''[=PhD: Phantasy Degree=]'' (original title: ''Maseuteo Seukur Ollimpeuseu'', lit. ''Master School Olympus'') is a horror-themed comedy/action-adventure {{manhwa}} that focus on the adventures of Sang, a young woman who travels to Demon School Hades in hope of becoming a student there. The thing of it is that the school is meant strictly for monsters, so you can pretty much see the problem there. As the series goes on, we find out there is more to Sang and her motives than meets the eye.

Licensed and released in the United States under {{Tokyopop}}. Ten volumes of the series have been published; however, the manga is currently on hiatus and it is unknown whether the creator will continue it. He seems to have moved on to other manhwas, such as ''Manhwa/DorothyOfOz''.
The series provides the following tropes:
* ActionGirl: Sang [[spoiler:at least before we find out about her other personalities]].
* AllGhoulsSchool: The series starts in the demon school, Hades. Sang had to turn herself into a vampire so that she can infiltrate the campus.
* AntiVillain:
** Gelpa the ninja. Despite being a member of the Madosa Guild, he had helped saved Notra's and Noel's lives [[spoiler:on Chang-Chun's request]].
** [[spoiler:Chang-Chun the leader of the Madosa Guild]] is a kind-hearted old man who tries to save Chun-Lang and the others from Madosa's attack when he isn't wearing his power rings.
%%* AttractiveBentGender: Chun-Lang, Sang, Ms Doe...
* AxCrazy: One of Sang's personalities is a {{Hair Trigger Temper}}ed BloodKnight who would readily use his magic to destroy everything in his way.
* BadassTeacher: All the teachers introduced in the Manhwa are more than capable of fighting monsters and lower-ranked Madosa Guild members. Justified as all the schools they teach in (Hades, Zeus and Athena) specialize in fighting.
* BerserkButton: Everyone, special mention goes to Chun-Lang, mention the Madosa Guild around him and he'll snap.
%%* {{Bishonen}}: Majority of the cast qualify but special mention goes to Chun-Lang and Lance.
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Hexion is a female elf, who spent the majority of her appearance in a male disguise.
%%* BlackAndWhiteMorality: Hwee-Young views things like this.
* CantCatchUp: No matter how hard the students try they just can't seem to become powerful enough to take on the Madosa Guild. [[spoiler:Averted in the 10th book were Chan-Chun sees a glimpse of the future were the student finally take down the Madosa Guild]].
* ClingyJealousGirl: Dustis towards Dagger.
* DarkSkinnedBlonde: Stonia and Notra.
* DirtyOldMan: The sage in the Master Tower.
* FanDisservice: When Dev shoots Mahalisa through the chest.
* ForcefulKiss: Sang, while in "his" AxCrazy personality, saw a female Chun-Lang tame a Gigantes, immediately falls in love and kisses her. Chun-Lang did not take it well.
* GenderBender: Whenever Sang uses the rings, they turn her into a man.
* GottaCatchThemAll: Sang and the Madosa guild are seeking to collect as many power rings as they could for reasons that has yet to be revealed.
%%* HotBlooded: Chun-Lang
* {{Identical Stranger}}: Chun-Lang and [[spoiler:Chang-Chun with his power rings on]] look exactly like each other to the point Hwee-Young mistakes Chun-Lang for him.
* InLoveWithYourCarnage: Stonia is in awe everytime she sees Henduh's power.
* InTheHood: Sang in the first book, Chun-Lang in his introduction and Second rank Spear.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Sang loses memories of her identity after being hit on the head by an unnamed Madosa assassin, and was given a new identity "Limbo" by the residents of Elf Town. She seemingly regains her memories in Master Tower, but a brief time skip reveals that she can only recollect her experience from Hades onwards, and remembers nothing of her past before that.
* TheLoad: Notra hasn't done a single useful thing since she was introduced. Iris and Oedipus as well.
%%* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Chun-Lang, Lance, Sang as a man, basically alot of the male cast qualify.
%%* MrFanservice: Chun-Lang, Dev, Fatalis, it's pretty safe to say majority of the males are bait.
%%* MsFanservice: Sang, Notra, Stonia, etc...
* NoExportForYou: The prequel book that explained everything are not translated.
* PostKissCatatonia: After having "her" first kiss stolen by a male Sang (as noted in ForcefulKiss), Chun-Lang goss berserk and goes on a murderous rampage, trying to kill Sang.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: The group of monsters Sang meets in Hades -- consisting of a devil, a vampire, a zombie and a werewolf -- are a group underachieving, borderline drop-out students.
* RedHeadedHero: Sang
* {{Revenge}}: Chun-Lang, Noel, Notra, Dev, all lost at least a loved one to the Madosa Guild are hellbent on exacting revenge on them.
* ScheduleSlip: It hasn't seen a new volume since 2005.
%%* ShipTease: Notra and Dev, Sang and Chun-Lang, Chun-Lang and Noel, Sang and Lance...
%%* ShonenHair: Dagger in "Combat Mode", Dev, Hwee-Yong, again alot of the male cast qualify.
* SplitPersonality: [[spoiler: Sang with at least four of them]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Majority of the female characters qualify but Mahalisa and Stonia take the cake.
* SuperGenderBender: The rings swap your gender in addition to powering you up. Somehow.
* SuperPoweredEvilSide: Dev activates his when Henduh kills his brother Fatalis.
* TakingTheBullet: [[spoiler:Oedipus]] dies protecting [[spoiler:Iris]] from a magic arrow.
* TheTease: Notra to Dev.
* WhatTheHellHero: Sang gets called out on this alot and Chun-Lang gets called out on this by everyone [[spoiler:when he tries to kill Sang]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Noru