{black sheep hit}} of the record.
* {{Power Ballad}}: "Someone Somewhere" was their first, although "Moving On" is a straighter example.
* {{Punctuated For Emphasis}}: OH!!!!!!! MY!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!
* {{Sex Drugs And Rock and Roll}}: Most of the lyrics past the first album are this.
* {{Vocal Evolution}}: Worsnop's vocals have changed dramatically due to heavy drug and alcohol consumption. When they first came out he had a very wide range and a high pitched voice that resembled a british Anthony Green or Craig Owens. Now his voice is a lot rougher and lower pitched. In fact he can barely sing "Not the American Average" anymore.