''Nintama Rantarou'' or ''Rakudai Ninja Rantarō'' (落第忍者乱太郎, Failure Ninja Rantarou) is a comedy ninja manga series created by Sōbē Amako in 1986. The anime adaptation, ''Nintama Rantarō'', began broadcasting on Creator/{{NHK}} in 1993. A side-story anime film, ''Eiga Nintama Rantarō'', premiered in 1996. Several Nintama Rantarō video games were also published since 1995.

!!The manga series contains examples of the following tropes:

* AccidentalMisnaming: Hietta Happosai, big time.
--> '''Rantaro''': Chingensai Sameta!!
--> '''Kirimaru''': Samela Zensai!!
--> '''Shinbe''': Hietta Namayasai!!
--> '''Happosai''': *hitting the three nintamas* It's Hietta Happosai, idiots!
* ArtEvolution: Very evident. Throughout the year, the characters become cuter and more chubby.
* BigEater: Shinbe
* BrandNamesAreBetter: Invoked by Kirimaru.
--> '''Kirimaru''': I start selling Infra-red Underpants
--> '''Yamada-sensei''': How is this different from normal underpants?
--> '''Kirimaru''': It's not. But more people would buy it if it uses the name "Infra-red"
* BrickJoke: At the start of the volume 23, Shinbe is [[ItMakesSenseInContext supposed to remember a number that indicates a measurement of a warship.]] He can't. Hundred of pages later, he gives the wrong number and the ship built turns funny.
* CanonForeigner: Several characters were created for the Anime adaptation, most notably Hemu Hemu and Shige-chan.
* CrazyPrepared: Kaze no Tamazaburou brings two large packages filled with ninja stuffs for one simple mission.
* FatalFlaw: Fuwa Raizou is told to be thinking too much.
* HurricaneOfPuns: half of the jokes in the series are these, alternating between this and IncrediblyLamePun
* LargeHam: A lot of the villains. Especially Happosai.
* LoadsandLoadsofCharacters: Becomes this as the story progresses on, as more characters from different levels appear.
* MoneyFetish: Kirimaru.
* MoodWhiplash: The nintamas do it on a regular basis.
* NinjaBrat: A cast full of 'em.
* NoFourthWall: Carrying dialogue bubbles around, talking to the readers, bringing the author inside, among other things commonly occurring.
* PaperThinDisguise: Averted by Hachiya Saburou, whose disguise can't be differentiated with the real person.
* [[ShownTheirWork Shown His Work]]: Unlike most ninja comics, the ninjas are actually doing things close to what real ninjas did.
* StatusQuoIsGod: Taken UpToEleven with the nintamas going through many Summer and Winter breaks but never graduate or even promote.