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''FUN for ALL. ALL for FUN.''

Hikari Kohinata is a cheerful 15 year-old girl who lives near the ocean and she spends much of her time diving as a result. On her first day of high school, she meets a teacher who also likes scuba diving. There's also a 16 year-old classmate, Futaba Ooki, who gets dragged along in Hikari's maelstrom as soon as they meet at school. Most of the manga so far details the relationship between the two girls, which quickly seems to move into {{romantic two girl friendship}}-territory.

Begun in the November 2008 issue of ''ComicBlade'', ''Amanchu!'' is perhaps most notable as the newest creation of {{Manga/ARIA}}'s Kozue Amano. Rather than being located on Neo-Venezia however it takes place in the modern-day Japanese town of Ito in the Shizuoka prefecture, although Amano also put in some well-known landmarks from other places in that region. It seems to focus on scuba diving and high school life. The comic itself, Hikari in particular, uses a lot of diving jargon even when not diving.

[[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-10-04/amanchu-manga-by-aria-amano-gets-summer-2016-tv-anime/.93791 An anime adaptation of Amanchu! was announced in October 2015 and is set to air for the Summer of 2016]].

!!This manga provides examples of:
* {{Ahoge}}: Hikari has ''three''.
* AuthorAppeal: Can you guess what Kozue Amano's hobby is?
* CherryBlossoms
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Hikari. Ai too, to some degree.
* CommutingOnABus: Ai and Makoto appear less and less as the series progresses.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Ai, to some extent.
* {{Expy}}: Hikari is ''{{Manga/ARIA}}'s'' Akari, but with the weirdness-factor turned {{up to eleven}}. The likeness is emphasized by her school uniform, which looks very much like the outfits worn by the undines in ''{{Manga/ARIA}}''.
** Akari [[ShoutOut appears directly]] as well, on a tourism poster (for Palau of all places) on the clubroom wall.
** Not to mention the one-shot character Akane, one of Futaba's/Dotty's old friends, who looks exactly like Akari.
*** Chizuru, another one of Dotty's friends from Tokyo, resembles Aika, especially with her SuperDeformed face.
* FaceFault: All the main characters have one.
* FanService: Fairly mild--but then there are the [[ContemptibleCover covers of the manga volumes]].
* FirstNameBasis: Hikari skips all that and decides to call Futaba by a nickname straight away.
* GenkiGirl: Hikari. Ai has some of this as well.
* HighSchoolRocks: At least Hikari seems to think so.
* ImpossiblyCoolClothes: The school uniforms are very striking, but perhaps not so practical for people who have to ''sit'' in them all day.
* {{Iyashikei}}
* {{Joshikousei}}
* LimitedSocialCircle: None of the characters seem to have much of a life outside of high school and club activities.
** Later on, the group is enhanced with two of Futaba's Tokyo friends.
* LonersAreFreaks: Averted. Hikari may be a bit eccentric and is not seen with friends outside the diving club, but she has a warm and sociable personality.
* MagicRealism: Although this is mostly a SliceOfLife affair, some not-so-ordinary occurrences pop up now and then, such as [[spoiler:a boy's ghost haunting the school festival]].
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Hikari has elements of this, especially toward Futaba.
* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: Hikari's grandmother.
* TheOneGuy: Makoto. Poor chap.
* OneOfTheKids: Katori-sensei, to some degree.
* ParentalAbandonment: Hikari is raised by her grandmother and her parents never get any mention. Futaba's parents are also conspicuously absent.
** Hikari's parents (and her two siblings) finally show up in chapter 45, with no reason given for their absence in previous chapters. Her grandfather was also introduced in the previous chapter.
* PoseOfSupplication: Done by Hikari and Futaba toward Ai, [[spoiler:to prevent her from beating them up]].
* RealPlaceBackground: Amano extensively uses locales on the Japanese Izu peninsula, the town of Ito first and foremost.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: Hikari and Futaba hit it off as soon as they meet (and this is a work by Amano after all).
** Regrettably, Hikari restrains her playful flirting with Futaba a lot by the end of the first volume.
** Chizuru appears to be quite heart-broken when she discovers that Futaba has found "someone else".
* RubberFace: Ai loves doing this to Hikari.
* SceneryPorn: Of course -- it wouldn't be Amano's work without it.
* SenseiChan: As advisor of the Yumegaoka High School Diving Club, Katori-sensei likes to get rather familiar with its members, and is not even above some competition with them, especially Hikari. She also loves to take the gang on outings, whether it's for diving or just sightseeing.
* ShoutOut: Several characters from ''{{Manga/Aria}}'' have appeared on posters the background, including Akari and the president cats.
** Bonus points for [[spoiler: Tea-sensei actually being NAMED ''Aria'', like the president of Aria Company. As of Chapter 16, Aria gets a companion/betrothed kitten named ''Hime''.]]
** Katori-sensei's car is the Pokoteng III, which has President Aria's last name.
* SiblingYinYang: Ai and her twin brother, Makoto.
* SliceOfLife: Most of the time, although some [[MagicRealism weirdness]] tends to creep in at times.
* {{Subtext}}: Between Hikari and Futaba, although it gets toned down to an extent later on in the series, although it flares up occasionally (see Chapters 16 and 17).
* SuperDeformed: Hikari's SD face is a bit jarring.
* TechnoBabble: There is a lot of talk about the technical issues surrounding diving.
* TwoTeacherSchool: Actually, Katori-sensei is the ''only'' teacher shown teaching throughout the series.
** Though there are two male teachers shown both on the [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/amanchu/v01/c003/ cover for the third chapter]] as well as on [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/amanchu/v01/c003/4.html a couple]] [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/amanchu/v01/c003/5.html other pages]]. There's also the Principal [[spoiler: who owns 'Tea-sensei', whose real name is {{Manga/Aria}}, supposedly]].
* TheWorldIsJustAwesome: The art and feel of the manga express' this many times.