The Franchise/{{Nasuverse}}, being an insanely popular VisualNovel franchise and having a penchant for crazy, awesome, and badass situations, also happens to be a pool of huge memes generated by its fandom.

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** Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

[[AC:Fate series]]
* Most, but not all, of the following memes [[ are listed on the Type-Moon page]] on Website/KnowYourMeme, and several have individual pages to themselves.
* "[[CaptainObvious People die]] [[ShapedLikeItself when they are killed]]." [[labelnote:Explanation]]From [[ a fansub's overly literal translation]] taken out of context.[[/labelnote]]
** More to the point, it's because Shirou ''doesn't''. The Fate route has Shirou take mortal injuries at least six times, including being disemboweled, stabbed through the heart, and cut clean through from shoulder to hip, and his HealingFactor keeps him alive. He says this as he decides to give that power up [[spoiler:so Saber can use it to stand a chance against Gilgamesh]]. What he was actually saying is that people are ''supposed'' to die when they're killed, so losing the power isn't a problem. Doesn't stop people from making fun of Shirou for this though.
** [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Arcueid Brunestud:]] "Don't be ridiculous! Dead people can't be alive!"
** [[VisualNovel/KagetsuTohya Nanako:]] "Eh--Th-th-that's ridiculous! First of all, that person doesn't even die when killed!"
** [[VideoGame/FateExtra Playable Caster:]] "All right! Now that this is all settled, we WILL survive until the end, even if it kills me!"
** [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina:]] "A real man never dies, even when he's killed!"
** [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Renji Abarai:]] "Even if we kill you, you probably wouldn't die."
** [[Manga/DeathNote L:]] "The thing you have to do, is die before getting killed."
** [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Asuna Kagurazaka:]] "I've been always worried about when he would get injured, of if he would get killed... [[ But now he won't die even if "he" is killed.]]"
** [[Anime/{{Hamatora}} Nice:]] "I'll kill you if you die again!"
** [[ Case in Point.]]
* "Alright, Shirou! Please put your... that! Y... Your [=pOnOs=]! To my... my... Here! .....My [=vagOOO=]!!! And J.. J... JAM IT IN!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]A series of VisualNovel/FateStayNight parody comics makes it a RunningGag that Shirou frequently suffers EntendreFailure when faced with sexual innuendo, and one doujinshi in particular portrays him as ignorant of even basic understanding of the mechanics of sex, requiring this line from Saber. The ''O'''s in the words "penis" and "vagina" are supposed to be circles representing blank-space censorship.[[/labelnote]]
** " lost me." [[labelnote:Explanation]][[ A fancomic by Veloxiraptor]], created as a [=parody/response=] to the above, has Shirou say this line in response to Rin and Saber trying to teach him how to perform the act.[[/labelnote]]
---> 1. Put pOnOs (A) to vagOOO (B). \\
2. JAM IT IN! \\
3. ????? \\
4. PROFIT!!!
* [[UnusualEuphemism Recharge your mana.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]][[DeusSexMachina Mana is recharged through sex]] in VisualNovel/FateStayNight.[[/labelnote]]
** [[SexyDiscretionShot LOL dragons. / LOL dolphins.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Remember how VisualNovel/FateStayNight origins comes from a {{eroge}} of the same name and how the anime adaptions of its storylines happens to have BleachedUnderpants. This is how, during two obvious sex scenes... before anything risque shows up, you are treated to a show of a CGI dragon (in the anime) or CGI dolphins (in the movie) instead of the scene.[[/labelnote]]
** [[FanNickname Mana Transfer Dragon]], the one used for Saber's scene in the anime, now has its own tag on Danbooru and similar sites.
* I am gar for Archer. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Someone misspelled "I am gay for Archer." and the misspelling stuck.[[/labelnote]]
** [[{{Badass}} GAR]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]An adjective describing [[RatedMForManly manly]] characters who become {{Memetic Badass}}es via PerverseSexualLust.[[/labelnote]]
** [[FanNickname GARcher]].
* Unlimited ______ Works. Just fill in the blank with a noun and you can bring up wonders: [[Literature/KaraNoKyoukai Unlimited Häagen-Dazs Works]], [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Unlimited Musket Works, Unlimited Every Military Weapon Works]], and of course, Unlimited Blade Works. Bonus points if you created a special chant to go along with it.
** '''Fill-in-the-blank Archer version:''' [[labelnote:Expand]]\\
I am the [[spoiler:bone]] of my [[spoiler:sword]].\\
[[spoiler:Steel]] is my [[spoiler:body]], and [[spoiler:fire]] is my [[spoiler:blood]].\\
I have [[spoiler:created]] over [[spoiler:a thousand blades]].\\
Unknown to [[spoiler:Death]], nor known to [[spoiler:Life]].\\
Have [[spoiler:withstood pain]] to [[spoiler:create many weapons]].\\
Yet, those [[spoiler:hands]] will never [[spoiler:hold anything]].\\
So, as I [[spoiler:pray]], Unlimited [[spoiler:Blade]] Works.[[/labelnote]]
** '''Fill-in-the-blank Shirou version:''' [[labelnote:Expand]]\\
I am the [[spoiler:bone]] of my [[spoiler:sword]].\\
[[spoiler:Steel]] is my [[spoiler:body]], and [[spoiler:fire]] is my [[spoiler:blood]].\\
I have [[spoiler:created]] over [[spoiler:a thousand blades]].\\
Unaware of [[spoiler:loss]], nor aware of [[spoiler:gain]].\\
Withstood [[spoiler:pain]] to [[spoiler:create weapons]], waiting for [[spoiler:one's arrival]].\\
I have no [[spoiler:regrets]]. This is [[spoiler:my only path]].\\
My [[spoiler:whole life]] was Unlimited [[spoiler:Blade]] Works.[[/labelnote]]
** [[ Unlimited Essay Works.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]An anon claimed that he turned in a page for his final paper of a writing class he was flunking using an altered UBW chant.[[/labelnote]]
*** Did you mean "Bane"?
*** Fall[=/=]Semester Mike.
* "I ask of you: Are you my Master?" [[labelnote:Explanation]]This is mainly the first line EVERY servant states when they are summoned in ALL Fate series. Most notable during Saber's summoning in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' and ''LightNovel/FateZero''.[[/labelnote]]
* "This is a war which mucks around with women and children!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]In the Fifth Holy Grail War, there were 6 children MASTERS and three female Servants in the this war; it was severely invoked by Gilgamesh.[[/labelnote]]
* Being Lancer is suffering. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The Lancer class has [[BornUnlucky "E-Rank"]] LuckStat; and this presents itself story-wise as them being horribly shafted. Borrows from ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''. Surprisingly enough, more than a half of Servants that make appearence in Nasuverse has the same rank in Luck, with only few exceptions like Saber or Aleksander the Great[[/labelnote]]
** By the end of ''LightNovel/FateZero'', it's become "Being everyone in ''Fate[=/=]zero'' is suffering." [[DownerEnding Because there's not a good end for ANYONE.]] [[TheBadGuyWins Except Gilgamesh.]] (Unsurprisingly, both ''Fate[=/=]zero'' and ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' have the same writer, GenUrobuchi).
** Being Lancer is wonderful. [[labelnote:Explanation]]As of [[LightNovel/FateApocrypha Fate/Apocrypha´s]] release, this has taken a complete 180, since BOTH it´s Lancers, Vlad the Impaler and Karna, are respectively [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking the strongest member of Black Team]] and [[StoryBreakerPower one of the single most overpowered characters in the entire franchise]], theorized to be able to take on [[PhysicalGod GILGAMESH]]. Lancer of Black ends up like every other lancer though.[[/labelnote]]
* [[BadassBoast KING OF HEROES, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH SWORDS?]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]A paraphrased/liberally translated version of Shirou's line in the Unlimited Blade Works route when facing off against Gilgamesh.[[/labelnote]]
** Mongrels! Those swords are fucking patented! [[labelnote:Explanation]]A flanderization of Gilgamesh's interaction with Shirou and Archer. Brought up in the CharacterDevelopment Cliff Notes style of the Unlimited Blade Works route.[[/labelnote]]
** Ha! Know your place, ''[[CatchPhrase mongrel!!!]]''
* [[ Rejoice, Shirou Emiya]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Kirei Kotomine's line towards Shirou at the start of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' has turned into a memetic CatchPhrase for the priest.[[/labelnote]]
* [[ Kirei's jogging]] in ''LightNovel/FateZero's'' eighth episode has reached a memetic status among the fandom.
* [[GratuitousJapanese WAGA ARU G.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Lancer consistently refers to Kayneth with "''waga aruji''", or "milord".[[/labelnote]]
* Team [[{{Netorare}} NTR]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A FanNickname for team Kayneth, referring to how Sola-ui falls in love with Lancer.[[/labelnote]]
* [[ProductPlacement KFC]] [[FunWithAcronyms a.k.a.]] [[spoiler:[[BlackComedy Kayneth's Fried Circuits]]]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Kayneth was hit by [[DepletedPhlebotinumShells a bullet of Kiritsugu's Mystic Code]], shorting his Magic Circuits and - if he uses too much magic - raising the possibility of blowing out his body with overloaded prana. Too bad he had been doing exactly that.[[/labelnote]]
** This was followed up when someone [[ photoshopped Kayneth's face onto the KFC logo]]...
*** ...which in turn was followed by [[ an actual KFC employee, with Lancer's face shopped over his own, posing with red and yellow brooms[=/=]mops in each hand representing Diarmuid's dual spears]].
** On a related note, we have the fandom's ''other'' nickname for Kayneth: [[spoiler: Fast Wheels]].
* [[ MOU IKKAI!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]A cute little endlessly repeating animation featuring the song ''Sakuranbo'', with the lyrics "mou ikkai"/"one more time".[[/labelnote]]
* [[CosmicPlaything E-Rank Luck]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Both [[CelticMythology Cu Chulainn and Diarmuid ua Duibhne]] have low luck stats and often meet terrible ends. Lancer of Black suffers a similar fate, as well. For poor Cu Chulainn, just take a look at ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'' [[spoiler: outside episode 11]].[[/labelnote]]
** [[ButtMonkey So]] [[FridgeBrilliance THAT'S]] [[TheChewToy why Lancer gets killed off every time in]] ''{{Anime/Carnival Phantasm}}''! [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Or is it the Blue Hair]]? [[labelnote:Explanation]] In ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'' the designated ButtMonkey for some reason or another has Blue Hair or a similar color. It is no secret that poor Lancer is TheChewToy in that series itself.[[/labelnote]]
* [[GratuitousJapanese Yuetsu!]]! [[labelnote:Explanation]]The Japanese word for "pleasure", alternatively translated as "joy" or "entertainment"; one of the plotlines involves Gilgamesh making Kirei realize what exactly the source of these things is for him. It's probably a result of the frequent use and the HoYay that comes with it that made it into a memetic word among the fandom.[[/labelnote]]
* Ancient Hindu Spaceships! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Mutated form of the ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams meme when referring to Gilgamesh's flying ship in ''LightNovel/FateZero''. Yes, it's at least grounded in true myth in the {{Ramayana}}.[[/labelnote]]
* Happy Mother/Father/Children's Day, Kiritsugu![[labelnote:Explanation]]Fate/Zero had episodes that aired on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Japan's Children's Day. In said episodes, Kiritsugu is forced to kill his adoptive mother, (Grail-created versions of) his family, and his childhood friend respectively[[/labelnote]]
* '''UNLIMITED BUDGET WORKS''' [[labelnote:Explanation]]With Ufatable also adapting the full-length UBW anime and also piggybacking off of the immense financial success of Fate/Zero, the animation in UBW was set to be very, ''very'' well funded.[[/labelnote]]

[[AC:Tsukihime and Melty Blood]]
* [[ This chair is an eyesore.]] [[DieChairDie Disappear!]] [[BrokenRecord This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair. This chair!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Originated from a scene in the visual novel where Shiki suddenly [[SuperpoweredEvilSide inverts and attacks a chair for irritating him]].[[/labelnote]]
* "Isn't it sad, [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Sacchin~]] ;_;" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Originated from Satsuki Yumizuka and her role as the UnluckyChildhoodFriend, misfortune, and lack of a route in the games. Used in general to describe anyone that has been DemotedToExtra.[[/labelnote]]
* [[ "A cat is fine, too."]][[labelnote:Explanation]]Appears in a lot of discussions relating to {{Half Human Hybrid}}s and the like, as well as variations that replace "cat". The line comes from a doujin by [[Manga/DoujinWork Hiroyuki]] in which a pedophile Shiki insists on trying to have sex with his familiar, who switches to her alternate cat form under pressure. [[BestialityIsDepraved This doesn't stop Shiki.]][[/labelnote]]
** "[[TastesLikeDiabetes SO]] {{MOE}}! [[ I'M GONNA DIE!]]" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Same Author, different doujin.[[/labelnote]]
** This exchange:
-->Shit, right?
-->It's shit. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Infamous reaction image from Hiroyuki (again). Specifically, from Shiki looking at an image Ciel is holding that says "Curry + Ass" (referring to her anal scene), but he interprets it as the end result of the digestive system. [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike Nrvnsqr does too for whatever reason]].[[/labelnote]]
* [[FanonDiscontinuity "There is no]] [[ Tsukihime anime."]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The anime is widely considered to be an example of AdaptationDecay, and complaints are often to the point of wishing it had never been made. While reviewing the anime, [[Website/DesuDesBrigade Arkada]] also said, "This anime doesn't exist. In the same way that some movie sequels and prequels don't exist, this show doesn't exist."[[/labelnote]]
** "Isn't it sad that Anime/CarnivalPhantasm is the ONLY VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} anime?"
* "[[BlackComedyRape Rape the maids.]]" [[labelnote:Explanation]][[Administrivia/DefaultAnswer Standard response]] to the question, "You wake up as Shiki. What do you do?" Mainly stems from a specific choice in the Ciel route where the game interprets "send Kohaku away with your dinner because you don't feel well" into "rape her".[[/labelnote]]
* "[[InternetBackdraft Shiki can kill Servants. Discuss.]]" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Shiki (both of them) has the power to kill anything in existence. This power has been in question in the fandom as to whether it will allow Shiki to kill Servants. Arguments over these can get rather heated. Has evolved into "Shiki can kill X", or "X can kill Servants". [[WordOfGod (In case you were wondering Shiki is no match for a servant and Ryougi ''might'' be able to fight defensively]]...but then ''VideoGame/FateEXTRA'' happened)[[/labelnote]]
* Brainwashing Detective Hisui-chan. [[labelnote:Explanation]]One typo from a BadEnding (Anata wo hannin desu - You become the criminal. The original line is Anata wa hannin desu - You are the criminal.) lead to the creation of this FanNickname.[[/labelnote]]
** [[AscendedMeme Brainwashing-Detective appears in]] [[AllThereInTheManual at least one artbook]]. The meme is also the basis for Hisui's [[CounterAttack Last]] [[LimitBreak Arc]] in ''VideoGame/MeltyBlood''.
* The [[ChickMagnet Tohno]] Gland. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Shiki has a penchant for attracting women for no reason.[[/labelnote]]
* Suppress Roa in my ass! [[labelnote:Explanation]]A line from a ridiculous sex scene with Ciel.[[/labelnote]]
** [[IkeaErotica BEST LEMON EVER]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]It is undeniable that Kinoko Nasu's works are awesome, but [[FetishRetardant the same cannot be said for his H-Scenes]], which at BEST are full of {{Narm}}. This recently gets MisBlamed, but by then it is too late, as criticizing his {{Lemon}}s is already memetic.[[/labelnote]]
* YO DIS B ARCADE BUMSTEAD FROM TSUKIHIMAY I'D HIT IT. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A Goofus and Gallant thread on [[ImageBoards 4chan]] churned out the phrase, and it stuck.[[/labelnote]]
** Alternatively, Atari Dumbledore from Porkslope Turkeyhandle.
* [[FanNickname Roastbeef Stroganoff[=/=]Strudelberg[=/=]Stringburger]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Riesbyfe Stridberg's name is hard to remember.[[/labelnote]]
* PORN WITH PLOT. [[labelnote:Explanation]]An old derogatory exclamation that has evolved to refer to eroge and visual novels in general.[[/labelnote]]
* SUGOI SUGOI! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Fanon states this as Aoko's catch phrase. It comes from ''VideoGame/MeltyBlood'' where one of her attacks has her shouting this. And of course the attack is very spammable, resulting in her shouting "Sugoi Sugoi" over and over.[[/labelnote]]
* Shiki Tohno: Lord of Bedroom Jackassery. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Shiki is a more or less kind dude and relatively well-adjusted despite his sucky life... but he is NOT the gentlest lover in bed. Arcueid? He's far too rough. Ciel? He pressures her into anal though she's not that willing. Akiha? He's a JerkAss to her. Hisui? He behaves better but still teases her too much. Kohaku? He wises up but ''only'' after their first sex scene.[[/labelnote]]

[[AC:Kara no Kyoukai]]
* [[Literature/KaraNoKyoukai Touko]] is a [[BerserkButton dirty red]] [[JustForFun/CandleJack bi-]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Calling Touko "[[BerserkButton dirty red]]" (reminding her that [[SiblingRivalry her sister Aoko]] [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter got the title "Blue" that Touko wanted]]) results in the poster being KilledMidSentence.[[/labelnote]]

* SUGOI! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Another catch phrase for the resident GenkiGirl.[[/labelnote]]

[[AC:Type Moon/Nasu in General]]
* [[IkeaErotica Mollusks]] [[labelnote:Explanation]] [[AuthorCatchphrase Type Moon works tend to have a strange fixation on mollusks during the sex scenes.]][[/labelnote]]