[[caption-width-right:300:It's amazing [[YouMustBeCold she doesn't freeze in that]].]]

The comic adaption of the book ''Literature/VampireKisses'' by Ellen Schreiber and drawn by Rem until comic number three.

Raven, an outsider in a small town called Dullsville, has a (wishfully) never-ending romance with her vampire boyfriend Alexander. Only it is interrupted to find four empty coffins one day in the graveyard and an old trinket belonging to Alexander's cousin, Claude. Finding out he is there with his gang to find blood-filled vials their grandmother hid, it's up to Raven and Alexander to keep Claude and his gang from finding the vials, keep him from abusing the use of them, and becoming an all powerful vampire.


!! This manga contains examples of:

* BandOfBrothers: A flashback to life in Romania indicates that Claude and his gang might be this due to being bullied because of their half-vampire status.
* BetaCouple: Becky and Matt
* BishieSparkle: Claude and Alexander.
* CostumePorn: Especially when given that Rem is the artist for the first and second volumes. If any convincing is needed, just look at the extra sketches at the back of the books, or at Kat's peacock-inspired outfit in the second.
* CurbStompBattle: One of the few (if only) times that [[spoiler: Alexander]] actually uses physical strength to solve anything, proving that there ARE some benefits to being a full vampire that some people shouldn't have.
* DanceOfRomance: For both Raven/Alexander and Becky/Matt
* DarkIsNotEvil: Alexander and Raven.
* DumbMuscle: Rocco. Or at least Claude seems to think this.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Raven. She is ''goth'' after all.
* FiveManBand: The villains, actually. And almost literally.
** TheHero: Claude
** TheLancer/The Chick: Kat
** TheSmartGuy: Tripp
** TheBigGuy: Rocco
* HornyDevil: Kat, with her little devil horns.
* NaiveEveryGirl: Becky, so much.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: Though half-vampires can go in the sunlight, they must inherit/drink blood-filled vials that in which turn them into full bled vampires.
* PerkyGoth: Raven.
* RomanticVampireBoy: Alexander
* SecretTestOfCharacter: [[spoiler: Invoked when Claude decides that he'd rather be a half-vampire with his friends than a full vampire without them; afterwards Alexander tells him he only needs one sip and there's plenty for all of them.]] YMMV on how satisfying this was, especially since [[spoiler: Claude]] doesn't seem incredibly intent on changing his ways.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Raven and Becky.