[[caption-width-right:282:Her detention saves lives.]]

In the afterlife, people go to school to purify their soul so that they can be reincarnated. Riyon is one of these deceased, though she has no intention of spending great effort into her purification and plays Go with an old Guru instead. So, as a corrective measure, the principal sends her down as a Spirit Guardian to purify the soul of someone who has been overly corrupted and lost his Guardian.

Limiting her stay by choosing a person who is bound to die soon, she realizes she has picked possibly the most lonely and bullied person of Japan: [[spoiler: Prime Minister Souichiro Kasuga.]]

This seinen manga is penned by Creator/TsutomuTakahashi, author of ''Manga/SkyHigh'' and ''Manga/{{Jiraishin}}'', and deals with a man facing a life that fell apart and his guardian angel.
!! This work contains following tropes:
* BareYourMidriff: Riyon all the time.
* BlackEyesofEvil: Happens to anyone who's possessed by evil energy, most prominently Kubo and [[spoiler: his sister]].
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Kubo has one. [[spoiler: He and his sister's powers only ever scared them and caused them harm, and the inspector who was his only proper father figure and who showed him unconditional trust and affection ends up dying.]]
* FirstEpisodeSpoiler: [[spoiler: Riyon is the guardian of the bloody PM of Japan.]]
* GuardianAngel
* LighterandSofter: Though not afraid to go into dark and serious subject matter like the dangers of nuclear power and [[spoiler: kubo's entire backstory]], it's still one of Takahashi's more optimistic works, especially compared to the very dark ''Manga/{{Jiraishin}}'' and ''Manga/{{Sidooh}}''.
* MundaneAfterlife: You go to school.
* PastLifeMemories: You remember them when you're in the afterworld, but forget them temporarily when you reincarnate.
* {{Reincarnation}}
* {{Telepathy}}: [[spoiler: Kasuga.]]
* ZeroPercentApprovalRating: Kasuga's support has sunk as low as 2%. And he is not even a villain.