''Love Mode'' is a 11-volume BoysLove {{manga}} series created by Shimizu Yuki. It centers around the Aoe Family, primarily Aoe Reiji, who runs, among other things, a dating club for men. There is also an audio drama series of seven volumes, loosely covering the middle of the manga series. The storyline features many different couples.

!!This work contains examples of:

* ArtEvolution: And how. Just compare Reiji and Naoya in the second volume to the oneshot sequel.
* BankRobbery: In Volume 6, Naoya, Haruomi, and Kichi become unfortunate victims during a robbery of a jewelry store. [[HostageSituation Naoya and Kichi]] are kidnapped during the getaway.
* BattleButler: Kashinma Haruomi, who is the housekeeper for the Aoi estate, but can kick much ass as well.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Although the lovemaking scenes are drawn, they mostly show a cones of light for a penis.
* BiTheWay: Aoi Reiji
* CastFullOfGay: Only one male character is admittedly heterosexual, and he is a subordinate at that.
* CastFullOfPrettyBoys: The entire cast, with a few supporting characters, is either tall, handsome and successful, or smaller, wide-eyed and cute.
* DeusAngstMachina: Naoya [[spoiler: loses his entire family in a motor vehicle accident, loses his job, has his apartment burn down, and has to leave school due to a lack of funds]]. He just misses becoming TheWoobie.
* [[DisappearedDad Disappeared Grandpa]]: In volume 5 Naoya finds out he has a maternal grandfather who only takes an interest in him [[spoiler: because of his own ailing health]]. Considering Naoya had been living in horrendous poverty before meeting Reiji, he's not in the least bit pleased about this news.
* FuroScene: The Jungle Bath at the Aoi estate.
* HotPursuit: During a HostageSituation where Naoya and Kichi are kidnapped by Chinese crooks, [[spoiler: Haroumi's twin brother Tien Lee]] chases the bad guys, while his partner ''shoots the car with a slingshot''!
* IfItsYouItsOkay: [[MistakenForServant Shakashita Izumi]] [[spoiler: is a victim of forced sex due to the similarity in names with a host of the Blue Boy club. Ultimately he]] decides he really is in love with Takamiya, but only him.
* LittlestCancerPatient: [[spoiler: Tomoki has an inoperable brain tumor, has essentially a few months left to live, and all he wants is for somebody to love him. So he hires Seiichi of the Blue Boy, whom he had fallen in love with after meeting him by chance at a hospital, to be his lover for two weeks. Seiichi ends up falling in love with him for real and quits his job at the Blue Boy so Tomoki can spend his remaining days with somebody who loves him. They move together, but [[TearJerker Tomoki dies only a day or two after that]].]]
* [[MayDecemberRomance May October Romance]]: A couple of the relationships feature significantly older {{Seme}}s and younger {{Uke}}s.
* OneHeadTaller: The primary ones are Reiji/Naoya and Takamiya/Izumi, but there are plenty of side arcs with others.
* SmokingIsCool: Reiji
* TruthInTelevision: While Naoya's life in between [[spoiler: losing his whole family]] and meeting Reiji may come off as overly extreme, there have been cases in Japan (ex. the Sugamo case of 1988, and the Osaka case of 2010) where children are alone and fending for themselves (and in some cases have ''died'') due to societal abandonment.
* UnstoppableRage: When Arashi [[spoiler: stumbled upon Izumi being raped by a stalker]] he beat the assailant so severely that he'd thought he killed the man. After asking Kiichi about it, it's revealed Arashi ''crushed'' the man's nose and left him covered in blood.
* {{Yakuza}}: Reiji Aoi is tall, dark, and, at least once, mistaken for yakuza. The fact that his business include a variety of shady businesses probably doesn't help matters much.