''Mink'', originally ''Cyber Idol Mink'', is a manga series created by Megumi Tachikawa.

It is about Mink buying the latest CD from her favorite star, Illiya. However, instead of buying that, she buys a CD that came from the future. The CD contains a software program that turns her into whomever she wants. With it, Mink becomes a cyber idol herself and gets a job of being a singer. While using the software, [[{{Masquerade}} Mink is not allowed to tell anybody about it or else face deletion]]. The only ones who know that Mink is Cyber Idol Mink are her two friends, Kanoka and Mahoko.

!!Tropes include:

* LovesMyAlterEgo: Mahoko's older brother loves Cyber Idol Mink while he sees the normal Mink as a friend. In the end, [[spoiler:when he finds out they're one and the same person, he comes to love Mink in both forms]].
* MagicIdolSinger: Mink. Later, she and her two friends form a band called Minkle.
* {{Masquerade}}: She can't tell anyone about this, or face digital death.
* SecretKeeper: Kanoka and Mahoko
* ThreeAmigos: Mink, Kanoka and Mahoko