[[folder: A Song of Ice and Fire]]
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':
** Randyll Tarly, the JerkAss father of Samwell Tarly, was selected by the ASOIAF fandom as their answer to Chuck Norris Facts. Threads are dedicated to coming up with series-ralted facts for him, such as "When Randyll Tarly weds a Frey girl, the musicians kill ''themselves''!" (though of course you'd have to have read the series to get the jokes.) He has a [[CoolSword Valyrian steel greatsword]] [[NamedWeapons named]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Heartsbane.]] He is noted in series, by characters who see through burnished reputations, as being one of the greatest soldiers in the realm.
** [[MagnificentBastard Petyr Baelish]] has developed a more serious memetic badass reputation amongst the fandom due to the character's success in bending a continent to his desires. Some fans think he can achieve just about anything.
** Jaime Lannister, an in-story memetic badass of the series, also became a fandom memetic badass in Suvudu.com's "cage matches." The site pit 32 fictional characters against each other in one-on-one fights to the finish. Due to reader votes, Jaime Lannister defeated [[Literature/HarryPotter Hermione Granger]], [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]], Literature/{{Temeraire}}, and [[Literature/TheNameOfTheWind Kvothe]] in spite of being so obviously overmatched due being an otherwise normal human lacking any magical ability and [[spoiler:his sword hand]]. Rising backlash over his success ultimately caused him to lose to [[Literature/TheWheelOfTime Rand al'Thor]] in the final round, though George R. R. Martin did pen a very good [[http://grrm.livejournal.com/147038.html short story]] on how he believes the duel should go, which manages to pay tribute to his late friend's work as well as examine the fundamental differences in their worlds.
** In-universe, Tywin Lannister is one. Everyone is so scared of him that a single verse of ''The Rains of Castamere'' (a song about the torments he inflicted on a vassal who dared to consider rebelling) will put an end to any opposition.
*** Tywin has also become an out-of-universe one in the [[Series/GameOfThrones tv series]] (see the LiveActionTV page), thanks to his habit of bollocking [[AxCrazy Ser Gregor]] [[TheBigGuy Clegane]] and curing dyslexia through [[ImplacableMan sheer persistence]].
** It is said of Strong Belwas that he would fight God if it got him liver and onions.

[[folder: Discworld]]
* In-universe ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' examples:
** Commander Sam Vimes is considered one in-universe for very good reasons. Also see the quote on HeroicWillpower about him.
*** When he was sent away as a diplomat in ''The Fifth Elephant'', the Ankh-Morpork City Watch was left in absolute chaos with an incompetent leader. Despite this, the crime rate of the city ''decreased''. Why? Because Vimes won't be away forever. And when he returns, he will ''not'' be happy. "And when Commander Vimes is unhappy, he tends to spread it around with a big shovel."
*** Nobby Nobbs once declined [[spoiler: being crowned king of Ankh-Morpork]] because Vimes would 'go spare'.
*** [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome ''WHERE'S]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming MY]] [[TheDeterminator COW!?!'']]
*** The Assassin's Guild lost so many members trying to claim the bounty on his head that they officially declared him off-limits. [[MagnificentBastard Vetinari]] is the only other person to hold that "honor". Plus, Vimes made his house so Assassin-proof that it's now used as an obstacle course to test overconfident apprentice Assassins.
*** Vimes once prevented a war by ''arresting the entirety of both armies'' on the grounds that preparing for war is "[[ExactWords likely to cause a breach of the peace]]" plus [[ListOfTransgressions a veritable laundry list of other, technically valid criminal charges]].
** Vetinari's snark is even more feared than Vimes's. And rightly so. And may whatever god you can find have mercy on you should he ''[[FascinatingEyebrow raise his eyebrow]]''.
*** Moreover, Vetinari's reputation for nigh-invincibility among fans is such that you'd never guess that he ''lost'' the only hands-on fight we've seen him engage in since his student days. (Granted, he was taken by surprise and was up against Mr. Tulip, who in terms of physical combat--and [[HiddenDepths art appreciation]]--may be well a Bad''everything''.) His true Badassedness rests in his ability to turn any sort of conflict into a verbal one, at which he is the Snark Codifier.
*** Vetinari successfully defends a moving train (with "frightening efficiency") against multiple opponents while armed with only a SHOVEL, having previously beaten every single Stoker (who are themselves pretty hardened fighters) in friendly sparring matches during his spare time. Not to mention the time he defeated a bunch of cultists trying to assassinate him by defenestrating and subsequently "refenestrating" them. Unless you have the advantage of creating momentary confusion by presenting him with a man who coincidentally happens to look exactly like him, you do not want to mess with him.
*** Not to mention that he failed his Stealth class for not showing up-''even though he never missed a class!'' Think about that for a second. [[ParanoiaFuel And then take another look over your shoulder.]]
** Likewise, Granny Weatherwax's badass status, in ''[[Literature/{{Discworld}} Witches Abroad]]'', is such that even the ''narrator'' dismisses the possibility that she might've been shaken up by seeing [[spoiler: her long-lost, long-hated sister Lily]] in a mirror. Even though that's exactly how she's behaving!
** When someone mistakenly thinks that Granny is the leader of the Discworld witches, they are told that witches don't have leaders. And why? Because Granny Weatherwax wouldn't approve of that.
*** Check out the quotes on RememberWhenYouBlewUpASun about Vimes and Granny. They look just like MemeticBadass lists, only they're ''entirely canonical''.
** Lu-Tze of the History Monks is an in-universe example. He's so famous that when an acolyte at the History Temple knocks over his shrine thinking it's only a sweeper's, he spends the rest of his life as a sweeper hoping to make up for it. Not to mention that even though he's not technically a monk, he has more access to the temple than anyone but the Abbot himself, and has the personification of Time as an apprentice.
** 71-Hour Achmed is Vimes' Klatchian counterpart.
** Mrs. Cake, to the postmen. [[UnstoppableMailman Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will stay these messengers about their duty]]...but don't ask about Mrs. Cake. Really, don't; they mention her ''twice''.
*** Mrs. Cake is also implied to be a reincarnation or manifestation of the goddess Czol, about whom the golems Did Not Ask. And golems are implacable, nigh-unstoppable forces for whom being buried alive for thousands of years is a minor inconvenience.
** The [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Agony Aunts]] of the Guild of Seamstresses.
** The entire Ankh-Morpork legal profession trembles in abject terror if the senior lawyer Mr. Slant so much as glances crossly in their direction. The fact that Slant happens to be a zombie has ''absolutely nothing'' to do with this, except insofar as it's given him more time to get dangerously good at his job and to gather dirt on everyone else. The fact that he's the author of about half of the city's current practice of law also has a lot to do with it; he ''is'' legal precedent.

[[folder: Harry Potter]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Neville Longbottom]] uses Nagini's blood as soy sauce.
** As a matter of fact, Neville's so badass, he gets put in the RealLife category, so go check there.
** ''Theatre/HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild'' reveals [[spoiler:he is singlehandedly responsible for Harry's victory over Voldemort]]. Make of that what you will.
* Molly Weasley can kick your ass and still have time to bake a pie. [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch Bitch]].
** [[MamaBear If you fuck with Molly's kids, she will fuck you up in ways that you cannot imagine.]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Luna Lovegood]] may be a [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass ditz]], but push her buttons, and watch her [[ContrivedCoincidence apparently coincidental]] knowledge destroy enemy forces with a few words. Remember the issue with Ravenclaw's diadem? That.
* In universe example: Voldemort can kill you with his eyes.
* Dolohov considered this by the fandom, going so far as to claim [[spoiler: the Dolohov defeated in the final book was his son, who was immediately disowned.]]
* Kingsley Shacklebolt also gets the 'facts' treatment.
* An example of an in-universe actual meme: although it isn't mentioned explicitly, Merlin was evidently a really, ''really'' prominent one in the wizarding world. He got so memetic that nowadays wizards swear in his name, and the highest honor that can be given to a person is the Order of Merlin (although Neville may have changed that; see the RealLife tab.)
* Yaxley became one after ''Deathly Hallows Part 1''. He doesn't chase you. He ''walks after you'' and still gets you.

[[folder: Sherlock Holmes]]
* Literature/SherlockHolmes.
** His brother Mycroft even more so. The canon gives us a few facts about him:
*** 1) Sherlock freely admits that Mycroft is smarter than him.
*** 2) He is a member of a "club for un-clubbable gentlemen"
*** 3) He is BrilliantButLazy, and refuses to leave his club.
*** 4) He works for the goverment and, at certain points, ''is'' the goverment.
** The fandom has since then decided that Mycroft was
*** The founder of MI6,
*** The founder of the [[Franchise/JamesBond 00-program]] and that their leaders' codename M originated with him,
** Series/{{Sherlock}}, the show that translated the mythos to the 21th century, choose to portray Mycroft as a man that had full control of the CCTV-network (of London, which is the largest and most dense in the world,) a man who was asked by Sherlock to "try not to start any wars tonight", and who asked Sherlock to relocate a stolen Goverment Flashdrive with a street-value of £600.000.000 since he was busy elsewhere. So this {{Fanon}} is alive and well.
*** Not to mention he's [[DescendedCreator played by]] a [[Creator/MarkGatiss writer]] for the series, so he quite literally has control over what goes on in the show.
*** Meaning that he's so badass that the fourth wall isn't enough to stop him.

[[folder: Star Wars]]
* [[Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy Grand Admiral Thrawn]] (aka [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking General]] Franchise/SherlockHolmes InSpace) can win a galactic war with a [[JokeCharacter TIE Fighter,]] three TabletopGame/{{Chess}} pawns, and [[SherlockScan an art history book.]]
** He's also an in-universe example, especially since he's the antithesis of the Empire's "strength over smarts" philosophy, scaring the hell out of the New Republic.
*** In the ''Hand of Thrawn'' duology, the scheme to use a Thrawn impostor to take over the Empire works in part because the mere idea of Thrawn having somehow survived his assassination and coming back for another go freaks people out.
*** Indeed, even though he was a top-class MagnificentBastard alive, Thrawn's in-universe Memetic Badassery was so incredible that he was actually [[UpToEleven more of a threat dead than alive!]]
*** Even Pellaeon, who idolizes the man, thinks it's gotten ludicrously out of hand by that point.
** Thrawn's second-in-command and successor Gilad Pellaeon also has this reputation. He's a BadassNormal--no Jedi powers, no Mandalorian training, no crazy alien strategy powers--and yet he kept the Imperial remnant together, more or less on his own, for approximately fifteen years. ''That's nearly as long as the Emperor's reign''. He even (somewhat) overcame the JediMindTrick of Joruus C'Baoth.
*** Pellaeon's resumé: Served as the Admiral on the ship Anakin Skywalker was stationed on. Was the nominal second in command of the fleet at Endor (in the event of Vader's flagship, ''Executor'', being destroyed), and turned the rout into a well-ordered retreat. Managed to salvage most of Thrawn's fleet, then took over the Imperial Remnant after the last petty warlord fled in disgrace. Pushed back the Yuuzhan Vong from the galaxy, then combined the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant into one Galactic Alliance. Supreme Commander of the GA's armed forces until he was assassinated in an attack by the Sith [[spoiler:Jacen Solo]], where the entire fleet he was traveling in was attacked as as distraction for his assassination. It still only ''barely'' worked.
** Kal Skirata. He convinced clones programmed with obedience to defect. And then he stole billions of credits from the Republic. Oh yeah, and Hutts owe ''him'' favors.
* Ganner Rhysode becomes one to the Yuuzhan Vong after he single-handedly holds off hundreds of their number guarding a gateway against thousands of Vong warriors. In a vision another character has, it's revealed that in the future, he is seen part of the Jeedai Heresy pantheon in the form of the Ganner, an invincible giant with a blade of light who guards the gates of the underworld to stop the dead returning and troubling the living.
* Kyle Katarn is the ''Star Wars'' equivalent of Chuck Norris, complete with the requisite jokes. "Kyle Katarn didn't believe in the Force. The Force believed in Kyle Katarn." "Kyle Katarn has a rancor in his house. It's not dead, just too scared to move."
* Vergere is an unusual variant on this, in that she's not so much of a MemeticBadass as she is a Memetic MagnificentBastard. She is, basically, the embodiment of the TricksterMentor and EccentricMentor. Was she an unorthodox Jedi? Was she a Sith? Was she neither? Fans love to disagree. Canon has it that she's [[spoiler: a Sith]], but even if one accepts that ([[BrokenBase and many don't]]), her exact motives are unclear. Heck, her ''catchphrase'' when speaking to Jacen is "Everything I tell you is a lie." Except for when talking to Nom Anor, when her catchphrase is "Everything I tell you is [[JediTruth the truth]]."

[[folder: The Dresden Files]]
* Harry Dresden of ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'':
** He is physically immune to being made into a memetic badass. Why? Because no matter ''how'' Badass you think he is, he ''actually is'' twice as Badass.
** He's also one in universe. At one point, ''five'' wizards, each individually at least as powerful as he is if not more, balk at the prospect of subduing him because of his [[Awesome/TheDresdenFiles previous exploits]].
** His own [[spoiler: brother]] describes him as "Gandalf on crack and an IV of Red Bull, with a [[BadassLongcoat big leather coat]] and a [[RevolversAreJustBetter .44 revolver]]." And how about ... "and riding a goddamn ''[[RuleOfCool ZOMBIE T-REX]]?"''
** If you threaten his friends and family, he'll necromance a city and then go after you. Or become TheLancer for a ''god'' or ''fallen angel''.
** Attack his girlfriend or [[spoiler: daughter]]? He'll kill [[spoiler: your species]].
** He uses heavyweight faeries as calculators and donut or Coca-Cola fetchers.
** Attack him in an elevator? He'll crush you with the elevator ''while he's still in it''.
** He kills Faerie nobles and Queens simply because they're in his way (or worse, messing with his date)
** He punches ''gods'' in order to be friends.
** He broke off a piece of a fallen angel's soul, and then made that piece cry [[spoiler: and pull a HeelFaceTurn]] just by talking to it.
** He tries to bill ''God Almighty'' for freelance work through ''Uriel'', God's wetworks man.
** He frightens an EldritchHorror that feeds on fear. It's like drowning a fish - it's not clear how that's even possible.
** Harry is a living weapon against the Outsiders. It took the entire White Court hours to subdue one, Harry has beaten two of their '''champions''' by himself. Each in minutes. One when he was a teenager. Outsiders come from outside reality and '''eat magic'''. Like Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden gives a fuck. He also punched one in the face.
** So there's this minor character, Esteban. He's one of the most effective assassins of a race of [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire monsters]]. When he sees Harry Dresden, he ScreamsLikeALittleGirl and runs for his life.
** On a spooky island in the middle of Lake Michigan, forgotten by time, is a prison for [[EldritchAbomination all sorts of Eldritch Abominations]] and dark gods, whose GeniusLoci is a match for literal Faerie Queens. He's the warden.
* In-universe: Merlin built the above prison, doing so in such a way that the ''uppermost layers'' of wards confound a spirit of intellect who's been around for centuries if not millennia. It was also built at five different points in time, simultaneously. And, y'know, mentored Arthur and looked after Excalibur for a while and all that.

[[folder: Other]]
* Literature/TakeshiKovacs. This is a man who will happily torture-murder (permanently) anyone whom he has judged to be a bad person. Or merely for getting in his way. Or for having the wrong religious convictions. Kovach has endured subjective months in simulation being mutilated whilst inhabiting a female body. What did he do when he escaped? He calmly strolled through the facility perma-killing everyone he saw, and coolly strutted out the front door with a head wrapped in a jacket.
* Literature/WarriorCats: [[EnsembleDarkhorse Mousewhisker]] on Vicky's Website/{{Facebook}} page. [[http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150254063017454&id=100000657920607 They have even started making]] [[Website/ChuckNorrisFacts Mousewhisker Facts]].
** Also Mapleshade.
** Purdy.
* Sir Nigel from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Literature/TheWhiteCompany is so unstoppable he defeated a bear with a handkerchief
* Samwise Gamgee from ''Literature/LordOfTheRings''. It helps that he bested the insectoid spawn of an Eldritch Abomination and stormed a castle full of Orcs, overawing the survivors with his presence alone and leaving rumors of a grim Elvish lord.
** [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs in general]]. They iz made for fighting and winning. And singing (about eating you.)
* Levels of Victor Cachat worship on the ''Literature/HonorHarrington'' page make him one of the Wiki/TVTropes-specific examples.
* When Baba Yaga crossed over from Russian fairy tales into Western fiction she went from an old witch frequently bested by little boys and flocks of swans to the most powerful magician in the world, able to stand up to gods themselves.
* Cthulhu. Seriously, Lovecraft had an awful lot of bizarre and seriously freaky cosmic horrors. Cthulhu appears in all of one story (though, like most of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones gets name dropped in countless others) and isn't nearly as terribly outlandishly freaky compared to the others (it's roughly humanoid, after all) and is escaped by a man who turns his boat around and steers towards it. Nonetheless, Cthulhu has become the icon of the whole Franchise/CthulhuMythos and a memetic symbol for all that is evil.
** On a related note, Nyaralathotep has become renown for being being a pants shittingly terrifying ultimate combination of {{Troll}} meets HumanoidAbomination, regardless of incarnation.
* In-universe: [[ParodySue Major ________ de Coverley]] in ''Literature/CatchTwentyTwo''. Everyone is too scared to ask his first name. He was able to bring an end to a loyalty oath clusterfuck with two words. Then again, those words were "Gimme eat", so...
* Inspector Javert in ''Literature/LesMiserables'', who takes down a gang of armed and vicious thugs by walking into the room (the fourteen officers with him wait outside until he calls it clear). He also knows he's following Valjean, even though Valjean is dead.
** [[SuperStrength Je]][[WallCrawl an]] [[ImprobableAimingSkills Va]][[TheAtoner lje]]an is a massively powerful man, who was turned from his bitterness in a single act of kindness. After this, he becomes probably the nicest guy around, even to the point where he [[spoiler: lets Javert live, even though the guy has made his life a living hell on countless occasions]]. Even with this niceness, he is lethally intent on protecting those he loves, specifically his adopted daughter. Points for the fact that [[spoiler: despite his obvious capability and justification to do so, he never kills anybody]].
* Among fans of ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'', Bela. Bela is ''ta'veren'', Bela is the Creator, Bela is a Darkfriend, or Bela will kill the Dark One. For the uninformed, Bela is a horse. Not a CoolHorse, but a damned reliable one.
** In universe, Matrim Cauthon. [[Myth/NorseMythology He hung himself from a tree to gain knowledge, his spear never misses when he throws it at people, he never loses at dice...]] Then again, at least two of those are true, so...
*** It would be better to say that Mat wins at dice even when he loses.
* If it can physically be done, {{Franchise/Zorro}} could do it with style. If it cannot physically be done, {{Franchise/Zorro}} could do it with even more style.
* ''Literature/TheThreeMusketeers'': Porthos. He kills people with a ''single punch''.
* The Longknife family of the ''Literature/KrisLongknife'' series are another in-universe example - at least, the ones that are considered "one of ''those'' Longknifes" - not totally a good thing, as many people would prefer to avoid associating with them.
* Tyler's Van among [[FanHater anti]]-[[Literature/{{Twilight}} Twilighters]] due to it's "heroic attempt to kill [[MarySue Bella]]" which would have ended the series prematurely. "Team Tyler's Van" has even been created to oppose [[OfficialCouple "Team Edward"]] and [[FanPreferredCouple "Team Jacob"]].
* [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Major Jasper Whitlock]], better known in Southern Texas and Mexico as The God of War.
* Literature/TimeScout: An in-universe example. Sven Bailey is widely recognized as the most deadly individual on TT-86, which makes him one of the deadliest individuals alive.
* Franchise/{{Dune}}. Multiple examples.
** Paul is so badass that he has been deified by his followers.
** Fremen in general are pure badass. Sardaukar win against any ten or so normal house guards. Fremen wipe the floor with Sardaukar. Even in the sequels, where Fremen undergo a serious downgrade due to better living conditions, there is still no-one who can take even a single one on.
** Duncan Idaho was so badass he earned everyone's respect and then was resurrected endlessly for at least the next five-thousand years.
** Leto II was badass enough to actually become a Sandworm. You know, that monster that is cameod in every game that has a desert level. The only thing that could kill him was water. According to his own plan. It could even be argued that Leto II is more {badass than Paul, since he accepted the Golden Path whereas his father was terrified by it.
* Danny, hero of Creator/JohnSteinbeck's ''Tortilla Flat'', becomes one of these in-universe by [[spoiler:going out with a bang immediately after throwing the greatest party Tortilla Flat ever knew]].
* From Literature/{{Fablehaven}}, Patton Burgess. We learn he actually did almost everything he's known for and deliberately kept a number of them ''secret.''
* The 'titled' pilots in ''Literature/StoneKing'' are in-universe examples. Subverted in that while all are at least competent titan pilots, none of them are anywhere near as badass as they are generally believed to be.
* Rachel from ''{{Literature/Animorphs}}''. She will morph into an elephant and STOMP YOU FLAT!
* ''Literature/SongAtDawn'' Alienor is so widely known as an Iron Lady that there are in-universe ballads of her leading an army of amazon in battle against the muslims.
* ''Literature/TheBookOfMormon'': To members of the LDS church, Captain Moroni. In one of his first appearances he is described in this way: "If all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men" (Alma 48:17). He then spends the next twelve or so chapters proving it.
** The man can beat you up WITH A LETTER!
** There's also Nephi, the very first prophet in the book: [[MemeticMutation "Bro, do you even lift?"]]
* Begbie of ''Literature/{{Trainspotting}}''. DeconstructedTrope: His mates build a mythos around him about what a psychopathic badass he is. This causes him to believe his own hype, and makes his immoral behaviour even worse. Which isn't helped by his already-existing mental illness.
* ''Literature/MaryPoppins''. She defeated Voldemort and The Antichrist!
%%* Ripred from ''Literature/TheUnderlandChronicles''.
* ''Literature/KindlingAshes'': In-universe example-Baltair is amused to hear that tales of his exploits have grown wild in his absence. He can tear down castle towers with his claws and burn entire military companies with a single breath of fire!
* The Weed of Crime bears bitter fruit. TheShadow never fails.
* The White Fox in Literature/ShadowsForSilenceInTheForestsOfHell, a bounty hunter who criminals tell scary stories about around the campfire. [[spoiler: It's Silence Montane herself, a mother and innkeeper who hunts down the criminals who pass though her rest stop]]
* The ''Literature/AxisOfTime'' trilogy turns [[UsefulNotes/TheBritishRoyalFamily Prince Harry]] into one. After being among those accidentally sent into the middle of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, he personally forms the SAS early in order to conduct raids into German-held territory and even saves Churchill from an assassination attempt by Otto Skorzeny (a RealLife example of this trope). At the end of the trilogy, it's off-handedly mentioned that Harry choked Skorzeny to death. That's right, he's so badass that him killing another badass in hand-to-hand combat doesn't even get a description.
* ''Literature/{{Safehold}}'' fandom has a field day with Major Phandys. Canon: he was sent to arrest Hauerd Wylsynn and killed him after the man murdered few of Phandys' soldiers, which earned him a job of "[[BodyguardBetrayal protecting]]" vicar Rhobair. Fanon: Major Phandys is a DoubleAgent. He {{Mercy Kill}}ed Wylsynn, he conspires with Rhobair and may or may not be a lover of the goddess of spymasters, Nynian. He's spying on world's top espionage agency and makes them think he's loyal to them. He's just waiting for the right moment to reveal himself.
* According to fans of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'', no one can survive a verbal confrontation from the mistress of all {{Deadpan Snarker}}s, Elizabeth Bennet. She'll rip you to shreds and you'll thank her for the honor.
* In-universe, the titular character of ''Literature/TheScarletPimpernel.'' He's a ProtoSuperhero, CulturedBadass, master of ObfuscatingStupidity, RefugeInAudacity, and the BatmanGambit. Not to mention that he's TheDreaded for [[HorrifyingTheHorror Robespierre and the entire French Republican government.]]
* Starting with [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/chrysalis-20-4/#comment-15429 this comment to Chapter 20.4]] of ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', the protagonist Skitter -- a [[TheMinionMaster bug-controlling supervillain]] -- is given the full Website/ChuckNorrisFacts treatment.
-->'''Dues:''' In Brockton Bay arachnophobia is no longer a recognized medical condition. Instead there are several new conditions for people who are not yet deathly afraid of bugs.
*** There used to be a street called Skitter, but it had to be changed because nobody crosses Skitter and lives.
** It's telling that the Skitter facts section of the [[{{Memes/Worm}} Worm memes page]] is longer than the rest of the page, and that around half of the Skitter facts are things that actually happened.
** In one of the final [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/teneral-e-1/#comments chapters]], Doctor Yamada (a BadassNormal therapist who helps to stabilize many parahumans' sanity) also became this.
-->'''Veloren:''' Doctor Yamada is a reverse eldritch horror. Exposure to her gives sanity points.
* Roland Deschain from The Dark Tower series is an almost mythic figure due to his status as the last gunslinger.