And One is a German synthpop, futurepop, and EBM band from Berlin. Their members include Steve Naghavi, Chris Ruiz (19891991 and 2001 to present), Joke Jay (19922001), Rick Schah (19942001), Alex Two (19901993), Annelie Bertilsson (2000) and Gio van Oli (2001 to present).

And One began in 1989 when Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz met at a Berlin club. They decided to follow in the footsteps of Music/DepecheMode by using two keyboards and a beatbox. Naghavi has also cited Music/NineInchNails and Music/{{Kraftwerk}} as early influences, which reflect on their musical style. They tend to sing in both German and English, luckily lead singer Naghavi pulls both languages off well.


* ''Anguish'' (1991)
* ''Flop!'' (1992)
* ''Spot'' (1993)
* ''I.S.T.'' (1994)
* ''Nordhausen'' (1997)
* ''9.9.99 9 Uhr'' (1998)
* ''Virgin Superstar'' (2000)
* ''Aggressor'' (2003)
* ''Bodypop'' (2006)
* ''Tanzomat'' (2011)
* ''S.T.O.P.'' (2012)
* ''Achtung 80'' (2014)
* ''Magnet'' (2014)
* ''Propeller'' (2014)

* AgonyOfTheFeet: The song "When the Feet Hurt".
* AlbumTitleDrop: ''Tanzomat'''s title drop is during the track "Zerstorer".
* DaysOfTheWeekSong: "Wild Pain" does this.
* DropTheHammer: "Metalhammer".
* EuroPop
* [[ExcitedShowTitle Excited Album Title]]: ''Flop!''
* ExhortTheDiscJockeySong: "S.T.O.P. Was an Inside Job" contains the line "''If they don't play And One in your disco / We'll kill the DJ if you want.''"
* TheGreatPoliticsMessUp: The subject of the song "Life Isn't Easy in Germany".
* {{Industrial}}: More specifically, EBM on their first four albums, then Futurepop from [[NewSoundAlbum ''Nordhausen'']] onwards.
* IntercourseWithYou: "Wet Spot", as you might imagine, is one of their more sexual songs. "Technoman", "Sex Drive", and "So Klingt Liebe" also count.
* {{Mondegreen}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4wVf4KxFPE This video]] gives an amusing interpretation of what the German lyrics to "Panzermensch" sound like in English. "Geh geradeaus" becomes "Gay colored house."
* NewSoundAlbum: Most obviously ''Nordhausen'', where they went from a relatively straighforward EBM group with some symphonic influences to a SynthPop and {{Trance}}-influenced Futurepop band- though they kept the symphonic influences.
* OdeToIntoxication: "Body Nerv".
* OdeToSobriety: "Don't Need the Drugs".
* PepTalkSong: "Shining Star".
* SiameseTwinSongs: "Sex Drive" into "Playing Dead" on ''Tanzomat''.
* SingerNameDrop: Most obviously on the track "And One", but also in the previously mentioned "S.T.O.P. Was an Inside Job" and "Technoman", as well as "One And".
* SingleStanzaSong: "And One", where the lyrics are just "and one" over and over. If it had been on a self-titled album it would have been perfect.
* SharpDressedMan: Naghavi usually performs in a suit and tie.
* StealthParody: The ''Tanzomat'' album is one for the SynthPop genre.
* SynthPop
* UnexpectedGenreChange: Witness the 50's Rock and Roll version of "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0TZT6COdKQ Military Fashion Show]]".
** As well as [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLoRHtUcfs8 this.]] Not a trace of synthesizers anywhere.