[[caption-width-right:268: Not your average group of Trainers.]]

''Pokemon [=ReBURST=]'' is a manga series adapting the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' franchise, focusing on the {{mon}}s of ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'' and published in [[{{AnthologyComic}} Weekly Shonen Sunday.]] It's probably the biggest departure from the basic ''Pokemon'' concept in the franchise's history, utilizing the [[MoeAnthropomorphism gijinka]] as a main focus, and further expanding it.

The main protagonist is Ryouga, a boy with superhuman strength. Joining Ryouga is Miruto, a girl who works for an organization that tracks down people who use Pokemon for evil, Yappy, a journalist who resembles a Pansage, Karuta, a {{Ninja}}, and Rug, a thief. The plot centers around "Burst," the ability to use special gems called Burst Hearts that contain Pokemon stored inside of them to transform into [[MoeAnthropomorphism human Pokemon hybrids.]] Ryouga's Burst is [[OlympusMons Zekrom,]] Karuta's is an [[GratuitousNinja Accelgor,]] and Rug has a [[CatGirl Purrloin.]]

On rare occasions they actually use Franchise/{{Pokemon}} in the traditional way.

More information is available [[http://dogasu.bulbagarden.net/manga/pocket_monsters_reburst.html at Dogasu's Backpack.]]

!!''Pokemon Reburst'' contains examples of:

* AntiVillain: Some Great Gavel members do have redeeming traits or sympathetic backstories, like [[BewareTheNiceOnes Carola]] or Fraud. Even [[AntiHero Hariru]] can count as one.
* {{Bishonen}}: Depending on personal taste, [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Karuta Karuta]] or Ryouga.
* {{BFS}}: Not a sword, per se; its actually an Akebo. Still ''freakin' big'', however. [[FlamingSword And it can be set on fire!]]
* BulletTime: A power Human!Ryouga has.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Is stated to be this, in comparison to all the other ''Pokémon'' manga. It's... Edgier all right.
* DisappearedDad: Ryouga aims to find his missing father, Garyuu.
* DynamicEntry: By Ryouga in the first chapter.
* ElementalPowers: An ability given to those who can use Burst:
** ShockAndAwe: Ryouga when combined with his Zekrom.
** DishingOutDirt: Hilgreitz when combined with his Excadrill and Rend when combined with his Boldore.
** CastingAShadow: Hariru when combined with his Zorua.
** PlayingWithFire: Carola when combined with her Emboar.
%%* FauxActionGirl: Miruto.
* HearingVoices: Ryouga, from someone named Arcades.
* HijackingCthulhu:
** All Burst forms involving [[OlympusMons Legendaries]], with Ryouga's Zekrom Burst being a heroic one.
** Later chapters reveal [[spoiler: Great Gavel doing business of abducting Legendary Pokémon and turning them into Burst Hearts]].
* HotBlooded: Ryouga is a great example. Even mentioning the word "Impossible" makes him want to do it.
* HotterAndSexier: ''Reburst'' has more {{fanservice}} than most other ''Pokemon'' media.
* MasterOfIllusion: Hariru, considering he's an AntiHero in his all right.
* MoeAnthropomorphism: The manga is an unusual expansion of the idea of Pokémon gijinkas.
%%* {{Ninja}}: Karuta.
* OutOfFocus: Pokémon themselves. It takes several chapters for one to even show up. All Pokémon not from Gen V are absent ''entirely''.
* PantyShot:
** In the first chapter, Miruto avoids this by having her leg block it.
** Done straight in chapter 10 where we clearly see her [[spoiler:or, at least someone transformed into her]] underwear.
* PropheticNames: The Village of Protecting Time, anyone?
%%* ShonenDemographic
* ThisIsADrill: Major Hilgreitz can make drills on his hands in Burst Mode.
* TournamentArc: Burst Heart Survival.
* TransformationSequence: Ryouga into his Burst form.
* TransformationTrinket: The [[FusionDance Burst Hearts]].
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: The Seven Warriors got kicked out from Great Gavel in later chapters, prompting them to use Three Generals instead.