''Super-Conductive Brains Parataxis'' ([[note]]'''超伝脳パラタクシス''':Choutennou Parataxis[[/note]]) is a {{Seinen}} ScienceFiction {{manga}} serialized in [[Magazine/ShonenJump Weekly Young Jump]]. Although the creator, Creator/ShintaroKago, is known for writing guro manga, [[GenreAdultery this is relatively tame compared to his other works]]. However, because of the ([[InnocentFanserviceGirl non-pornographic]]) nudity and gore, it is still NotSafeForWork.

In a future age, giant humanoid creatures called Surdlers are used as basis for cyborgs that are employed in transportation, warfare, and construction. They are cloned and mass-produced like machines, and treated as such by societies, but some of them seem to have vestiges of their original minds. The story starts when one such Surdler breaks free of its mechanical constraints and runs amok, and follows the effects the event has on society from there.

Compare ''Literature/ManAfterManAnAnthropologyOfTheFuture'' [[note]]Seriously![[spoiler: Future humans use other humans as genetically engineered pack animals, without being aware that these "animals" are also human]][[/note]]

!! This manga contains examples of:

* [[spoiler: AdamAndEvePlot: When Akira, Momoko, and Akihiko wake up from [[HumanPopsicle cryostasis]], Akihiko assumes that there are no other survivors and uses it as an excuse to attempt to rape Momoko.]]
** [[spoiler: It is subverted when more "giants" wake up later.]]
* [[spoiler:AfterTheEnd]]
* [[spoiler:ApocalypseHow: Planetary/Species Extinction.]]
* ArtisticLicenseBiology
** An especially unrealistic example is when [[spoiler: all the Surdlers start giving birth on their own, despite their reproductive organs having been removed. The InUniverse explanation for this is that [[HeroicWillpower they are changing their reproductive system in order to prove that they are living beings]].]]
* BioAugmentation
* BodyHorror: The modified Surdlers, as well as [[spoiler: the abnormally raised fetuses, some of which don't even look remotely human]].
* {{Cyborg}}: Surdlers are made into these so they can be used as industrial machines or weapons.
* [[spoiler:EarthAllAlong]]
* [[spoiler:FinalSolution: The manga ends with one of the humans wrecking the mainframe of the {{Lilliputians}}' brains.]]
** [[spoiler:GenocideDilemma: Comes up shortly before this, but the humans decide to just KillEmAll when Surdlers break into the room they're in.]]
* GratuitousEnglish: The use of the word "Parataxis" in the title and as IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming.
* [[spoiler:HumanPopsicle: The latter two full chapters feature the "giants" waking up from this.]]
* TheGuardsMustBeCrazy: There is a strange lack of a built-in security system in the room with the [[spoiler: mainframe that all the {{Lilliputians}}' brains are connected to. Despite the presence of a [[DeadManWriting video recording from Dr. Shimura in a different room to taunt the surviving humans]], the mainframe room doesn't have any sort of robot guards stationed in it and is surprisingly easy for a normal-sized human to destroy.]]
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Each chapter is titled "Parataxis 1", "Parataxis 2", etc.
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: The Surdlers look like nude females, but humans treat them like machines, and they are not sexualized InUniverse. Their nudity is [[JustifiedTrope justified]] because they are clones of the original giants and of course they aren't going to come wearing clothes (which wouldn't be useful to machines anyway).
* JustAMachine: How ordinary humans treat the Surdlers, despite them just being large humans.
** [[spoiler: It gets [[{{Irony}} ironic]] when it turns out that [[EarthAllAlong the Surdlers turned out to be the original humans all along.]]]]
** WhatMeasureIsANonHuman
* [[spoiler:{{Lilliputians}}: What the "ordinary", non-Surdler humans turn out to be.]]
** [[spoiler:MouseWorld:]] [[{{Foreshadowing}} Foreshadowed]] early on by [[spoiler: the use of large bugs as pets.]]
* NearRapeExperience: [[spoiler: When Akira isn't looking, UnluckyChildhoodFriend Akihiko tries to rape Momoko after waking up from [[HumanPopsicle cryostasis]] assuming an AdamAndEvePlot, but then Akira comes back and punches him, knocking him over. Akihiko stops because Akira threatens to kill him.]]
** [[spoiler: Later, when Akira goes missing, Akihiko tries to rape Momoko again, but then stops because her screams could put them in danger of being detected by Surdlers.]]
* OneGenderRace: No male Surdlers appear. This is justified by the fact that they are all clones, so they could be clones of a single female specimen.
* OurGiantsAreBigger: The Surdlers.
** [[spoiler: It turns out that the Surdlers are in fact ordinary humans, and the "ordinary humans" are actually {{Lilliputians}}.]]
* SecretArt: The process of DNA combination by which humans can reproduce. To ordinary civilians it seems like a BlackBox.
* UnusualChapterNumbers: Parataxis 3½ and Parataxis 4½.
* UnwillingRoboticisation: Surdlers don't start out as mindless machines; they are first cloned and have minds of their own, although not being raised as part of society, they're not very intelligent.