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''GE - Good Ending'' (GE~グッドエンディング~) (no, not [[MultipleEndings the trope]]) begins with high school student [[UnluckyEverydude Utsumi]] [[StalkerWithACrush spying]] on the captain of the tennis club, Iketani Shou. Fortunately, Utsumi is noticed by [[TheMatchmaker Yuki Kurokawa]], who confronts him about it and decides to [[ShipperOnDeck help get him]] together with Shou. From there, the story takes off with Yuki teaching Utsumi the ins and out of girls, going on dates, and love.

''GE - Good Ending'' is a shonen manga by Sasuga Kei, that ran in ''Weekly Shōnen Magazine''. ''Good Ending'' began in August 2009, and finished after 156 chapters.


!! This series contains examples of:
* ACupAngst: Shou is jealous of her more endowed friends, specially during a trip to an onsen.
%%* AccidentalPervert: Utsumi. Yuki doesn't like it.
%%* AFriendInNeed: They all tend to take care of each other.
%%** Kurokawa to Utsumi at first, later all of Utsumi's friends. Poor guy can't catch a break.
%%** Izumi to Utsumi. Heck, Izumi is this to everyone.
%%* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Utsumi at first. Oonuma.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove:
** Utsumi to Yuki, thrice at one point. Shou to Utsumi in a latter arc as well.
** [[spoiler: Kouno to Eri in chapter 124. He wanted to go with Eri to a baseball game as a date, but Shou and Utsumi tagged along, ruining the moment; at the end of the match, as they head home, Kouno start to confess his feelings to Eri, and they're interrupted by a train that got in between them]].
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Yuki [[spoiler: gets two in a row, at the hands of Oonuma, after Yuki keeps waffling around in regards to her feelings for Utsumi.]]
%%** Shou [[spoiler: gives one to Kento.]]
%%** [[spoiler: Yuki to Tohru, in chapter 151]]
* ArtEvolution: Yuki gets progressively drawn to seem more girly and vulnerable as her character becomes less guarded. For example, her lips were consistently drawn out at the beginning, giving her a voluptuous, mature look, whereas now it's usually just a single line. Her eyes have also gotten bigger and rounder. The character's proportions also get less cartoonish as the series goes on.
* AuthorAppeal: Seems Sasuga Kei loves to draw the girls in [[FanService various states of undress for the chapter covers]].
* BalconyEscape: Yuki jumps off and falls into Utsumi's arms because she wants to escape her family's Christmas dinner. Bonus points for doing so in a formal dress.
* BabiesEverAfter: [[spoiler:In the DistantFinale for Yuki and Utsumi, and Shou and Kento. Eri and Kouno would like to and not for lack of trying]].
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Used in place of CensorSteam whenever there's nudity.
%%* BaseballEpisode: They even tried to invoke TheCaseyEffect but averted at the last minute.
* BastardBoyfriend:
** [[spoiler: Kento, though soon after they broke up, Kento has a MyGodWhatHaveIDone moment. He realizes that, without Shou, he is empty.]]
** [[spoiler: Touru has in fact been tricked by a friend of his who also has an eye on Yuki. Said friend peer-pressures him to have sex with Yuki, telling him that he must prove his manliness, and then when Touru and Yuki did it this friend recorded it without them knowing.]]
* BeautifulDreamer: Yuki [[spoiler:almost leads to a DudeShesLikeInAComa moment. Then again, she did grab him. Again in Chapter 35, which actually leads to FirstKiss.]]
* BetaCouple:
** Kouno and Eri. [[spoiler: And still are in the DistantFinale]]
** [[spoiler: Izumi and Oonuma in the DistantFinale, [[MaybeEverAfter although it's not really clear]]]].
* BettyAndVeronica: Shou and Yuki are these for Utsumi, in that order.
* BigDamnHero:
** [[spoiler:Izumi rescuing Risa from being raped.]]
** [[spoiler: Utsumi climbing into a dilapidated warehouse to save Yuki from Tohru]].
* BoyMeetsGirl: Basically how the plot starts: Girl tries to get boy together with another girl. [[HilarityEnsues You can guess how that turns out.]] [[RealityEnsues Or not.]]
* BreakHisHeartToSaveHim:
** During the breakup arc, Yuki dumps Utsumi because she can't deal with her BrokenBird issues, especially with him continuing to be nice to her, despite everything, so her logic is to dump him so he can find someone better.
** [[spoiler: It turns out Izumi is doing this to Oonuma, so as she doesn't fall to despair and commit suicide, like his cousin did.]]
%%** [[spoiler: And Utsumi does this to Shou in as well, after they had been a couple]].
%%* BreakTheCutie: Shou, Oonuma and Yuki. [[spoiler: And Utsumi]].
* BrokenBird: Yuki. [[spoiler: This is more poignant after learning her backstory. Especially considering she comes from a rather traditional family. And the issues are still going as strong as ever.]]
%%* BrilliantButLazy: Izumi.
%%* ButtMonkey: Utsumi and Kouno
%%* CanNotSpitItOut: [[DeconstructorFleet Averted, Subverted, then taken out to the woods shot and left for dead.]]
%%* CantHoldHerLiquor: Yuki
%%* TheCaseyEffect:
%%** Averted twice. Once in the baseball chapter; the 2nd time in the tennis tournament, where the only one able to get a single victory was Shou, and Yuki even lost to lower ranked opponents.
%%** Make it three times. Kouno failed again in the summer baseball tournament.
%%* CensorBox: Used for laughs when Yuasa was trying to cheer up Utsumi.
* CharacterDevelopment: One of the things that draws you into the series. Especially with Utsumi, who is changes mostly for the better virtually every two chapters.
* ChekhovsGunman: Riko, a middle-schooler Seiji met at photography course. [[spoiler: She is Tooru's sister.]]
* TheChikan:
** In Chapter 80, Oonuma gets groped by a pervy convenience store clerk, and quite possibly would've been raped in the store's back room if Yuki hadn't shown up and threatened to call the cops and testify as to the groping.
** Shou also gets groped on her train to college, which is part of the reason why she decides to rent an apartment near her college.
* TheConfidant: Eri is this to Yuki, who is the only one that knows that Yuki still likes Utsumi, even after dumping him.
%%* CornerOfWoe: [[spoiler: Utsumi was in one post-breakup. Not played for laughs.]]
* CovertPervert: Utsumi can have some interesting thoughts. The same goes for Shou. And then you have a drunken Eri and Kouno imagining Utsumi getting into interesting situations with Yuki, Shou and Oonuma during the x-mas break.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Izumi, and while clearly not a moron (see HiddenDepths), no one expected him to be good in physical fights as well, which come handy when he has to fight some assholes to defend his friends.
%%* CryIntoChest: Utsumi! Into three different girls, no less. Yuki, Yuasa and Shou.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: [[GrayEyes Yuki]] and Oonuma. '''ZCE'''
* CuteSportsClubManager: Eri becomes one for Kouno's baseball team.
* CynicismCatalyst: [[spoiler: Mika's suicide is this for Izumi]]
%%* DaddysGirl: Shou's Dad. PlayedForLaughs.
* DarkerAndEdgier: The story, gradually. Goes hand-in-hand with ArtEvolution above. Earlier, the characters are cartoony and overblown, and the story more often than not causes laugh, chuckle, and light mood. Now, though, as the characters are shaped more realistically, the story is definitely somber.
* DatePeepers: Happens very often actually, regardless of who's on a date, to the point of almost being a RunningGag
%%* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud
* DistantFinale: [[spoiler:The last chapter takes place 10 years later]].
* DoggedNiceGuy: Utsumi. Originally a Type 1, but [[strike:quickly grew out of it]], became a Type 2, thanks to all the misunderstandings with Yuki. He's get better tho.
* DopeSlap: Utsumi to Yuki, with an ice cream spoon, when [[spoiler:she brings the subject that he might have been happier with Oonuma rather than herself]].
* DoppelgangerReplacementLoveInterest:
** In a twisted way. [[spoiler: In chapter 87, Yuki takes Utsumi to her hometown, and they visit the places she went with Tohru. She hopes to "overwrite" her previous memory with her ex. The day ends up with her asking him to basically rape her in the old school library. Utsumi doesn't take it well.]]
** [[spoiler:Utsumi's was staying at Yuasa's apartment and she conveniently looks a lot like Shou]].
** [[spoiler:Oonuma not only looks like Mika, Izumi's older cousin, but also has a very similar personality. But rather than being attracted to her, he acts disdainful towards her, so Oonuma doesn't follow Mika's path.]]
%%* DressHitsFloor: [[spoiler: Yuki, in chapter 81.]]
%%* DrowningOurRomanticSorrows:
%%** With karaoke.
%%** [[spoiler: Oonuma, with tea, which almost lead to a CastingCouch incident.]]
* EpiphanyTherapy: Utsumi he has a real talent of fixing others problems by giving a short speech about how they should deal with their problems instead of going down more self-destructive routes.
* EtTuBrute: Yuki and Tohru used to have a friend in middle school named Yuji. [[spoiler: Yuji has a crush on Yuki and is supremely pissed that Tohru has her. So he pressures Touru to having sex with Yuki, records them, and then tells Yuki that Touru has a bet with him. Two birds in one stone, he blows Yuki and Tohru's relationship to smithereens, as well as their good names in school.]]
* ExactEavesdropping: [[spoiler: Yuki and Utsumi happen to walk by the club room at the time Shou confesses to another club member that she loves Utsumi.]]
* FailedASpotCheck: Shou, asking Utsumi, right in front of a love motel.
* FalseStart: When the series starts, you'd think Yuki's advice would help Utsumi hook-up with Shou, and it certainly feels its gonna work, until [[RealityEnsues it doesn't.]]
* FanService: Not too prevalent in the manga itself, despite the occasional nudity, but certainly in the chapter covers.
* TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest: Yuki's disastrous first relationship. It's one of the reasons why she's a BrokenBird.
* FirstGirlWins: Sorta. Kurokawa asserts that's the reason why she didn't reciprocate Utsumi's feelings. And lampshaded by Eri in chapter 32, but with the gender roles reversed for Utsumi and Oonuma.
%%* FirstKiss: Yuki and Utsumi.
* FirstNameBasis: It takes 70 chapters for Yuki to call Utsumi by his first name, Seiji. Utsumi tries to call her Yuki, and he stutters it somehow.
* FirstPersonSnapshooter: Utsumi. People have started to notice that he's actually really good at it.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Izumi commenting that Oonuma reminds him of someone. [[spoiler: It's her older cousin that committed suicide]]/
%%* GagBoobs: Oonuma
* GirlOfTheWeek: Yuasa, who is Utsumi's senpai at the photography academy [[spoiler:and predicted Utsumi and Yuki's breakup due to Yuki's BrokenBird issues and Utsumi controlling his impulses perhaps all too well. There is no romance involved, instead acting more like [[ThereAreNoTherapists Therapist of the Week]] instead]].
%%* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Shou.
%%* HandsomeLech: Izumi.
* HarshWordImpact:
** Close enough. Utsumi got hammered so bad by Yuki's words that [[{{Jerkass}} Ryou]] actually took pity on him. He even remarked that he thought Utsumi was going to die of sadness.
** Yuki got this from both Izumi and Oonuma, over her treatment of Utsumi, although Oonuma's came with an ArmorPiercingSlap bonus.
%%* HeelRealization: [[spoiler: Tohru, in chapter 151]]
%%* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler:Utsumi, after the breakup]].
* HiddenDepths:
** Izumi. While he comes off as a HandsomeLech and a [[JerkwithaHeartofGold jerkass]], he really cares for his friends and will help them out whenever [[AFriendInNeed they're in need]], and will often give some of the [[GenreSavvy most sensible advice depending on the situation]]. It's also hard to notice at first but he's the smartest of the trio, and knows karate as well.
** Eri as well. An energetic {{Tsundere}}, who tried to pass herself as a GoodBadGirl, while always [[AFriendInNeed caring for her friends]], and providing [[ThereAreNoTherapists comfort to them]].
* HomePornMovie: [[spoiler:Yuki appears in one, and it's the reason for her brokenBird status]].
%%* IdiotBall:
%%** If anyone is holding one at one point in the story, it will be either Utsumi and Yuki. Sometimes they take turns, sometimes they hold onto it together.
%%** Oonuma on at least one occasion, [[spoiler:the one that almost got her raped]].
* IHaveToWashMyHair: [[spoiler:Shou says she is sick to get out of her date with Utsumi.]] She [[TearJerker isn't]]. [[spoiler: Utsumi turns it back on Shou when he makes excuses not to go to morning practices anymore.]]
%%* IceQueen:
%%** Oonuma at first appears to be this, but really turns out to be a serious ShrinkingViolet.
%%** Lampshaded in chapter 70.
%%* InnerMonologue: Utsumi does this somewhat often.
* ItsAllAboutMe: [[spoiler: Tohru, after he reappears.]] UpToEleven from chapter 148 onward. Lampshaded by [[spoiler:Yuki]].
%%** [[spoiler: Yuki during the breakup; Oonuma after being rescued by Izumi]].
--->[[spoiler:'''Yuki''': Tohru, all you do is give me demands... the person I want beside is always concerned about me. Even if I gave in and said 'yes' to your request, my heart would not be in it. You've even ignored my feelings and locked me in here... just what did you hope would happen?]]
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy:
** [[spoiler: As of Chapter 80, Oonuma takes this approach when she admits to Yuki that she's giving up on Utsumi. Yuki is touched by Oonuma's obvious sincere feelings for Utsumi, and worried that Utsumi is suffering in their relationship because of Yuki's Broken Bird issues -- causing Yuki to invoke this trope herself the next time she's alone with Utsumi, and says outright that he might be happier if he were to date Oonuma instead. Utsumi quickly tells her that if that was the case, he would not have worked so hard to become her boyfriend.]]
** [[spoiler: Yuki does this ''again'' in perfect tandem with the IdiotBall when she breaks up with Utsumi because she loves him so much that it hurts to see him being so kind to her despite all her issues. She's also afraid she'll never recover from her Broken Bird issues and because she believes he won't ever be truly happy if they're unable to have sex, or eventually children, because of her fear of intimacy. Of course, this happened after she tried to get over her issues by asking Utsumi to pretty much rape her, after reliving one of the dates she had with Tohru, her old flame.]]
%%* {{Jerkass}}:
%%** Kento.
%%** [[spoiler: Yuki's dad]]
* JerkassFacade: Ryou. He is just overly protective of his cousin, Yuki. Izumi too, at times -- especially with Risa.
* JerkWithAHeartofGold: Izumi. He might be somewhat lazy, he might be somewhat of a lech, he might be too blunt with his words, but he always stands by his friends.
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler: Tohru. While it was made clear that Yuki's family decided not to involve the police, it's hard to believe that all the former classmates he beat up to recover copies of the HomePornMovie with Yuki did not press charges either. He gets to be a lawyer in the DistantFinale.]]
%%* KissingCousins:
%%** Ryou wants to marry Yuki, she disagrees.
%%** [[spoiler: Izumi and Mika, at least in his mind.]]
%%* TheKlutz: Utsumi, Oonuma and [[CuteClumsyGirl Shou]].
%%* LampShadedDoubleEntendre - "Are those skillful fingers of yours only for fish?"
* LethalChef: Yuki is maybe a new form of the trope, as Shou is only lethal to herself (through assorted burns and cuts). Nobody else seems to complain about her cooking. More of a Lethal ChefOfIron? It's played more straight later on, with Shou's own family gasping at her cooking.
* LeaveTheTwoLovebirdsAlone: Shou's family, much to her embarrassment. Although, on prior occasions, they were eavesdropping on them instead, also, much to her embarrassment.
* LoveHotels: [[spoiler:Utsumi ends up checking into one when Yuki accidentally gets drunk on a practice date.]]
%%* LoveHurts: All over the place. [[spoiler: and taken to an extreme in chapter 87]].
* LoveMakesYouCrazy: [[spoiler:Tohru. To the point he kidnaps Yuki.]]
%%* LuminescentBlush: Characters in this manga can blush intensely.
* ManOfWealthAndTaste: Izumi, [[spoiler: especially after becoming the heir to the fashion company his dad owns]].
%%** [[spoiler: Eventually subverted in chapter 120, when Utsumi and Shou consummate their relationship.]]
%%** Kouno is still a virgin however.
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage:
** Yuki for Utsumi when he starts liking her, due to her issues and his inexperience with girls. Utsumi for the girls who become attracted to him because of his excessive niceness inadvertently sending mixed signals. This is lampshaded much later in the series by Izumi after Risa tells him he's really mean whereas Utsumi is always kind, to which Izumi replies that he's actually the kinder of the two.
** Yuki later sends a different kind of mixed message to Utsumi, making him feel that while they do love each other, they won't end up together, and that Yuki actually wants Utsumi to move on and date someone else.
* MatchmakerCrush: Yuki. Most notably in the one-shot/pilot.
* MaybeEverAfter:
** [[spoiler: Shou and Kento. Confirmed in the DistantFinale.]]
** [[spoiler: Izumi and Oonuma in the DistantFinale]]. This is lampshaded by Utsumi in the last chapter.
--->'''Utsumi''':''For those two, it's a mystery whether or not there are any romantic feelings...''
** [[spoiler:The ''Later Life'' Omake implies they're a couple.]]
* NiceGuy: Utsumi. Way too nice actually, which often leads to him holding an IdiotBall because he just can't bring himself to hurt anyone, just making things worse. [[LampshadeHanging Eri even tells him]] that being excessively nice and tip-toeing around as to not hurt people's feelings will get him in trouble, and he admits as much. [[spoiler: And Yuki breaks up with him because him being so nice with her is just too painful for her]]. The whole thing is [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded again]] by Yuasa.
%%* TheNickNamer: Eri.
* NonActionGuy: Utsumi. [[spoiler:Even if he grew up as a character, grew a backbone and tried to fight Tohru, he still lost in spite of his BigDamnHero moment]].
* NoseBleed: Utsumi ends up with one after a dream involving Yuki.
* NotDistractedByTheSexy: A variant in that Yuasa flashes before Utsumi to get a reaction out of him during [[spoiler:his stay in her apartment when he's going through his post-breakup HeroicBSOD]]. No dice.
* NotWhatItLooksLike:
** Subverted at one point with rather interesting consequences, when [[spoiler:Eri sees Kurokawa and Utsumi coming out of a love hotel]]. The resulting behavior was actually a result of inferring ''completely accurate'' conclusions. The one that happened as a result of ''that'', meanwhile, was a straight version, except that [[spoiler:it actually ''made the romance progress'' when Shou realized that she shouldn't be as upset as she was, unless she was falling for Utsumi]].
%%** Happens again when Utsumi is helping Shou with her exercises.
%%** Yet again with Utsumi and Oonuma at the festival.
** In Chapter 90, when all his friends, including Yuki, force their way into Yuasa's apartment and find them [[spoiler: eating some Yakiniku together]]. Just the sight of Utsumi and Yuasa together is enough to make Yuki run away and in tears [[spoiler: even though it was Yuki who dumped Utsumi in the first place]]. Lampshaded by Izumi later and lets the others know that they really don't know Utsumi's side of the story and thus shouldn't pass judgement so hastily. However, should be noted that [[spoiler: since then, neither Yuki nor Utsumi have told anyone what exactly happened, and why]].
%%* ObliviousToHints:
%%** Utsumi, bar none. He gets called out on it by Izumi, Eri and Yuki.
%%** Lampshaded in chapter 70.
* OnceMoreWithClarity: What really happened to Yuki [[spoiler: and Tohru.]] Although it's hinted several times early in the story. [[spoiler: Tohru filmed themselves having sex without her knowledge and later disseminated the video at their school.]]
* OpenMindedParent: Yuki's Mom, which is a big contrast vis a vis her Dad, who is way more rigid and traditional.
%%* OverprotectiveDad: Yuki's Dad
%%* PairTheSpares:
%%** [[spoiler:Shou with Kento, by the looks of it. And confirmed in the DistantFinale.]]
%%** [[spoiler:Izumi and Oonuma, but it's more like MaybeEverAfter]].
%%* PantyShot: Oonuma. Also, Shou and Yuki, HilarityEnsues.
%%* PetTheDog: [[spoiler: Izumi to Risa in Chapter 121 and Chapter 122]]
* PilotEpisode: The oneshot special.
%%* ThePollyanna: Yuasa.
* PsychopathicManchild: [[spoiler: Tohru]]. With a healthy dose of {{Yandere}} to boot.
* RapeAsDrama: Yuki. [[spoiler: The sex was consensual, the HomePornMovie, and its being passed around the school, were not.]]
** [[spoiler: Oonuma's close call backroom CastingCouch incident, but Izumi prevented it from being actual rape.]]
* TheReveal: What [[BastardBoyfriend Touru]] did [[note]]Doing a HomePornMovie and showing it to a bunch of guys at their school, as a bet[[/note]]. Although it had been hinted earlier in the story.
%%* RomanticRunnerUp: Oonuma
%%* TheRunaway:
%%** Yuki. While it was hinted this was the case early in the story, and confirmed later on, we don't find out the reasons behind it until chapter 66.
%%** Utsumi ran away after the breakup, he holed up himself in Yuasa's apartment while recovering.
%%* RunningGag: Utsumi tends to run away from everyone... for just about everything.
%%* SatchelSwitcheroo: Happens with film negatives.
* SexAsRiteOfPassage: A female version with Eri, as she wants to not be a virgin in order to be seen as more mature. She gets better before she can do something she will regret.
%%* SchoolFestival
* ShipperOnDeck:
** Yuki plays one between Utsumi and Shou, [[spoiler:largely to convince herself to believe in love again.]] [[spoiler:She tries again with Utsumi and Oonuma. Then Eri jumps on the [=UtsumixYuki=] ship.]]
** [[spoiler:Shou later asked Yuki to ship her and Utsumi together. Yuki told her [[ShipSinking No]].]]
* ShipSinking: An in-universe example when Eri is distraught, and verbally lashing at Utsumi, when he states that he's dating Shou.
%%** At this stage, the [=UxO=] ship is pretty much dead in the water. [[spoiler: And if the one-shot is to be believed, the [=UxS=] ship is bound to be sunk as well.]]
* ShonenDemographic: Despite being a romance/comedy, it's pretty obvious it's a shonen manga. The FanService and being published in [[CaptainObvious Weekly Shonen Magazine]] being dead giveaways.
%%* ShooTheDog
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Why the girls, at one point or another, seem to have set their eyes on Utsumi.
* SkinshipGrope: Shou to Yuki, during the bath house scene. This was actually triggered by Shou's ACupAngst.
* StalkerWithACrush:
** Utsumi starts as one, spying on Shou, until he gets caught.
** [[spoiler: Tohru is coming off as one. 32 calls in a single night? Not to mention [[ItsAllAboutMe misinterpreting everything Utsumi said to him regarding Yuki]]]].
* SugarAndIcePersonality: [[spoiler: Izumi.]] No, really. [[spoiler: Although this is only around Oonuma]].
%%* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial
%%-->'''Mai:''' Shou, what's wrong? [[LuminescentBlush Your face is red]].\\
%%'''Shou:''' Nothing! I wasn't thinking anything\\
%%'''Mai:''' So you obviously were thinking of something. [[CovertPervert The kind of thing that makes you turn red]].
* ThanksForTheMammary: Utsumi to Shou, when trying to keep her from falling from the second floor of her house.
* ThereAreNoTherapists:
** This series took its DarkerAndEdgier turn based on this. Almost every main character has their share of psychological issues.
** [[ManicPixieDreamGirl Utsumi]] [[spoiler:is prone to depression and cannot accurately distinguish when an expectation is unrealistic.]]
** [[BrokenBird Yuki]] [[spoiler:was pressured into sex with Touru and was publicly humilliated when she they were filmed having sex the video are shown to her schoolmates.]]
** [[BreakTheCutie Shou]] [[spoiler:was used as a sexfriend and then discarded when the guy found another girl to play with.]]
** [[KickTheDog Oonuma]] [[spoiler:has serious self-esteem issues; she was rather chubby before knowing Utsumi and she's not good at talking with men.]]
%%** Other characters have issues that, though not as big as the already mentioned, nevertheless need professional help.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech:
** [[spoiler: Izumi to Oonuma, after he saves her from being raped.]]
** [[spoiler: Yuki to Tohru, as she tells him he's incredibly [[ItsAllAboutMe selfish]]]].
%%* ThereIsOnlyOneBed: The first time, there was a couch in the room. The second time, well...
* TheyDo: [[spoiler: Yuki finally confessing her love to Utsumi, declaring that as long as they're together, that will be her [[TitleDrop Good Ending]]]].
%%** [[spoiler:At first, it seems like this will be played straight with Utsumi and Shou, but it ends up being [[TearJerker horribly subverted]]. Then eventually double-subverted as Utsumi finally cuts through all the mixed messages and sets the record straight about his feelings for her, just before her graduation.]]
%%** [[spoiler: Kouno and Eri]].
* TigerVersusDragon: Izumi and Yuki, in their circle of friends, but even then they're still friends, even if slightly antagonistic at times.
* TitleDrop:
** From Kouno to Utsumi in the first chapter: "Remember that girl character game that you got hooked on in Junior High? You had to have the right responses and interaction in order to get a good ending."
** [[spoiler: Also, in Chapter 155, the 2nd to last chapter in the series, by Yuki herself]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Yuki''':''As long as I'm together with you, that will be a Good Ending'']].
* TookALevelInBadass: Pretty much the premise of the series is how Utsumi grows as a person. [[spoiler: Even if he got beat up to a pulp by Tohru in the fight near the climax. He still got the girl just by sheer determination alone and for being genuinely a nice guy]].
* TriangRelations: Would be a LoveDodecahedron, but there are never more than two girls involved with Utsumi, at a given time.
%%* {{Tsundere}}: Eri. Yuki seems to display some tsundere tendencies when other people observe how open and friendly she is with Utsumi. In fact, Utsumi calls Yuki a Tsundere at one point.
* TheUnfairSex:
** Adverted for the most part. Although Utsumi gets called out when [[ObliviousToHints he messes up]], it should be noted that most of the time they are aware he's not doing things out of maliciousness. The times he actually does things with malice, he does get called out, appropriately, and has to work hard to deal with the consequences.
** Subverted when Yuki gets called out as well by Eri, Izumi and Oonuma.
** Played straight in the [[spoiler: break-up mini-arc. Yes, Utsumi ran away, and all his friends are worried about him, but Yuki has neglected telling them that she dumped him: and thus, the first thing his friends do when they finally find him at Yuasa's apartment [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking eating Yakiniku]], which makes Yuki run away in tears, is to punch him around for being selfish]]. Eri apologizes to Utsumi for this a day after though.
%%* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: [[spoiler:Yuki, apparently]].
* UnluckyEverydude: Utsumi pretty much embodies this trope.
%%* UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo: Shou. [[spoiler: Yuki]].
%%* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: [[spoiler:Yuki in the [[PilotEpisode one-shot]] special]].
* WhatBeautifulEyes: Sasuga Kei puts a lot of effort in the eyes of the girls, especially for the covers.
* WhatTheHellHero:
** [[spoiler:Utsumi calling Yuki out when she asks him to basically rape her.]]
** [[spoiler: Izumi calling Oonuma out on her attempt to make Utsumi feel guilty about her]].
%%* WhenSheSmiles: Shou, Oonuma, Eri, even Utsumi, but especially, Yuki.
%%* WrongGuyFirst: Shou initially chose Kento over Utsumi.
* {{Yandere}}: [[spoiler:Tohru]]. Full blown -- as seen in chapters 148-150. Perhaps the most telltale signs being his [[spoiler: RoaringRampageOfRevenge against Yuji and his cronies, who were shown in flashbacks to have beaten to bloody pulps and looking like they're begging for mercy]].
%%* YankTheDogsChain:
%%** Happens to Utsumi way more then he deserves. [[spoiler: One can't help but to feel bad for Shou at this point as well.]]
%%** Oonuma is a heartbreaking example.
* YourCheatingHeart:
** Utsumi with Shou, at least a couple of times. [[spoiler: Or so it seems in the eyes of Yuki; all of these have been misunderstandings caused by Utsumi's unintentionally being a MasterOfTheMixedMessage and just being generally a NiceGuy to everyone.]]
** [[spoiler: Played more straight with Utsumi in a mini-arc, eventually culminating in Utsumi and Shou becoming a couple. However, it should be noted that Utsumi had been dumped prior to this, and Yuki has been wishy-washy ever since with him.]]
** [[spoiler: To a certain degree, the reason why Utsumi and Shou eventually broke up. They were really just licking each other wounds.]]
* YouWouldMakeAGreatModel:
** [[spoiler:Oonuma, during her HeroicBSOD after finding out Utsumi is dating Shou. At this point, it seems it will lead to a CastingCouch incident, and only didn't end like that because Izumi beat the crap out of that creep.]]
** [[spoiler: Oonuma does become a model by the time of the DistantFinale, working for Izumi's fashion company]].
%%* ZettaiRyouiki: The girls at times, not very often tho.