STOP RIGHT THERE, TROPER! Take a look at these ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' memes and see if any are familiar to you.
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!! Recurring:
* [=[=]remain silent[=]=][[labelnote:Explanation]]The Dark Brotherhood quests in Oblivion and Skyrim often give you the option to not say anything in response to an NPC's dialogue. The NPC will react accordingly.[[/labelnote]]
* "Khajiit has wares, if you have coin."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Standard stock line of Khajiit salespeople. Usually paired with pictures of actual felines.[[/labelnote]]
** "Khajiit stole nothing... Khajiit is innocent of this crime."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Another stock line, typically paired with pictures of actual felines in cages or being dragged away.[[/labelnote]]
* Fishy Sticks [[labelnote:Explanation]]A forum in-joke that's referenced OncePerEpisode. Basically, it's tradition to give newcomers to the official forum a "fishy stick" in the form of [[ this image]]. Bethesda was amused by it and has thrown in various in-game references.[[/labelnote]]
* "C0da makes it canon." [[labelnote:Explanation]]C0da, a comic written by michael kirkbride, was about, [[MindScrew among other things]], the nature of elder scrolls canon, in that it is deliberately contradictory and open to the interpretation of the community, particularly in the matter of fanfiction. The [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs absurdity of the comic]] leads many to use this phrase as a response to shitposts and memes. [[/labelnote]]
!! ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIDaggerfall Daggerfall]]:''
* HALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALTHALT! [[labelnote:Explanation]]City guards cry "Halt!" while chasing you. Committing a crime will result in ''a lot'' of city guards chasing you.[[/labelnote]]

!! ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]:''
* Game of the Year. All Years.[[labelnote:Explanation]]The Game of the Year edition of the game is still being sold in stores to this day, so people ran with it. [[/labelnote]]
* YOU N'WAH! FILTHY S'WIT! DIE, FETCHER! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Insults Dark Elves would use in battle. They stick out due to the frequency you'll hear them along with the fact that they're made up curse words. Carried over into later games.[[/labelnote]]
* We're watching you, '''scum'''.[[labelnote:Explanation]]A classic "greeting" used by Ordinators. [[/labelnote]]
* [[ The Morrowind Strut.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The odd walking animation, which spawned several youtube videos. There is even a mod for "Shoes of Extravagant Swag" which will play 'Stayin' Alive' when the player character walks in them.[[/labelnote]]
* The Lusty Argonian Maid [[labelnote:Explanation]]One of the in-game books is a SoBadItsGood excerpt from a [[StylisticSuck cheesy]] pornographic play by resident ChivalrousPervert Crassius Curio. It was so popular with fans that it's been included in every game since.[[/labelnote]]
* "With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created." [[labelnote:Explanation]]A message you get if [[OffTheRails you kill a character who's essential to the plot]]. ''Morrowind'' [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness didn't have]] "essential" NPC [[PlotArmor protection]], so you could very easily kill someone you weren't meant to and get this message ''a lot''.[[/labelnote]]

!! ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]:''
* [[ STOP! YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!]] Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence! Your stolen goods are now forfeit!
** STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM! No one breaks the law on ''my'' watch! I'm confiscating your stolen goods, now pay your fine or it's off to jail! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Both lines said by the [[CityGuards Imperial Guardsmen]] when they catch you after you've committed a crime.[[/labelnote]]
*** [[ STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM! YOU'VE VIOLATED MY MOTHER!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]A rather (in)famous variation of the above line, coming from a Gamer Poop video, combining two different sentences.[[/labelnote]]
** Goddamn telepathic guards. [[labelnote:Explanation]]When you're caught commiting a crime, somehow ''every guard in the region'' immediately knows you're a criminal upon seeing you, even if you flee all the way across the map.[[/labelnote]]
* BY THE NINE DIVINES! THERE'S BEEN A '''MURDER'''! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Often said directly after you kill someone and take about two steps away from the corpse.[[/labelnote]]
* "The body is still warm." [[labelnote:Explanation]]Another line that the guards say upon finding a dead body, which they will often say just after they kill someone themselves.[[/labelnote]]
* BY AZURA! BY AZURA! ''BY AZURA!!'' IT'S THE GRAND CHAMPION! [[labelnote:Explanation]]The line comes from a particularly annoying NPC called the Adoring Fan who follows you around sometimes and can't be killed.[[/labelnote]]
** Also [[ killing]] [[ the Adoring Fan]] [[ in unusual]] [[ ways]].
* I heard the Fighters' Guild is recruiting again. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Basically a WelcomeToCorneria. Players can expect to hear it a lot.[[/labelnote]]
* I saw a mud crab the other day.
** Loathsome things, I hate them.
** Did you steer well clear of it?
** [[ArtificialAtmosphericActions Goodbye]].[[labelnote:Explanation]]The system that generates chatter for the [=NPCs=] is a bit eccentric, and often repeats itself and throws together odd conversations.[[/labelnote]]
* "[[LargeHam CHEESE! FOR EVERYONE!]]" [[labelnote:Explanation]]One of Sheogorath's lines when you successfully complete a quest for him. He's a fairly MadGod ("Wait, scratch that! Cheese fer no one! That can be just as much as a celebration if you don't like cheese, true?!").[[/labelnote]]
* Powdered deer penis. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Weebam-Na lists off the menu of a failed restaurant, ending the list with "Rat ragu with powdered deer penis." Fans were quick to make the "penis" part of the line a meme.[[/labelnote]]
* "Oblivion dialogue in a nutshell" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Comedic YouTube videos making fun of the aforementioned ArtificialAtmosphericActions by setting [[DullSurprise awkward dialogue]] [[ from movies, tv shows and other sources to Oblivion music.]] [[/labelnote]]

!! ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]:''
* "... then, I [[ took an arrow in the knee]]." [[labelnote:Explanation]]The guards of major settlements tend to say [[WelcomeToCorneria "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee."]] quite a lot. This has been exploited.[[/labelnote]]
** [[DiscreditedMeme People are getting tired]] [[ of it]].
* FUS RO DAH! [[labelnote:Explanation]]A shout used to send [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential just about anything]] [[BlownAcrossTheRoom flying]] [[MakeMeWannaShout with one's voice]]. Literally means "force balance push". Often used in videos that show someone or something getting knocked over. For example, [[ this video]].[[/labelnote]]
* [[ KA... ME... HA... ME... HA!!!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The master-level shock spell in the destruction tree, Lightning Storm, looks like an electrical variant on the (semi) trope-naming [[{{Kamehamehadoken}} Kamehameha]] from Manga/DragonBall.[[/labelnote]]
* Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Another quote from the guards. This is actually a reference to previous Elder Scrolls games, where the multiple-choice character creation option would ask you what you would do if someone stole your sweetroll. It's nodded at in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'', another Bethesda game, in which at the start, a bully attempts to steal your sweetroll.[[/labelnote]]
* Did you see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords. ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Curved.]]'' '''''[[MundaneMadeAwesome Swords.]]''''' [[labelnote:Explanation]]Those guards are at it again. The ones in Whiterun will sometimes comment on the Alik'r warriors in the city who do indeed carry curved swords, which the guards find fascinating for some reason. Inexplicably, you can also hear it from guards in the other cities where there aren't any Alik'r warriors at all.[[/labelnote]]
* "Something you need, you ''miserable wretch''?" [[labelnote:Explanation]]A common greeting from [=NPC's=] that you've managed to royally piss off, usually by stealing something from them or killing a friend of theirs. Most famously used by the merchant Elrindir if you [[spoiler:murder his brother Anoriath for the Dark Brotherhood]].[[/labelnote]]
* [[ People don't want to be sword.]]
* "Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course, you don't." [[labelnote:Explanation]]A common quote from [[SmugSnake Naz]][[{{Jerkass}} eem]]. Considered particularly grating since the 'Cloud District' is just the area around Dragonsreach, which you can not only get to [[SpaceCompression very easily]], but may be ''[[FailedASpotCheck exactly where you're standing]]'' when he says this.
* "We are but '''maggots''', ''WRITHING'' in the filth of ''OUR OWN CORRUPTION''!" and "Praise Talos!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]One Nord priest named Heimskr has a [[NoIndoorVoice very]] [[LargeHam loud]] way of appreciation of the god Talos. This makes him, along with Nazeem, one of the most favoured characters to kill for being annoying.[[/labelnote]]
* "These ''Skyrim'' [[GameMod mods]] are getting out of hand." [[labelnote:Explanation]]On image-sharing sites like Imgur, this is a typical comment on SceneryPorn photos.[[/labelnote]]
* [[ Horses not giving a crap about physics]] due to the wonky behavior of mountains.
* ''Skyrim'' now on '''EVERYTHING'''! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Skyrim's repeated appearances at E3 2017 (six years after it came out) caused a bit of a reaction, with comparisons to ''Resident Evil 4''. Notably, this was [[MemeAcknowledgement acknowledged]] by Bethesda at E3 2018, with them jokingly announcing Skyrim Very Special Edition for the Amazon Alexa, Etch-a-Sketch, Motorola pager, and Samsung smart refrigerator.[[/labelnote]]
* You are carrying too much to be able to run. [[labelnote:Explanation]]You will see this message '''a lot''' in the early part of the game, especially while trudging toward the nearest town with a general store.[[/labelnote]]
* I'll just create a new character with a fresh playstyle...''And'' I'm a Stealth Archer again. [[labelnote:Explanation]]''Skyrim'' overhauled the Stealth system which has been in place since the series' inception, taking it from near UselessUsefulStealth levels and buffing it to damn near GameBreaker levels. At high skill levels and with the right perks, it becomes difficult for [=NPCs=] to detect you at all, which added to the [[BackStab stealth combat enhancements]] the game brings, makes it a devastating CriticalHitClass. As such, players attempting to create new characters with different playstyles often [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome find themselves drawn back into being Stealth Archers]]. Meme examples: [[ here]] and [[ here]].[[/labelnote]]
* You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A great source of aggravation for players attempting to travel to another location, especially as, more often than not, it's caused by a Slaughterfish in a nearby brook that the player can't even see to kill. That, or they've randomly encountered a dragon, ''again''.[[/labelnote]]
* "Then I stripped the corpse naked and threw it in the river" [[labelnote:Explanation]]The standard ending to any story involving bandits, Thalmor agents, or anyone else a player fights. In some cases, it's actually become custom for dealing with dead NPC characters who don't disappear after being murdered, as for many it essentially becomes a funeral.[[/labelnote]]
* "'''A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON'''" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Picking up Meridia's Beacon automatically triggers both her quest and a ''[[LargeHam loud]]'', sudden voiceover from her, ordering you to go to her temple. The beacon is spawned in a randomly chosen boss chest, making it near inevitable that you'll unwittingly pick it up [[MoodWhiplash in the middle of a different, far more important quest]]. This has made it a popular InterruptingMeme.[[/labelnote]]