Poor Miyuki-chan is LateForSchool. As she hurries down the street, a girl in a [[PlayboyBunny bunny outfit]] skateboards by. The bunny girl enters a portal, and Miyuki-chan falls in. It's like [[Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland Wonderland,]] except with [[ImprobablyFemaleCast an entirely female cast]] and being [[FanService significantly more perverted.]] After a series of misadventures, Miyuki-chan wakes up, is late for school, and as she hurries down the street, [[OrWasItADream a girl in a bunny outfit skateboards by.]]

The next part involves her getting sucked into the looking glass. Similar craziness ensues.

And that was just the {{Anime}} version. The {{Manga}} version has even more adventures for her as Miyuki keeps dreaming HomoeroticDream after HomoeroticDream.

[[StrictlyFormula The standard Miyuki-chan adventure goes like this]]:

# Miyuki is doing some mundane task or viewing some fiction.
# Things start getting a lot stranger. Miyuki will likely be sucked into the fiction.
# If it hasn't already, the world becomes much HotterAndSexier. [[HoYay LesYay]] abounds.
# Miyuki protests most or all of what's happening.
# [[AllJustADream Miyuki wakes up.]]
# Some evidence shows up that [[OrWasItADream it wasn't just a dream]] or [[DreamWithinADream she's still in the dream.]]

Probably Creator/{{CLAMP}}'s most titillating work ever.

!! ''Miyuki-chan in Wonderland'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AdaptationDistillation: Just covers the first couple chapters.
* AdaptationExpansion: Expands on the first couple chapters.
* AffectionateParody: The chapter with the fighting waitresses is pretty blatantly a ShoutOut to ''Anime/VariableGeo''.
* AllWomenAreLustful: Played straight with the other characters. Double-subversion with Miyuki when you remember that this is all in her head.
* AmazonBrigade
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: In one translation at least, Miyuki seems more worried that she's being made late for school rather than having seemingly fallen into another dimension.
* BitchSlap: The chess pieces in Mirrorland remove a piece by walking up to them and slapping them in the face, at which point their clothes vanish and they run off the board in shame.
* BlackComedyRape: Miyuki gets sexually harassed by quite a few ladies.
* CallingYourAttacks
* CatGirl
* ChickMagnet: Miyuki herself.
* ClothingDamage
** Miyuki's outfit tends to get ripped up over the course of a chapter.
** Also during the human chess game in the anime, when one of the pieces is captured all her clothes disappear.
* {{Cosplay}}: Oh, so much.
* {{Crossover}}
** One of the manga stories has Miyuki getting sucked into a movie version of ''[[Manga/{{X1999}} X]]''.
** She also shows up in several chapters of ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' -- but that is a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover itself.
* CuteMonsterGirl
* {{Dominatrix}}: The Queen of Hearts
* DownTheRabbitHole
* DreamWithinADream: Possibly done in other episodes/chapters but explicitly done in chapter one of the manga and episode one of the anime.
* [[RequisiteRoyalRegalia Ermine]] [[PimpedOutCape Cape]]: The kings and queens (both ladies though) in the chess game.
* {{Ecchi}}: You don't say!?
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Pretty much every female character is attracted to Miyuki and most of them act on it.
* {{Fanservice}}: About half the tropes used in this work.
* FanserviceWithASmile: Chapter four of the manga.
* {{Fetish}}: It's implied a lot of the goings on are secretly Miyuki's kinks.
* FluffyFashionFeathers: Humpty Dumpty is a grandly dressed lady (just sitting in an egg), who wears a feather wrap.
* FurBikini: Quite a few.
* GenderFlip: Every character parodied that was originally male.
* GirlOnGirlIsHot: The only Creator/{{CLAMP}} work to be this titillating, at least on purpose.
* GirlsLove: A primary focus despite no meaningful relationships.
* GodivaHair
* {{Grimmification}}
* GroundhogDayLoop: The first chapter, and episode, directly implies it, but it's strongly suggested that each chapter is effectively endless.
* HomoeroticDream: The very premise of the series.
* HotterAndSexier: Miyuki's adventures are often much sexier than the source material they parody.
* HumanChess
* ImprobablyFemaleCast: Absolutely ''zero'' males in this. [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Zero. Zip. Nada.]]
* IncrediblyLamePun: The (Bondage) Queen of Hearts. Yeah...
* InstantCosplaySurprise
* KleptomaniacHero: Miyuki [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] this in the dream where she gets sucked into a RolePlayingGame.
* LingerieScene
* MarilynManeuver
* MarshmallowHell: Done to Miyuki by an [[MoeAnthropomorphism anthropomorphic door]].
* MeleeATrois: Six [[FanServiceWithASmile waitresses]] including Miyuki have a [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown no-holds-barred fight]] to strip each other.
* MoeAnthropomorphism
* NaiveEverygirl: Miyuki
* NaughtyByNight: Miyuki; a cute, shy OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent with a lot of secret kinks.
* OrWasItADream
* PantyShot
* PettingZooPeople: No actual animals here. Just cosplaying ladies.
* PlayboyBunny: Bunny-san.
* ProperLady: Deconstructed. She ''tries'' to be a ProperLady, and outwardly she is, but even she has her wild sexual side at odds with her cute and shy demeanor, and [[ParalyzingFearOfSexuality it confuses and frightens her]].
* RefusalOfTheCall: In a couple of chapters Miyuki protests being TheChosenOne of her dream.
* RuleOfGlamorous: Spoofs it.
* ScrewYourself: Miyuki's reflection comes on to her.
* SexyWhateverOutfit: Loads.
* ShesGotLegs: Miyuki has a really nice pair of legs.
** Also, the opening of the ''TV-Land'' story has Miyuki being pulled into her TV by a shapely pair of legs in heels sticking out of the screen. ''Just'' a pair of legs. When Miyuki is getting chased in one of the ''CLAMP in Wonderland'' music videos, the TV legs are in the back of the crowd.
* ShoutOut: ''Miyuki-Chan in TV-Land'' opens with Miyuki moaning that she missed a late-night showing of ''Film/{{Barbarella}}''.
** ''Miyuki-Chan in Part-Time Job Land'' looks to have been heavily inspired by the ''VideoGame/AdvancedVariableGeo'' games.
* SlidingScaleOfGenderInequality: Of the "No Male Characters" flavor.
* StealthPun: In the Wonderland segment, Miyuki meets a bunch of flower fairies. One of them is based on a lily. A lily is pronounced "[[GirlsLove Yuri]]" in Japanese.
* {{Stripperiffic}}
* StripPoker: Strip Mah-Jongg. Its champion heroine, Strip Mah-Jongg Girl, defender of the universe.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: At least ones that could help Miyuki figure out what her dreams mean. [[CaptainObvious They mean she's a closeted lesbian with several kinky fetishes]]. That'll be ¥15,000 please, ma'am.
* TooKinkyToTorture: Some of the Queen of Heart's servants want to be punished for disobeying her.
* TransparentCloset: "What could these dreams possibly mean?" What indeed...
* TrappedInTVLand: A couple chapters in the manga.
* WhipItGood: The Queen tries to get Miyuki to "submit."
[[GroundhogDayLoop NEVER END]]